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Author Topic: Born-Mayer equation  (Read 13150 times)

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Born-Mayer equation
« on: January 21, 2006, 07:01:37 AM »

This week at school we did the Born-Mayer equation:

V=(NAzAzBe2)/(4??0d) x (1-d*/d) x A

I know that v is the coulomic potential energy, A is the madelung constant, that NA is the number of ions per formula unit, zA and zB represent the charge number of the ions, d is the distance between an anion and a cation, d* is a constant (taken as 0.345 angstrom).

The problem that I found in understanding this equation is the significance of each component in the above equation. Can someone very briefly explain their significance.

I hope that this thread doesn't require any attempt to the question I asked.

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