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Author Topic: Characterization of metal complex ions in solution  (Read 57 times)

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Characterization of metal complex ions in solution
« on: Yesterday at 08:39:05 AM »

What are the best techniques to determine/confirm what species of complex ions are in a solution?  Also, can these be used to determine the concentration as well?

I know that a lot of solutions containing transition metal complexes have bright colors which indicates they are absorbing light in the visible spectrum.  In this case I'm guessing you could simply use a uv-vis spectrophotometer and identify the species based on the wave-length of light being absorbed, and the concentration based on the intensity of light being emitted (beer-lambert's law)?

However, what could be used in the case of t-metal complexes that do not seem to absorb light in the visible spectrum (clear in solution), such as [TiF6]2-, [NbF6]-, etc...Does this require detecting spectra in the infrared range?  If so, is there a technique that uses IR and/or Raman that can tell you concentration?


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