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Title: Di-Isopropyl alcohol either, tri-isopropyl alcohol di-ether, and much more
Post by: its38 on July 14, 2004, 06:11:38 AM
Well, this should be a doozy of a first post.  I know from research that the following combination of chemicals help reduce the surface tension of various liquids, including water and engine coolant, to help them transfer heat out of a radiator more effectively.

Di-Isopropyl alcohol ether
Tri-Isopropyl alcohol di-ether
Sodium molybdate
Poly Siloxane Polymer

So, question number one:
as I do a search for di-isopropyl alcohol either all I find is ispropyl alcohol
question number two:
cannot find anywhere to buy tri-isopropyl alcohol di-ether or tolytriazole or poly siloxane polymer

Now obviously I am far from a chemist.
How exactly do these substances help reduce temperatures and would there be any issues with mixing them into the coolant/water solution and letting it sit on a shelf?