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Title: wt% of polymer
Post by: kagawume on February 18, 2021, 04:02:34 AM

I am sorry if this question is too easy!

0.04 mol of a polymer (MW: 1000 g/mol) is reacted with B at 150 C in nitrogen atmosphere for several hours using catalyst (0.05 wt% of polymer)

My question is, how do you calculate 0.05 wt% of polymer so I know how much cat I need? Using the internet, I got an answer of 0.02 g but I am not sure if this is right!

Also, what is the best way to achieve nitrogen atmosphere? Would I need a reflux condenser? B is not a solvent, it is another reactant. Would I need mineral oil? Or a schlenk line?

Many thanks!
Title: Re: wt% of polymer
Post by: chenbeier on February 18, 2021, 04:35:29 AM
wt% means percentage by weight.
So  calculate the mass of the polymer first, then take 0.05% of that mass for catalyst.
Nitrogen atmosphere. The glas eqiupment has nothing to do. You need a nitrogen supply line from a gas bottle and a vaccum pump connected to your apparatus. You evacuate air first then change valve and let nitrogen in. Probably need equipment for drying first.