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Title: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Mitch on March 10, 2004, 01:29:55 PM
If you are new or old, please go ahead and tell us a little bit about yourself. :)

I am currently a graduate student at UC Berkeley, doing Nuclear and Radiochemistry research.

I was born in West Covina California, but lived my early-early years in the city of El Monte. I did my k-12 in the city of Malibu in its public education system. I did my undergraduate work at UC Riverside and worked on organic based materials for several years. As an undergrad, I also worked on radioactive ion beams at UC Berkeley. As a graduate student at UC Berkeley--I initially worked for 2 years in a physical-organic chemistry lab until switching to nuclear chemistry. Currently, I'm working on a new target methodology, low energy nuclear reactions, and transactinide chemistry.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: david on March 10, 2004, 10:19:46 PM
I be here ;D

Hello everyone :D
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Donaldson Tan on March 20, 2004, 11:46:38 PM
I am from Singapore. I study chemical engineering with fine chemicals processing at the renowned Imperial College London.

I fell in love with Chemistry in 1998 most unexpectedly because I used to struggle (and fail) that subject. I also maintain an interest in international politics and world government.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: jdurg on March 24, 2004, 09:54:54 PM
Hi Everybody!  [/Dr. Nick Riviera Accent]

I'm Jdurg and I'm from southeastern, Connecticut.  If you know of Foxwoods Casino and the Mohegan Sun Casino, you know the area I live in.  I'm a soon to be 24 year old male who is currently a Data and Document Processing Specialist at a Clinical Research Organization.  It really has nothing to do with chemistry, but I've got a lot of future mobility with what I'm doing.  

I graduated from West Chester University in Pennsylvania with a B.S. in Forensic Chemistry in May of 2002.  Sadly, the forensic chemistry field did not have any opportunities for me upon graduation, so I've had to go elsewhere to find employment.  I still have a passion for chemistry, and my element collection helps sooth that passion.  Being able to share that with all of you here at is a nice bonus.  In the future I may go back to the professional field of chemistry, but for now my element collection will have to do.  (If anything, it will give me gobs of experience with many different elements).

I first became interested in chemistry as a real little kid.  Being a Type I Diabetic since I was 2, I always had a passion for science.  I wanted to know why things worked and why my body didn't work right.  I remember watching a Mr. Wizard episode where he took apart fireworks and showed the different metal salts and explained how the fireworks worked.  That hooked me on chemistry.  Ever since then, I've loved working with chemicals and things that go "BOOM!"  My favorite labs were always the ones conducted in a fume hood or behind a blast shield.  I also loved using a GC/MS machine because the things that it could tell you are incredible.  One of my favorite days as a forensics intern in college was when I found a positive urine sample for cocaine.  It was really neat taking it from the preliminary tests, all the way through the confirmation page and seeing the cocaine show up clear as day.  I was even given permission to make a copy of the results, minus the sample number, for my own use.  Every now and then I look at it and marvel and the wonders of science.  

That's about it for now.  As I write more articles and post more in these forums, more about me will be revealed.   ;D
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Scratch- on April 05, 2004, 05:08:51 PM
I’m from Florida (who broke the AC  :P), I'm a junior in high school, I’m taking duel enrollment in a local college and I like chemistry and computer programming the best so far. I’m awaiting my first real chemistry class next year; most of my chemistry knowledge so far is from reading/experimenting/websites/parents. I like doing experiments that involve controlled explosions or semi-violent reactions and I like to be able to do things myself (like making fireworks  ;D)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: hmx9123 on April 16, 2004, 06:43:48 PM
I'm from Missouri originally, but went to school at U of Illinois - Champaign-Urbana; got my BS in Chemistry there in 2003.  Now I'm here with Mitch at UC - Berkeley getting a PhD.

I'm working in the organic field now, but did inorganic research as an undergrad.  I'll let you guess what I work with.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: movies on August 02, 2004, 01:40:46 AM
Hey all,

I've been a chemistry nerd since high school and I'm still living the dream.  I got my A.B. in Chemistry in 2003 and I'm working on my Ph. D. now.  Mostly organic chemistry, but our lab does some inorganic stuff and works on a lot of catalysis.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Juan R. on September 23, 2004, 08:12:38 AM

Hi, I am Juan R. I am from Vigo, a city of Galicia (Spain). You possibly know my community by the unfortunate Prestige disaster.

When I was a 10-year boy, I wished for be many things as football player, fireman, etc. When I was 13 or 14 years (an “EGB” student) then I discovered science.

After, I learn more and more science in the “BUP”. Each year, there was a single course in physics and chemistry. We studied much physics but little chemistry.

But things changed in the previous course to university (“COU”); there were two separated courses: physics and chemistry. The book on chemistry was so fascinating for me that I say that discovered chemistry when I was an 18-year child! Then I obtained more information about chemistry and discovered many funny things. E.g., nobody say to me that Isaac Newton was a chemist, but the COU book on chemistry talked about the chemical investigations of Newton and his cousin Humphrey. Then I ask myself why had been occulted that Newton was a chemist. Unfortunately, I discovered that the history of science is usually rewritten, with an emphasis in physics. This was my first important lesson.

Then I began my studies in chemistry, University of Vigo. I used my “mathematical” mind to study chemical thermodynamics, engineering, and all that. I was fascinated with analytical chemistry, with my first synthesis of beautiful inorganic crystals, and others. Then, I received my first course on organic chemistry. The first exam was “easy”: nomenclature, molecular structure, SN1, SN2, etc. I remember that I remained perplexed when professor used kits called molecular models for shows us molecular motions. I thought that molecules were as rigid as book’s illustrations! Chemistry was, and continues to be, a box of surprises for me.

In the following exam on synthesis, I used my “mathematical” mind, which worked “well” in solving “physical” or “engineering” problems; but I do not pass it. I was desolated. Then, I began to read additional material on organic chemistry until finally I discovered the error. The error was that the mathematical method of “learn-this-equation-put-in-it-the-data-and-solve-it” did not work in organic synthesis. It was necessary to develop that I call a chemical intuition. It was then when I began to suspect that chemistry could not be reduced only to physics and math. This was my second important lesson.

Whereas I was still a student, I was a collaborator in the bulletin Galicia Química. Then I collaborated with two official bodies of chemical associates: the Colegio Oficial de Químicos de Galicia and A.T. ANQUE de Galicia. I learned that there exists a chemical world (law, bureaucracy, relationships with society, etc.) outside of chemical laboratory. This was my thirst important lesson.

