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Title: Number of isomers for Bis(alanino)copper(II)
Post by: lazy167 on April 24, 2010, 04:30:21 AM
i got this question here related to metal complexes and coordination chemistry.
when we try to make a Bis(glycinato)copper(II) there are two possible isomers that can form. The cis-Bis(glycinato)copper(II) and the trans-Bis(glycinato)copper(II), so what would happen if glycine was replace with another amino acid like alanine.
since alanine already has two possible isomer/enantiomer, S and R would that mean it's possible to get 6 isomer. Since we would need 2 alanine molecule per a copper atom.

Possible isomer of Bis(alanino)copper(II) are:

S,S-cis isomer
S,R-cis isomer
R,R-cis isomer


where SR and RS are equivalent
Alanine is bidentate, and copper (II) is divalent

Is it ok to assume this?

thank you