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Title: Various Air Pollutants and their Effects on Architecture
Post by: natelox on March 30, 2009, 12:57:17 PM
I am an architecture student designing a project near a number of chemical manufacturing plants. I would like the cladding of the building to change colour or texture in response to the air pollutants given off by these plants. The air pollutants are as follows:

No2 (133 Tonnes Annually)
VOC's (51 Tonnes Annually)
Carbon Monoxide (41 Tonnes Annually)
Sulphur Dioxide (0.31 Tonnes Annually)
Toluene (0.011 Tonnes Annually)
Trimethylbenzene (0.002 Tonnes Annually)
Ethylbenzene (0.001 Tonnes Annually)
Particulate Matter (Undefined)

Are you aware of any materials (metal or otherwise) that react in a non-destructive manner with these chemicals? For instance, copper turns gains a green patina when exposed to oxygen.