After, I began to be a research collaborator in a group of marine biogeochemistry. I began each day in the classroom in the University, and finalized the day collaborating in the Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas (CSIC). It was a fascinating work; the research was multidisciplinary. I published several articles, chapters in monographs, etc. I also participated (M. DeCastro, M. Gómez-Gesteira, R. Prego, J. R. González-Álvarez & V. Pérez-Villar) in an international conference: Oceans III Millenium. 1st International Congress on Marine Science and Technology. I was the only student; in fact, Pérez-Villar was a recognized professor of physics and head of a dept. of physics of the University of Santiago de Compostela!

I learned research methodology and many biogeochemistry topics in the Prego’s group. Possibly the most fascinating lesson was that all in nature was linked. For studying cycles in the Rias, one needs to know inorganic chemistry of marine water, analytical chemistry of heavy metals in sediment, thermodynamics of atmosphere, oceanography, hydrodynamics, and bacteria metabolism, between others. Complexity was my fourth important lesson.

One day, I discovered a book by Ilya Prigogine: The End of Certainty. He, possibly the most important scientist of 20th century, talked about the role of time in our formulations of Nature and why that topic was ignored in usual literature, where the paradox of time is not noticed. I learned that there are profound “hidden” errors in usual scientific literature. This was my fifth important lesson.

The above book claimed for a change of perspective in science; I was impressed and contacted with Prigogine. My lack of PhD was unimportant for him and he presented to me to one of his collaborators, Dr. Gonzalo Ordonez. Since then, I have a fluent contact with both. There was an informal dispute (I was still a student) between his theory and my ideas. I was not sure of some mathematical steps of Prigogine’s theory, but then my mathematical preparation was insufficient for rigorous discussion. After of some time, I believed prepared and sent to Prigogine a list of questions that I was investigating by myself. His reply was fascinating: “The questions that you ask are very difficult”. Lamentably, Prigogine passed away some days after. He newer known my reply, neither the result of the research: canonical chemistry.

I am a young researcher specialized in fundamental chemistry on Vigo. I love chemistry. The rest of my history is known in the canonical chemistry forum. Is there a sixth lesson? Yes. Future is not given, determinism of physics (Schrödinger equation is still deterministic) is an approximation to real systems. We are both writers and actors at the same time of our own history.

Juan R.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Tiger on November 14, 2004, 01:45:59 AM
Hi. My name is Jackie N. I'm currently working on my B.S. degree in Chemistry. I came to this country in 1997 (Halloween night). I didn't notice that it was a Halloween night and I shut the door when the kids were asking for candy. We didn't celebrate Halloween in Vietnam at that time so I didn't know about it that much. Rumor spread around when I attended high school and I was known as "Halloween hater" even though it's not true. I know that I'm too old to go "trick or treat". I want to do this year but I couldn't because I had my Advanced Organic Chem test on Nov 1. Darn it. Hopefully I can go with my students next year.

I love Chemistry even though I have a hard time with it. I have been trying to work in the lab to get experience but I haven't found anything specific. I tried to work in the lab at school.  I actually let one beaker flying from one side of the room to another side  :bigwink: (long story).

I'm glad that I found this forum. Thanks to everyone here that helping me. I will try to help others too. (I might be wrong too :)

Nice to meet all of you...

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: ATMyller on December 23, 2004, 05:17:56 AM
Hello everybody!

My name is Antti T. Myller, I'm a freshly graduated chemist from Finland and I work as a researched for university. I'm currently working on kinetics of organometallic compounds.
This is a great community and planning to visit here often (when I have some spare time) and maybe even post sometimes. ::)

And merry christmas/hannukah/kwanza to all!  :newyear:
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: maxyoung on January 22, 2005, 12:57:05 AM
hi, i'm younghui from Singapore. 20 years old and currently doing a undergraduate course at National University of Singapore. I love chemistry, especially organic chemistry. Hope to learn something from you all.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Borek on March 06, 2005, 08:10:18 PM
Citizen of Poland.

Born in early sixties.

Promising chemistry student in early eighties. I was even three times member of a team that represented my uni at the event called International Competition in Analytical Chemistry. Life and computers were more interesting then studies so I was thrown away from uni.

A year later they proposed me a job at uni, as they needed someone for numerical diffusion simulations and I was good in chemistry and computers at the same time. I have even some paper published on diffusional noise at microelectrodes.

These were interesting times in Poland (so called fall of the communism and the dawn of capitalism) and I didn't work long at the university. I started a new career as a journalist in computer presss, becoming after some time editor in chief of a monthly magazine about computer games.

That ended in 1996 with the fall of publishing house. I could move to other magazine or start on my own and choosed the latter. For nearly nine years I was developing software for SpLD children but finally I get bored.

While the SpLD software is still my main income source I am trying to start a new project at, simple and perhaps more complicated chemical calculators for students, technicians and hopefully for R&D people (they get money :)

Hopefully nobody will read it to the end :)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Vette Freak on March 16, 2005, 10:28:09 AM
I attend the University of Maryland, College Park and am double-majoring in cell biology/genetics and biochemistry.  After completing 47 credits of chemistry, among all other things required, I hope to graduate a semester early in December 2006.
I joined this forum to help improve my understanding of chemistry by helping others understand it better.  I found I didn't have working knowledge of chemistry so I thought this would help me review and remember.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Jiro on April 12, 2005, 11:03:24 PM
Hi all.. dont have much to say except that Im from British Columbia Canada and studying chemistry in the rocky mountains!!!!!!!!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: XxslbabesxX on May 12, 2005, 07:43:00 PM
Hey everybody.

I just joined. I'm from the U.S and I'm 16. I am currently a sophomore in high school who is taking chemistry. It's my worst subject and I tend get mediocre grades on tests no matter how much I study. I'm hoping this forum will help me!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: sapta on May 17, 2005, 01:26:43 AM
Hi everyone,my name is Saptarshi Sarkar,I'm 17 and from India.My favourite subjects are Phy.,Maths, and General and Organic reading stories and dread Inorganic Chemistry.This is the first time i am reading organic Chem.So, keep expecting blunders from me ;D  
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: xiankai on May 30, 2005, 06:35:26 AM
hello everyone, its about time i introduced myself i think :p

im currently taking my O-lvls this year in s'pore, and i find most of the discussions held here far out of my league, but im learning much nevertheless :)

ordinarily i couldnt learn very much in classroom as im abit hard of hearing, and one day when i was googling around and found this site, i also found someone else from my country too and decided to stay here.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: woelen on May 30, 2005, 11:08:00 AM

I'm Wilco and my age is 39 and I'm from the Netherlands. I have a family with two children.

