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Title: Predict or provoque eathquakes?
Post by: Enthalpy on September 17, 2015, 05:17:56 PM
Hello everybody!

You heard or read about the strong seism in Chile on 16th of September.

On 14th, I read "bonanza" on a forum. It is the secret services' code for Chile, just like "Eldorado" stands for Argentine, and so on. "Bonanza" fit so badly in the text that it was probably indeed used as the code.

Hence the interrogation, provided it's not a mere coincidence:
Do you believe earthquakes can be predicted with a reasonable probability, or be provoked?
Title: Re: Predict or provoque eathquakes?
Post by: mikasaur on October 20, 2015, 06:44:31 PM
You think "the powers that be" used some random public forum to communicate that it was indeed time to cause an earthquake in Chile?

You think that's more likely than one of the many, many, many people on one of the many, many, many internet forums using the word "bonanza" in a strange way?
Title: Re: Predict or provoque eathquakes?
Post by: Enthalpy on October 22, 2015, 11:10:45 AM
It is indeed common practice to announce in advance the provoqued catastrophies. And yes, this is done openly in newspapers, forums, pretty much anywhere - whatever the reasons.

A reason to do it before the event and not after is that the people to be influenced understand it's not a natural event. Though, predicting a natural event with a decent probability and announcing it in advance also gives the impression that it was provoked and serves the same purpose, so I leave the possibility open.

I know it is strange the first times you encounter such methods, but they're just usual.

As for probabilities: there are many forums but I read very few ones. And "Bonanza" had appeared one single time on just before the quake in Chile. Google:
Title: Re: Predict or provoque eathquakes?
Post by: mikasaur on October 22, 2015, 11:32:15 AM
Hmmm. Interesting. Not sure I'm convinced. But interesting!
Title: Re: Predict or provoque eathquakes?
Post by: Enthalpy on October 25, 2015, 07:10:48 PM
Not sure I'm convinced.

That's your excellent right. On such topics, conviction can't result from reasoning, but rather from repeated observation.

One good scientist claims on his website that quakes can be provoqued by injecting a few MW electricity in the Oceanic crust (citing from memory). I'll have to read his suggestion and check the figures.

Semi-scientists consider him half a wacko... not because his claims are impossbile, not because they have checked his theories and figures and found them wrong, but because his claims are unusual - the worst possible reason. Science considered as a religion. Anyway, he worked on electromagnetism in a nuclear research body and is one of the founders and leaders of Mhd, so he definitely has background.
Title: Re: Predict or provoque eathquakes?
Post by: Enthalpy on December 25, 2015, 04:06:22 PM
I'd put it an other way:

Scientists and engineers who have years of experience rarely say "it can't be done". They rather say "I don't see how to do it". Usually because they learned the hard way to be cautious with what humans achieve.

In my case as a young engineer, when R. Reagan started the Strategic Defense Initiative and its directed energy weapons, I answered "impossible because of basic physical limitations". Meanwhile such weapons are operational.

More recently, I understood from electromagnetism how the mind-reading machines are built, then the machines that inhibit briefly the brain's operation to let people fall and hurt themselves, and quite recently, the machines for artificial tinnitus. All this is well explainable by hard standard science despite it looks far-fetched - the spooks' code for mind-reading machines is adequately "science-fiction". This makes me shy of telling "can't be done".

As for Jean-Pierre Petit, I've never-ever read one single scientific argument against his claims. But very often words like "conspirationist" and "waco". Exactly like if making unusual claims lets him look like a madman to most observers, whatever his explanations and justifications. Or: exactly like if nearly every reader and pseudo-scientist used non-scientific methods to decide what to believe.

For sure, JPP is a rare specialist for MHD, he was a research director at the French public research council, and he still publishes top-quality papers in peer-reviewed astronomy journals.

There, I don't find figures about how much energy provoques how much pressure in how big a volume
but it's a wide-public webpage, so I should discuss it with him directly. I want to discuss more things anyway, these fully mainstream - or call it as you want.
Title: Re: Predict or provoque eathquakes?
Post by: Enthalpy on January 01, 2016, 06:02:43 PM
In case someone is interested, I put there a description of the machines for artificial tinnitus
also known as "microwave auditory effect", which was
- discovered accidentally with the early radars during WWII
- studied by Frey in 1962, who explained it and could let "hear" the figures 1 to 9
- cited as a development possibility in a report by the US Army Intelligence and Security Command
- has been built more recently by a US company who proposed it to the armed forces and police.

I put a few figures on a possible transmitter design that fits in a car and acts at 200m, to explain my observations.
Title: Re: Predict or provoque eathquakes?
Post by: Enthalpy on October 31, 2020, 05:05:18 PM
The earthquake in Vancouver some years ago happened as I had sent ideas to a company developing hydrogen fusion there. This reinforces the suspicion that earthquakes can be provoked, and that France has the necessary means.

The quake in Turkey yesterday happened during a spat with France. After some terrorist attack in France, speaking about the Turkish president, the French president has repeated "respect", the secret services' codeword in French and German for a retaliation (in English it's rather "on both sides"). Before the quake, some attacks in France were more easily linked with Turkey, for instance when a hundred of members of the Turkish "grey wolves" intimidated members of the Armenian-descent community.

And regrettably, common codewords these days include "parcours du combattant" (sending troops) and "sévère" (battle).