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Title: Steam Distillation & SVP, urgent but simple problem
Post by: quadsofdgods on April 24, 2012, 05:53:26 PM
My problem (which is simple) is urgent (final exam pre-uni on the 3rd may)

Saturated vapour pressure = SVP

SVP of a mixture = SVP of liquid A + SVP of liquid B
when SVP of mixture = external pressure acting on mixture = boiling at a lower tempreture.
(just a bit of info to set the scene, i know u know it already)

is the SVP of A when in the mixture = SVP of A when alone (i.e. just itself)?

one of those simple things that confuses me, especially now, exam close, a bit of panic, stress and not thinking so straight
i have thought about and do have an opinion, but i`d like someone to verify it for me.. i know its really simple  but if you could please help me out i`be great...