I've studied electronics and information technology at the University level and have done scientific research in the field of mechatronics and control theory. After receiving my PhD in mechatronics (ten years ago) I switched career from science to business. Currently, I'm working as a software engineer and software architect for enterprise solutions. My main task at the moment is a mix of consultancy and writing software in C and C++. I'm quite succesful at software engineering and applied mathematics and that is what makes me have a good earning. I have no formal education in chemistry, but I've read quite a lot about it in books and on the internet.

Besides my work, I'm also member of the board of one of the local churches in the place where I live. I love to do that work, although sometimes you come accross sad things happening to people.

I like my work, but at an amateur level I still like to be busy with science. As a young child I already was playing around with all kinds of materials in and around the house and my interest in science never has faded. In the course of the years, however, I have become much more careful and some things I did as a young boy I certainly would not do nowadays anymore.

At the moment, I do chemistry, pure mathematics and photography at the somewhat more advanced hobby level. Unfortunately there is no more time left for more than hobby-level science, when you have a family and a full-time job.

I came accross this site approximately 2 weeks ago and since then I watched it frequently and I posted some messages on it. I watch this site with great pleasure and I hope to post more contributions to this site in the (near) future.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: ksr985 on May 31, 2005, 03:20:10 PM
hello then

i am an indian, currently pursuing an undergrad in chemistry in delhi university. If everything works out, i should be doing my PhD somewhere closer to where most of you are

my primary interest lies in organic chemistry. if i ever get the chance, i would like to work on the sense of smell, which i find very intriguing...have ideas and theories up my sleeve that i dont care to relate for fear pf plagiarism, and, well, to prevent sheer embarassment to myself.

chemistry confession i must make: i find JACS bloody intimidating. hope to be good enough to figure things out someday.

over and out.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Rayan on June 02, 2005, 09:59:35 AM
hello everybody
I am a Lebanese girl. i graduated from hight school and now i'm 2nd year chemistry in the lebanese university (the only official university in the country)..
i found this site while surfing the net..
nice to meet all of you :)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: lemonoman on June 08, 2005, 12:17:04 AM
I already posted a few things, but Mitch told me to come over here and introduce myself anyways.

So, how's life?  That's good.  I like university...chemistry is good.

I'm going to be taking a few good ones in the fall, like Inorganic, Chemical Kinetics, Computational Physical Chemistry and Spectroscopy of Organic Compunds (all 3rd and 4th year courses).  That, and a biochem course.

Life is good.  Don't ever forget that.  If life ISN'T good...make it better :)

Cheers, and I'll talk to y'all later!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: DrCMS on June 08, 2005, 04:37:00 AM
I'm 35 have a PhD in organosilicon chemistry and have worked in the UK chemical industry for the last 10 years.  
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Qazzian on July 17, 2005, 01:15:40 AM
Hey there, I'm Qazzian. I've checked these boards a few times when looking for help with something, but decided today to join.

I'm taking undergrad biochemistry at the University of Waterloo. I enjoy long walks on the beach and romantic moonlit nights. Call me ;)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Grejak on July 20, 2005, 11:28:49 PM
Hi all, I am Grejak, a 23 year old female from Pennsylvania.  I obtained my bachelors at a small college there in chemistry with a focus on inorganic and analytical.

Currently I am beginning my second year as a grad student at UC Berkeley/LBNL, working in the same research group as Mitch.  So, he is the one who introduced me to the forum.  Anyway, I am working on obtaining my Ph D in nuclear chemistry with a thesis on solution chemistry of dubnium (element 105) and (hopefully) hot fusion with plutonium targets :).
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: sdekivit on July 26, 2005, 03:13:09 AM
hi, i am sander de kivit and i'm from holland. I'm 17 and currently second year biomedical sciences at the univerity of Utrecht.
I teach chemistry at a secondary school where i passed my finals and assist in physical chemistry for 1st years biomedical sciences.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: tortoise on July 26, 2005, 05:15:19 AM
oh,  sdekivit, you teach at a secondary school at your 17 age ? Oh I can not believe it, sorry... But it's true, you are really good.

I am 16 and from Vietnam. Sorry, I don't like Chemistry more than Maths (though I am not good at Maths very much  ;D).  But I enjoy out forum. Here, I can improve my English as well as my chemistry. Thank to all here.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Eric on July 27, 2005, 02:35:15 AM
Im Eric from Southern California.  I am 19 and a Junior at the University of California, Riverside and am a Chem major.  I am head of an ACS chapter and am currently doing research with scanning tunneling microscopes in high vacuum chambers at 20K.  I have taken graduate classes in advanced instrumentation and spend lots of time designing and building sensitive analytical equipment.  The machine shop is my friend.  I took AP chem in high school and after getting a 5 on the test and finishing 1 hour early decided to persue as a major.  I dont intend to be a chemist though.  Surgery is my path.  Maybe i can help answer some questions with physical chemistry and high vacuum systems...  
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: aduke on July 28, 2005, 11:15:26 PM
I'm Anton.  I will be a senior in high school in Huntsville, AL this year and taking AP Chemistry.  Currently, I plan on completing my senior year and getting a scholarship through National Merit to the University of Alabama and start a long education in the field of medicine or biochemical engineering.  I look forward to being able to find help here when I can't work through problems myself.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Jiro on July 30, 2005, 04:12:54 AM
Hi akuma... I LOVE CHEMISTRY! and genki wo dashite! ummm i already introduced myself already but haha i feel like doing it again. err.. Hi! ya been on here for awhile now and haven't really made any huge contributions to this forum and i apologise I'll try to be more helpful from now on haha.

wow lemonoman is only 19 and already doing 3rd year chemistry courses crazy man.. haha

Anyway that would be cool if one day there would be a huge meeting haha that would be wicked.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: nate on September 20, 2005, 01:17:05 AM
Hello All:

I am nathan from Fort Wayne, Indiana.  I am in the process of returning to school to attend Med School after practicing physical therapy for 8 years.  I was at first very hesitant to start chem classes at school because of a bad experience with it in high school.  I took one class of college level Chemistry and have loved it ever since.  I am taking my first Organic Chem class this year and have been lurking around the O Chem forum.  I am really impressed with the website and glad that I have found it.  I really hope to learn a lot from all of you.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: mike on September 28, 2005, 02:59:48 AM
Hello again everyone. I am re-introducing myself as I was a little brief in my first intro. (I hope it is OK to reintroduce one's self :-\).

