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Author Topic: Difference between functional groups and classes + func group questions.  (Read 3930 times)

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I have noticed on some sites and in Organic Chemistry by Wade 6th edition (inside cover) that there are functional groups and classes.

What is the difference between a class of compound and functional group?
For example, in ethanol would the functional group be hydroxyl or alcohol?
Also for phenol would it contain both the phenol functional group (or is it called a hydroxyl group on an aromatic ring?) + alcohol or would the superior functional group override the inferior functional group?
Would a ketone be the functional group or is carbonyl the functional group?

Like in carboxylic acid would it is a carboxyl group but would it also have the hydroxyl group and carbonyl group?

I have noticed a site where it used the terms alcohol instead of hydroxy as the functional group and also vice versa.
Also a site with a good list of functional groups would be helpful.

Also another question is the point of reference for identifying a functional group. Let's say I have an ether and adjacent to it is another ether but also an alkyl group attached between the two ethers. However the other ether is a carboxyl group. The first ether is attached to a larger portion.
Would there be an acetal group as well?

Here is an example:
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