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Title: calculate stagnation conditions in HNE-two-phase-Models
Post by: KingKoch3000 on June 24, 2020, 10:01:04 AM

I'm looking for ideas to calculate stagnation conditions in a two-phase flow in a HNE-Model to design a two phase nozzle.

Homogeneous Non Equilibrium models often rely on stagnation conditions, such as pressure and quality.

I'd like to calculate the pressure drop in a two phase nozzle. And use the HNE-CSE model. But it shouldn't matter which kind of HNE model to HNE-DSE or the American API RP 520 model

I'd like to take a closer look and divide the nozzle into sections. To use a HNE-Model I'd have to calculate the stagnation conditions at the entrance of every segment.

The objective is to calculate stagnation conditions via an isentropic flash. But I didn't find any useful information on how to do this.

Maybe someone here can help me with this ?

Thanks a lot