I am a chemist in Australia, I have a masters in chemical sciences (along with my I basically majored in all the chemical sciences (I well let you decide if this was wise or not ;)).

I have worked as a research chemist on the "nanoshuttle" project for a couple of years, followed by work for our defence science organisation. I have managed a couple of publications.

I enjoy chemical education and have moved into this field now, designing and implementing undergraduate laboratory courses, manuals, training etc.

Hopefully, I can be of some help to people on the forum (it has been fun so far).

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Pelle on September 28, 2005, 02:22:34 PM
HI everybody,

I am a first year chemistry student at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. I am currently studying general chemistry, and will go on to organic and medicinal chemistry later on in my study programme.

I have a girlfriend and a dog, but since I started studying chemistry we live apart. (different parts of the country) She is soon a veterinarian and will move here when she is finished studying.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Oldtimer on September 30, 2005, 11:56:29 PM

 I'm living in Colorado and do professional carpentry work currently. I am a cabinetmaker, electronics hobbyist, farmer, rancher, and old time oil man.

I went to a College in Rangely Colorado {CNCC} after high school for pre-engineering study in 1980. Colorado School of Mines didn't offer me a good scholarship though and I went to the patch to try to make some bucks and swing it myself. Well wouldn't you know it the bottom fell out of the entire industry that summer after graduation. And I was sunk.

I went to work at a small Gas production company after graduating with a strong GPA. They were a good bunch and the sad thing is the economy forced such a downsize as it did. Then I worked at Halliburton for a year until they were finally squeezed too.

So I farmed and opened a Autobody shop for 10+ years. That was fun and I made enough to return to school interests. As I've mentioned elsewhere, the credits for transfer weren't acceptable since I received the degree from a different school and it had been so long ago.  Now I'm wishing to win the lottery to get three classes of Calculus over with and I'll have   a double major in Computer Science and Chemistry.

Well long story short. If you have a geniune love for Chemistry be ready to get a job elsewhere and wait it out. College is expensive and I wished I had taken my Geology Professors advise to forget about working and get into Wyoming State for a BS when I was young. It just gets more expensive and more difficult the older you get.

My heartfelt desire to know everything about Chemistry is due to my wish to understand the forces that cause myself and so many others around the world to be aflicted with Genetic disorders of skeletal forms. Soft organs are one thing, skeletal repair or reproductive DNA repair are quit another.

I hope somebody will become the next Madam Curie or Linus Pauling so bad I could cry. Because only the sciences born of the heart's desire to cure really make the world a safer and better place in truth and action. A circus style of public education through display is in poor taste and shows little regard for those conditions.

If I could say anything to young chemists that would make their life wealthier and happier it would be, "Get out there in the summer and get State certified in the trade industries while you know the test subject well already.People like Plumbers and Electricians make good money, and chemistry jobs will always be rare at times."

Good luck and rest easy.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Yggdrasil on October 02, 2005, 03:05:53 AM
A little late for me to be introducing myself but I guess better late than never.

I'm originally from the Sacramento area in Northern California, but now I'm down south at the University of California, Los Angeles.  I'm a 3rd year undergraduate student majoring in biochemistry and minoring in math.  I actually like the physical sciences a lot more than I like life sciences, but the applications of the life sciences appeal too much to me for me to just major strictly in chemistry or physics.  However, I do research in a structural biology lab which studies membrane protein structure and function as well as a protein-protein interaction domain (the SAM domain) which is involed in many important signal transduction cascades.  Right now I'm investigating the structure and function of the SAM domain of diacylglycerol kinase, an important regulator of lipid metabolism and lipid signaling.  My plans are to go to grad school for a PhD program in biochemistry or biophysics and go into a research-based carreer (maybe as a professor).
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: AngelShare on October 03, 2005, 01:44:55 PM
My name is Kristy and I'm 17 years old. I don't go to a public school anymore; I left after 9th grade so this will be my third and final year at my cyber school.

I, unfortunately, failed Chemistry last year so now I'm taking two science courses; Chemistry and Marine Biology. So far so good, hopefully I can keep it up.

I want to take a year off before going into college but since my Dad is being a :censored:, I don't know what'll happen. He's pretty controlling and arrogant so things may end up going...

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Albert on October 16, 2005, 11:50:32 AM
Hello everybody, I'm Alberto.

I am 21 and I study Industrial Pharmacy in Bologna (Italy), my hometown (a city almost exclusively  known for its old university). My aim is to get a PhD in an English or American university and settle down there.
To be honest, I like and I deal with biochemistry and biology more than chemistry, but it is, of course, a key aspect of my studies.
I like this website very much: I consider it a peaceful oasis, where Knowledge is shared and everyone is welcome.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Classic on October 20, 2005, 02:01:52 AM

My name is Robertbut my friendscall me Classicever since high school.After long failures of my life
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: asdf on October 20, 2005, 11:48:31 PM

i'm 23, biochem major at OU. happened upon this site thanks to google.

i look forward to helping and being helped.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Alberto_Kravina on October 31, 2005, 01:53:03 AM
Hello everyone!

I was born in Trieste (Italy) in 1990. I lived in Italy from 1990 to 1998.
After that I moved to Feldkirch (Austria) with my family, where I'm still living.
I'm currently a high school student (I go to a 5-year high school for chemical engineering).
I'm very interested in chemistry, maths and phyisics. I love this forum, it's a really cool place where everyone can share his knowledge with other people.

That's a pretty short wonder...I'm only 15 years old  :D
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: GCT on November 05, 2005, 01:38:18 PM
hi all, I''m currently in my last year at Georgia Tech for a B.S. chem (ACS certified) degree, with thoughts on pursuing an additional degree in chemical engineering.  I've actually been active on chemicalforums since its birth, and it's quite nice to see how much it has developed (about the same time my site was created), not many chemistry forums out there by the way, since they all collapse fairly soon.  At the time I have plans to work either in the analytical or physical chemistry field as a graduate student or for a company with perhaps some extra supplemental income from a web based source.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: pantone159 on November 08, 2005, 02:48:23 PM
Hi -  My degree is in Physics, not Chemistry.  (I graduated around 15 years ago.)  Despite this, I've been more interested lately in learning more of chemistry than physics.  I started by putting together an element collection (now effectively complete), and have continued with some simple aqueous chemistry experimentation.

