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Author Topic: Code for analyzing plasma emission spectra  (Read 1018 times)

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Code for analyzing plasma emission spectra
« on: July 25, 2016, 10:50:53 AM »

Dear Chemists:

I would like to introduce to you OPSIAL (Optical Plasma Spectral Calculation And Parameters Retrieval,, a software package for calculating emission spectra of plasmas and for AUTOMATICALLY determining important plasma parameters (i.e., chemical species, mixing ratios, plasma LTE temperature, and electron density) of a plasma from its emission spectra. Highlighted features of OPSIAL include:

1. Calculating plasma emission spectra in the 150 nm – 1000 nm spectral range for all ionic and neutral atomic species in the NIST and CFA atomic databases.

2. Supporting spectral emission calculations of both LTE and NLTE conditions in spectral calculations.

3. Automatically fitting of input plasma emission spectra.

4. Automatically identifying chemical species in a plasma from its emission spectra.

5. Automatically determining the mixing ratios of the identified species, plasma LTE temperature, and electron density.

6. Automatically estimating wavelength correction for the input emission spectrum.

7. Supporting input spectra with either calibrated spectral radiance or with arbitrary spectral radiance units.

More information on OPSIAL can be found at Free licensing available.

Thank you.

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