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Title: Glucose from CO2
Post by: ScienceDinoswar on March 17, 2021, 09:50:09 PM
A worker in a radioisotope laboratory was accidentally exposed to high levels of 14CO2 during a routine experiment.  When tests of the worker were run and analyzed it was discovered that the glucose in his blood contained 14C.

a. Based on what you now know about metabolism, show how 14CO2 can become incorporated into glucose in the worker, being sure to indicate where in glucose the 14C resides (i.e., in which carbons the 14C is found).  You do not need to show every enzymatic transformation, but you do have to show the key steps in a way that clearly demonstrates you understand what is happening.

b. Does this unfortunate accident reveal that humans are actually capable of utilizing CO2 for glucose synthesis, enabling us, like plants, to satisfy our metabolic needs simply by inhaling CO2?  Explain.