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Title: electrical resistnc & Na permeability
Post by: jeh32 on April 02, 2004, 02:41:27 PM
i'm wondering what specific chemicals could be used to do the following:

DISSOLVE only substances with low electrical resistance and  high sodium permeability--while keeping those with high elect. resist. and low sodium permeability in tact.

does anyone here know?

thanks for your *delete me*
Title: Re:electrical resistnc & Na permeability
Post by: Mitch on April 02, 2004, 03:41:23 PM
There are many materials with low electrical resistance. Many, many, many, and you would have to me more specific on what exactly you want eliminated. Your questions is actually a very good one, in that it highlights current limitations in Chemistry. Chemistry is all about the manipulation of the chemical properties of substances, electrical resistance is a physical property and using a chemical property to eliminate a physical property isn't easily accomplished in general.

For instance an other physical property is boiling point. If we have 2 solutions with different boiling points mixed together, the chemist can construct a distillation apparatus to isolate one of the solutions. But, the distillation apparatus isn't using any chemical properties, it's still only using regular physical means to isolate a substance with different physical properties.