My picture (Texas flag) is my sign of shame/honor/regret/etc. that, yes indeed, I live somewhere that requires a license to own an Erlenmeyer flask.   :(

    - Mark
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Bakegaku on November 28, 2005, 07:18:33 PM

My name is Andrew.  I like chemistry and physics, as well as many aspects of Eastern Asia.  Especially Japan.   Especially ANIME!!

Anyway, I hope I can be of help to people and visa versa.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: moussa on November 29, 2005, 03:14:16 PM
Life is not those year we live, but those acts we,ve done that humanity will study and learn after us >:(
hi every body my name is moussa zaarour
iam a third year chemistry student in the lebanese university
very happy to be a member of a group of chemists.
I do believe that life is a chemiscal reaction on its own and every action in life they say has an interaction thus also evey actio or act done by humans is chemistry
so have a good chemistry or a good life ;D

yours HNO3
moussa :-[
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Hima Potturi on December 04, 2005, 03:40:31 PM
Hi Everybody,
This is Hima K Potturi. I'm a PhD graduate student in organic chemistry in SIU, Carbondale. I have a masters degree in organic chemistry from Osmania University, Hydrabad, India.
I was always interested in organic chemistry. Right now I'm trying to Improve my "Cooking Skills". My PhD Project is releated to medicinal chemistry and not surprisingly cooking is my favorite pastime.
I felt joing this group would help me in my research and at the same time I can share others problems.
Finally, My Sincere thanks to the Moderators to make this happen.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: jones106 on December 04, 2005, 07:12:37 PM
What's up,
I am a junior at the university of alabama.  I'm majoring in Biology and Spanish w/ hopes of getting into med school.  Just struggling through organic chemistry and need some help.  

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: BelarusGirl on December 20, 2005, 04:04:24 PM
I'm Alesya, I'm from Belarus. I'm 3d year student of Belarussian State University. I specialize in organic chemistry. That's why I'm there.  :D
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: HN3 on December 22, 2005, 03:39:41 PM
Hey everyone
Iam chemistry student from middle east.
iam at in the third year at the university.
Iam studing industrial chemistry.
I speak deutsch, so my english is bad.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: dfx- on December 25, 2005, 10:36:14 AM
Good Afternoon, dfx- here.  :D

I hail from the Republic of Ireland and am also born and bred in our fair capital city, Dublin.

I've just finished my third year of four studying for an honours degree in "Forensic and Environmental Chemistry" in the Dublin Institute of Technology. End-of-year exams follow in January with a 6 month placement next year.

There's only 4-5 places in Europe (Strathclyde, Sheffield and Lausanne are 3 I'm sure of) and the US as far as we are aware, so all help will be gratefully received and given :o ;D Effectively I will be an Analytical Chemist with a specialisation in Forensic and Environmental areas.

When I am not in college (more and more rare >:( ), I am partial to football (my signature and avatar gives that away), cricket, general knowledge - or random bits of rubbish that I just remember that is..

Off to enjoy the rest of an odd day off from cramm...studying ;)

Here's to the forum anyway

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Equi on January 03, 2006, 05:52:32 PM
Hi everybody,

I'm a biochemistry undergraduate student at university college london. I'm originally from Austria and did some prior studies in chemistry (special high school).

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Equi on January 04, 2006, 06:54:38 PM
...where from Austria? I'm just curious to know, I live in Vorarlberg... ;)
schau, schau - Grüßi.

A little charming (and absolutely frustating and boring) village called Eichgraben, in Lower Austria. My roots are from Vienna, though (as ~20% of all Austrians). Actually, I attended _the_ other famous chemistry school there (Rosensteingasse, Wien 17).
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Equi on January 05, 2006, 10:04:05 AM
My dream would be to go to the US.
My advice: stay in Austria or Germany, if you don't need any further English education. The level of practical education for a BSc is ridiculous and american Bachelors take 4 years anyway (teaching all that common BS we already did in high school).

I also thought of going to this school, but then I decided to attend the "Hoehere technische Lehranstalt fuer Chemieingenieurwesen in Dornbirn (HTL Dornbirn)" :)
Bis Bald! ;)
I don't believe there's much difference. Alhtough "Chemieingenieurwesen" sounds more like an emphasis on chemical engineering (which found totally boring). I graduated with specialisation in biochemistry, -technology and genetic engineering (was fun).

Btw. a hint for your education: apply for as many internships as possible.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Ultimeaciax on January 19, 2006, 03:14:25 AM
Hi, I know this site quite a while ago, about 1 or 2 yrs, and only bothered to join today.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Kenichi on January 23, 2006, 06:11:17 PM
Hey all,

I'm a high school student in Central New York currently enrolled in General Chemistry at Colgate University.  I've always had a natural curiosity about how things work and Chemistry seems to be just my thing.  Looking to major in Chemistry wherever I end up at college.  Slowly building a lab in my basement right now, acquiring glassware from the University and ebay.  I'm very interested in martial arts as well, been training shotokan karate for 11 years.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: arnyk on January 27, 2006, 11:38:12 AM
Well I'm back after a ridiculously long break from chem.  Honestly I'm looking over the posts I've made and have no idea what I'm talking about.  ::)

But I'm a quick study so hopefully I'll brush up and start learning and/or contributing even more.  Expecting to frequent these boards much more...frequently now.  Seems my username was retired, I swear I had at least 2 Scoobies. :D
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: hannah on January 31, 2006, 10:44:26 PM
My name's, well, Hannah...I'm 15, 10th grade, completely determined to get into AP chemistry even though

a) I'm terrible at chemistry


b) AP chem is the hardest course in my school

But yeah, I'm ambitious that way. I nearly fell over dead with joy when I found this site :)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: huma on February 01, 2006, 12:08:27 PM
Hi i'm Huma form new york. Finishing up highschool. THANK GOD its almost over. :)
i have only 5 to 6 courses left to finish and hard courses.
ok tc
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: cjames53 on February 02, 2006, 12:58:23 AM
Most recently, chief architect, designer and coder for Chmoogle (  I've been in cheminformatics since about 1990 when I joined Daylight and designed their Thor/Merlin system, and helped "inspire" their shift to an Oracle Cartridge.  After that I was Director of Core Engineering at Accelrys, then spent a few years as a consultant doing molecular modeling and web-based cheminformatics systems.

I regularly search the web to see the buzz about Chmoogle, and found this forum, and thought I'd answer questions folks might have.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: windtalker on February 03, 2006, 09:59:40 AM
Hello everybody. My name is Jorge. I am a chemistry teacher from Porto, Portugal and I am eager to participate in this forum.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Nucleophile on February 06, 2006, 07:21:42 AM
Better late than ever...

