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Title: Burner/Furnace sizing
Post by: Thanasis on December 04, 2020, 02:54:43 PM
Hello everybody.

I study Chemical Engineering and I'm in my final year. We are currently working on a team project which includes designing a combined heat and power unit by using a hydrogen fuel cell and a burner to supply a local hotel with heat and power.

However, one particular device that has been troubling us is the burner/furnace. We can't seem to find any specific information about the sizing of burners, except for a few papers on how they work. I should also note that we won't be probably using a fired heater because we're having some issues with our simulation program (unisim).

So, could somebody please give me the design equations for burner/furnace sizing? If there aren't any, should I use the regular design equations for a CSTR reactor? Any suggestions will be really appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.