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Title: Use of transposon mutagenesis
Post by: kestrel422 on March 13, 2007, 12:58:25 AM
I would be grateful for any suggestions on this:

Suppose I have a bacterium that undergoes a massive phenotypic shift in response to glandular secretions of an amphibian. How could I use transposon mutagenesis in combination (with a reporter) to demonstrate that this shift occurs and which genes are turned off or on in the process?

Modification to my original post:

I'm thinking along the lines of using a transposon containing a reporter (perhaps b-galactosidase). If the transposon inserts at many point in the bacterial genome, then mutants would represent an array of genes. Next...treat each different mutant with the glandular secretion and look for changes in the reporter (i.e. reporter turned off or on).