Hi, my name is David, I am 21, and I am an undergrad student in chemistry ( just about to wrap it up), from the Technion-Israeli Institute of Technology, in Haifa, Israel. My main interest is organic stereoselective syntehsis, carbohydrates. I also like spectroscopy, and chemical calculations. I would love to do my graduate degree researching how different oligosaccharides influence protein folding - but I don't know where you have research groups working on this.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Jesse on February 06, 2006, 11:16:53 PM
Hey yall! My name is Jessica, but everyone just calls me jesse.  I am from southeastern North Carolina near Wilmington.  i am attending James Sprunt Community college right now in order to get my basics and transfere.  I am in the second half general chemistry and i will transfer in May with a 4.0 to Mount Olive College which is a private college in order to study secondary education with a concentration in biology, but right now i just need help in chemistry.  So thanks and i hope yall can help.  
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: celyn on February 08, 2006, 12:06:48 PM
Hi my name is mike, getting on a bit and in the UK.  At the moment i am helping my wife with the restoration of vinyl dolls and hope i am in the right place to get some help.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: jtlbb2 on February 10, 2006, 09:14:34 PM
I'm a sophmore in college, and I am trying to get into the medical field.  I am currently taking General Chemistry 102 and I like the subject so far, but it does get pretty frustrating at times.  I joined these forums so that I can possibly get some help every now and then when I get stuck on a problem, or simply don't understand something.  

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: joeflsts on February 12, 2006, 10:59:28 PM
I'm new to the forum and I do appreciate you hosting it.  I have recently returned to chemistry as a hobby.  My ambition was to be a chemist when I was young, however, after school I got bit by the IT bug.  Having packed my lab up almost 20 years ago I recently felt the urge to experiment.  I'm green, rusty, and just plain having fun.  My most recent accomplishment was celebrating my son's fifth birthday and introducing him to vinegar and sodium bicarbonate!  Again, I really appreciate the forum and hope that I can offer even a small percentage of what I learn here.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Osh on February 18, 2006, 12:38:07 PM
hi im currently in college doin my a-levels in the uk. i joined this site so i could bring my chemistry up to scratch so i can scrape a pass :D
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Konfusion on February 27, 2006, 03:41:59 PM
Hello Everyone,
                     Im a last year student in the undergrad of chemistry at Sherbrooke University, i have passed by an Technical degree in Analytical chemistry in shawinigan, quebec.  I worked as lab technician for 2 years before going to university wich gave me a fair round 25 year old and just a undergrad diploma as the highest diploma in hand.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: crazybouttennis on March 03, 2006, 08:35:42 PM

I'm a sophomore in high school who LOVES tennis!!!!  I'm from California.  Right now my chem class is chem honors, but next year i'm taking chem ap!   :D
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: nearly.alex on March 05, 2006, 07:29:15 AM
my name is alex mulliner, i am an A level student from england. and i want to go into research when i go to university after a degree in chemistry and maths. also i love computer.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: ossimer on March 10, 2006, 03:27:16 AM
JHi, I am from Victoria BC Canada. I am currently writing a fantasy/ sci-fi novel and need some help. I wonder if anyone would have any creative explanation as to why a can  (or many cans) of beans might explode during travel within a rocketship (heading towards the sun)? Any help would be much appreciated. No great effort is required-- just point me in the right direction if uou have the time. Mnay thanks, Kj
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: scared princess on March 19, 2006, 10:16:04 AM
Hi, I'm Giovanna, I'm 18 and I come from Naples (Italy). I study the first year of industrial chemistry at university.... for now, it's all...
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: sohushi on March 22, 2006, 02:15:41 AM
Hello !!!!!

My name is sohushi, I'm a freshly graduated chemist from China and I work as a researched for company. I'm currently working on organic synthesize .
This is a great community and planning to visit here often (when I have some spare time) and maybe even post sometimes.  
 ;D ;D ;D
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: unwizard on March 22, 2006, 09:15:47 AM


I'm a chemistry technician from Surrey in the UK
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Calypso on March 22, 2006, 02:53:20 PM
I'm Calypso  :).  I'm taking high school chemistry right now...I'm not the greatest that's ever been but I'm not terrible either.  This site has helped me better than any other ever has during this course so I just wanted to give a big thanks!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: mir on March 23, 2006, 04:11:40 AM
And I am 25 year old working on my graduate degree in organic synthesis at University of Bergen, Norway.

My name is Fred. Originally from Billefjord, 30 km from Northcape.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: groovymango21 on March 24, 2006, 11:57:38 PM
sup all

groovymango21 was ere

peace be with you. :P

i am a chem student from Australia, and have 5 toes on each of my feet.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: UkraineWithAim on March 28, 2006, 08:00:15 AM
Hi everyone!  8)
I'm originally from Ukraine, so my English is not very good, please excuse me. I'm a high school student, and chemistry has been my favourite subject for years.  :)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: chazmgu on March 28, 2006, 09:01:15 AM
Hey everyone
im charlotte
i live in leeds
and am doin chemistry at a level in my first year as well as psychology english and IT how ya all doin ??
lv ya  :-*
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: liangduoqian on March 28, 2006, 06:57:44 PM
I am a Ph.D candidate of Kunming University of Science and Technology in China. I major in nonferrous metallurgy. I hope to get to know many friends around the world. Don't hesitate to contact me. My Email address is:
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: tamim83 on March 30, 2006, 07:38:50 PM
Hi, I am a grad student at the University of Pittsburgh.  I am studying physical chemistry next year as a PH.D canidate.  I am studying science education now.  Happy to be here ;D
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: bratcliff on April 02, 2006, 05:06:03 PM
I am absolutely lost!!

