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Title: Peculiar results of Neutronium labtest
Post by: Neutronium on May 28, 2010, 07:57:31 AM
I am looking for some individuals or groups to perform an experiment, and provide me with the results, to aid in a research project.

To put it into context, I was performed an experiment two weeks ago to test the strength of the gravitational pull of a neutronium. Via calculations, the two masses of neutronium should be forced together by their relatively weak gravitational pull (Albeit also forced downwards via Earth's gravity). The results of the test were partially inconclusive, and peculiar.

I was wondering if others had performed a similar test (Either watching the two move together due to a stronger calculated gravitational pull, or via measuring the actual gravitational pull experimentally). If so, it would aid me in this research project to have other results (It is time consuming to perform the test, and time limits prevent more then one or two experiments).

The gist of the experiment was:Within a 15 minute time frame, the dineutron masses were placed close enough to one another to provide a strong gravitational pull (relatively speaking to the container). They were then watched to see how the two neutral objects reacted to one another.

I won't inform you of the exact procedure as I quite likely made a mistake in the procedure, which is producing this peculiar result. If someone is willing to perform this experiment for me and provide results(For statistical analysis) and procedure (So I can see where I went wrong if I did), that would aid me tremendously.