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Author Topic: Redox Table  (Read 3531 times)

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Redox Table
« on: April 14, 2008, 12:48:36 PM »

The purpose of this lab excersise is to construct a table of relative strengths of oxidizing and reducing agents. By completing this excersise, you will see how extensive tables of relative strengths of oxidizing and reducing agents have been developed.

Using the results from the three tables below, please prepare a single table of relative strengths of oxidizing and reducing agents.

Reactions of metals and non metals with solution of ions

Reaction 1: I2(aq)Cu^+2(aq) Ag^+(aq)Br2(aq)

Column 1---Column 2---Column 3---Column 4---Column 5


Reaction of metals and solution of ions

Reaction 2: Ag+(aq)Pb2+(aq)Cu2+(aq)Zn2+(aq)

Column 1---Column 2---Column 3---Column 4---Column 5


Reactions of nonmetals with solutions of ions

Column 1---Column 2---Column 3---Column 4


Legend: T = evidence redox reaction occured
X = no evidence of redox reaction

My work so far...

Look at reaction 2. I will focus on that.
Ag(s) reacts with none of the 4 (solutions of Ag^+2, Pb^+2, Cu^+2, Zn^+2}. So Ag(s) goes at the bottom of the table for now although there may be some metals below silver when you finish with the entire table.
Cu(s) reacts with (Ag^+ solution) so Cu goes above Ag ion. It is below the others, though, for it doesn't react with them. The reaction is Cu(s) + 2Ag^+ ==> Cu^+2 + 2Ag.
Likewise, Pb(s) replaces Ag^+ and Cu^+2 but not replacre Zn^+2. (We ignore the Pb/Pb^+2 for obvious reasons). So Pb goes above Ag but Zn goes above Pb. In the same way, Zn is above Ag^+, above Pb^+2, above Cu^+2, but we ignore reaction with Zn^+2. That is all of the information you can get from Reaction 2.

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