I am really trying hard to understand Chemistry but, I am feeling more and more that I simply do not have the aptitude for it.  It is not required in my degree plan but, I was determined not to take electives that I viewed as easy A's, I actually want to learn.  I work full-time, am a foster parent and wife of a workaholic so, I wanted to get what I paid for out of my education.  Now, I just want to get through Chemistry!!! :-\

SOS - I am drowning here!!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: KD00LS on April 14, 2006, 04:32:41 PM
How's everyone doing? My name is Kyle, and I'm currently enrolled at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania, first year Chem Major. I'm in the pre-pharmacy  program, and I hope to transfer to Rutgers New Brunswick next year, then on to their pharmacy graduate school. It's pretty tough right now, but to tell the truth I don't put too much effort into it. Next year I really plan to buckle down and learn the material, not just pass the course. That's why I decided to join the site. Nice to meet you all.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: rctrackstar2007 on May 05, 2006, 05:35:10 PM
My name is Trevor and i'm a chem student from colorado

i hope to go into engineering at the colorado school of mines

preferably chemical engineering, but we'll see

not gonna lie either, this site is better than myspace
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: victor on May 10, 2006, 11:17:29 AM
Hi there, Ma'name's Victor. Now I'm an undergraduate student in Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia (said to be the country of terrorists.. ;D). Actually I'm under Biology faculty but I really fall in love with chemistry (especially organic chemistry). Sometimes, it pass in my mind that I wanna move to chemistry study program, but I still loyal with my old one.. ;D
I plan to master biochemistry (from chemistry side) and microbiology (from biology side).
I hope I can continue my study into IMUS (Institut fuer Mikrobiologie Universitaet Stuttgart) or ITB (Institut fuer Technik Biochemie) in Universitaet Stuttgart also.. :)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: syko sykes on May 10, 2006, 11:27:24 PM
My name is Trevor and i'm a chem student from colorado

i hope to go into engineering at the colorado school of mines

preferably chemical engineering, but we'll see

not gonna lie either, this site is better than myspace
change the name to sykes and that's basically me as well...

I'm looking for a school such as CalTech or Harvey Mudd for chemical engineering but i haven't really decided yet

and of course, myspace has nothing on this site
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: silkworm on May 14, 2006, 09:30:01 PM

I'm an undergrad in chemistry at Wichita State. I'm 25 and didn't know what science was for until I was 22. I've been obsessed ever since. I've had a lot of catching up to do.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Will on May 15, 2006, 09:25:32 PM
University education isn't purely about attending the best university. Get to know the local geography and travel the world.

Yeah, I've been stuck in London all my life, I got an ABB offer (expecting AAB @ A-Level) from Imperial College for the MSci Chemistry program, but I've decided to go to the University of Toronto instead. Their chemistry department may not be as good there, but the people there are friendlier, and some people in London now are so rude and violent! Also, so many other things are better in Canada; standard of living, chinese food, lack of racism, prices, male:female ratio ;D, the list goes on and on! Less than two weeks of school left, and the next lesson I have will be this September in Toronto ;D!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: mrdeadman on May 15, 2006, 09:42:35 PM
That would be pretty sweet if I could ease my parents into the idea of me being overseas.
Girls like foreigners right?
psssh, american girls are pretty foxy.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: jennielynn_1980 on May 19, 2006, 03:18:23 PM
Hi all!

I have been visiting your forum for about a week now and it is fantastic! 
My name is Jenn and I live in Toronto Ontario Canada.  I have never in my life taken chemistry until now.  I am now doing a 12th grade advanced chem course by correspondence and I am struggling with it but enjoying the difficulty at the same time! 
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Equi on May 19, 2006, 04:28:02 PM
Oh! Imperial owns the entire row now, so it's no longer just a guest house. It has been converted into the new Imperial Sport Centre ( which opened early this year. LOL. We are the only university in London that offers free-of-charge use to students and staff. Facilities include a climbing wall, exercise studio, 25m deck-level swimming pool,  sauna/steam room and spa, 5 badminton court, a Sports hall, Fitness Gym, three squash courts, 2 indoor basket ball court, Sports Injury treatment rooms, Massage Capsule and Spacious reception area with cafe bar

I go for sauna and steam every 2 days, and swim once a week (as an attempt to slim down). LOL.

Dammit, I should come an visit you... UCL halls sucked in first year. At least we have more girls :P
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Unsichtbar on May 19, 2006, 04:49:08 PM
Hey guys...

My name's Rodolfo I'm 23 years old.  8)
I'm a Master degree student in Chemical Engineering in UFRGS ( (Rio Grande do Sul State University) from Brazil (I think I'm a sole Latin-American user)... My project's about gasification of tannery waste I work with the simulation of a gasifier reactor.

About girls... Actually I'm a fortunate boy 'cause I live in a paradise. The Brazilian girls are very beautiful...


(Sorry my poor English...  ::) )
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: edimerz on May 19, 2006, 10:39:32 PM
Edimerz --> Michael, Indian, BSc in Biosciences, MSc in Biotechnology, joined forum to discuss chem as bio forum is boring, not very good at chem!, interests include everything except religion and politics.

Studying towards a PhD in Cell Signaling.


NB: When I read about the 'inside' stuff in a cell - I get a feeling of amazement, respect and duty towards millions of years of evolution. Does anyone have similar patterns in mind?
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: edimerz on May 20, 2006, 11:31:32 PM

I am 'studying' towards an admission to PhD in Cell Signaling. I am in NCBS:
This institute is now well known - we have publications in Cell and other journals with peer review comittee. Regarding my work, it is like this:
I am trying to understand the 'angiogenesis' (new blood vessel formation) in tumors of cervical cancers. My focus is through a well conserved signaling path in cell - Notch signaling (about which I will only say, for now, that if you delete this gene in mouse - the mouse dies in embryo!

All this does not involve chemistry - but as I said, I have interest in everything (except P and R). My future interest in chem would be to think of small inhibitors for inhibiting the highly overexpressed signaling molecules in cell that cause cancers.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Equi on May 22, 2006, 07:07:38 AM
What bioforum? I don't think biologists have to deal directly with chemistry.

I don't think biologists have to deal directly with chemistry.
Yeah, but pure biologists only.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Dan on June 02, 2006, 02:01:19 PM
I suppose I should introduce myself...

I'm at Somerville college, Oxford, currently sitting my final exams.

I will start a research year in September, working with Prof. George Fleet, in organic chemistry.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Donaldson Tan on June 02, 2006, 07:33:46 PM
Oxford, UK, 18 May 2006 - VASTox (AIM: VOX) today announces the appointment of Professor George Fleet as specialist consultant for the Company’s growing carbohydrate chemistry business. Professor George Fleet, Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford, is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s foremost experts on carbohydrate chemistry. He has published over 400 academic papers and has consulted for many of the leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

I will start a research year in September, working with Prof. George Fleet, in organic chemistry.

