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Title: need info about dicyclohexyldithiocarbamyl acetic acid
Post by: vvsia on January 03, 2007, 05:08:40 AM
i get the ligand i.e dicyclohexyldithiocarbamyl acetic acid when i do a experiment by add in carbon disulphide into dicyclohexylamine and potassium hydroxide in water-ice bath condition.After that, stir it for 1h.But have cloudy yellow solution formed.So,heat and stir it about 40mins to dissolve the salt.Then, add in 20% HCl to get precipitate.When i check for the melting point of ligand i obtained is around 200oC.i can't get the exact melting point.i do this experiment many times oredi.But the result is different.Hopefully someone can tell me the actual melting point of dicyclohexyldithiocarbamyl acetic acid.Thanks a million.