Dan: Wow..  Are you going to research Carbohydrate Chemistry?
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Dan on June 03, 2006, 03:55:47 AM
I'm not sure yet, the group has several research interests, I will discuss it with George after my exams and see what's on the go, and then decide what I will do for a year.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: chenyijun on June 04, 2006, 12:49:22 AM
hi,everyone! I am Mark, from changzhou, east of china. I am now a chemist and work as engineer in a pharmaceutical company. I have had a lot of fun here since found this forum in a sudden chance. But i am not good at english, i hope to make some friends from englsih speaking country,who can help me improve my english. I appreciate your help. my hotmail is
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: antman on June 04, 2006, 09:07:59 AM
Hi there, I am Anthony, 33 from Singapore and my nick is antman.

I think this forum is simply out-of-this-world. I am very impressed by the collective wisdom of Chemistry lovers in this forum. Simply mind-blowing!

Well done! Keep it up!

Hmm....anyone here thought of making this an enterprise? Hehehh...just asking.... ;D
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: mbeychok on June 09, 2006, 06:19:19 PM
My name is Milt Beychok and I am a retired chemical engineer living with my wife in Newport Beach, California, USA.  I am a graduate of Texas A&M University in the USA.

About half of my 50-year career was spent in process designing and commissioning of oil refineries, petrochemical plants and power plants (or power stations). The other half was spent as an independent consultant in the field of environmental technology and environmental permitting of refineries and petrochemical plants.

I have published two engineering texts: "Aqueous Wastes from Petroleum and Petrochemical Plants" in 1967 and "Fundamentals of Stack Gas Dispersion" (4th Edition) in 2005.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Organishe on June 12, 2006, 03:12:00 AM
Hello all,
I am just now realizing that in all the time I've been here, I have never introduced myself! I am Eric, and I've been studying chemistry for a bit now. I have been seeking a degree in chemistry, but I have since decided that chemistry would be better as a hobby/interest only, and that my true interest at uni and as a career is German. (cue scary music)  My major interest is in organic mechanistic chemistry, and I have spent 2 years in research on that topic.  So, now you know. *wave*

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: wereworm73 on June 16, 2006, 07:24:38 PM
With 100 posts under my belt now, it's about time I chime in here.

My name's Matt and I'm from Pasadena, California.  I was on the verge of getting my B.A. degree in chemistry, though I had to drop out and go to work to make ends meet.  I still read up a lot on chemistry topics, though, and often come up with novel experiment ideas.  Right now, I'm a veterinary assistant and also the webmaster for Paw'd Squad Animal Rescue (we rescue abandoned cats & dogs throughout most of Southern California and find homes for them). 

As for as chemistry interests go, I'm primarily interested in organic chemistry (for me it's about as fun as builiding things with Legos--so many things you can make with organic molecules), toxicology, lanthanides (I think there's still quite a bit of mystique to these elements), superconductors (I live for the day when someone develops one that works at room-temperature), and supramolecular chemistry (the idea of building molecules as workbenches for specific chemical reactions is pretty exciting).
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Stewed_ant on June 20, 2006, 01:31:24 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm a teenage female student (stewed ant) studying chemistry and other things of lesser importance to this forum at university.

I'll try to help the high schoolers, but mostly i'm going to need alot of help from you graduates and lecturer types. You'll love me, you'll hate me, but if you don't help me  :'( we'll both be sorry.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Isomer on July 04, 2006, 08:47:32 PM

I am a summer high school student entering post secondary next year! I am a straight A student and I do enjoy chemistry. I would eventually like to get into medicine. My hobbies include watching the Simpsons and bodybuilding.

This is a great forum!

Lisa.....aka Isomer
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: on July 26, 2006, 04:36:08 AM
I am from Chinese!
I am a new member
I have lots of EZ password, if you want, you should connect with me
best wishes
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Donaldson Tan on July 29, 2006, 01:18:43 PM
I am from Chinese!
I am a new member
I have lots of EZ password, if you want, you should connect with me
best wishes

what do you mean by connect? lol
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Stewed_ant on July 31, 2006, 10:21:42 AM
i started at 16
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: chenshuuu on August 22, 2006, 11:37:47 PM
Glad to be a new member of this forum.

I am Patrick, 24 year old, in progress in my study of PH.D. I am major in Analytical chemistry including Raman, IR,EQCM,SPM etc.

Wish to know more friends here!

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: english on August 31, 2006, 05:18:31 PM
Well, I'm k.V., just a little nickname I go by.  I am currently in my 3rd undergraduate year.  I went to a local community college where I live in Brunswick, GA USA for a year and then transferred to a university a couple hundred miles away, Georgia Southern, where I started my first new experiences as a biology student.  Then I realized after a year that I was focusing more on chemistry and it did not take me long to realize the truth----that I was more interested in the minuscule nature of things rather than the large ones.  So I just switched to chemistry last year and am now in my 3rd undergraduate year.  I plan to graduate in 2008 and continue on for my Master's.  I still haven't decided what to master in; hopefully it will come in the next year.  I am thinking of toxicology or something related.

If a Ph. D is suitable for the field I choose I might go for it as well.

Well as of now I spend my time slaving over organic molecules.   :P
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Hispania on September 04, 2006, 04:28:39 PM
Hello, I´m from Spain (OLÉ).

Now I´m working in a environmental laboratory (water, wastes, metal alloys, sound...).
I´ll try to write English correctly.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Donaldson Tan on September 04, 2006, 07:55:50 PM
oula.. gracia..
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Hispania on September 05, 2006, 11:40:36 AM
oula.. gracia..


I think it´s easier to learn than English.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Korokian on September 10, 2006, 12:45:33 AM
hey everyone, i am a highschool student taking ap chemistry and i'm new here, so i look foward to talking  to you guys
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: JeReMy_Grindcore on September 27, 2006, 12:45:25 AM
 ;D ;Dyo yo.i'm jeremy from malaysia.i'm 17 and it's nice to post i hope to blend in here and..ok chaoz
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: buckminsterfullerene on September 27, 2006, 11:45:33 PM
hey people... i have been a member for a pretty long time, but then i finished AP chemistry and i have not logged one so much to this forum... but i have not abandoned it...

either way i am 18 high school students, currently looking forward to applying to schools and want to major in materials engineering, specifically nanotechnology and its applications to fuel cell development, that is to me the easiest subject and by far the one that has kept me pretty interested.  I am in Miami, Florida, was born in Medellin, Colombia, and currently attend MAST(MAritime and Science Technology)  Academy (don't let its name confuse you, its a public high school, not an Academy). 
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: DevaDevil on November 07, 2006, 02:21:24 PM
Hey all,

I posted some in the regular threads before checking out the general forum, so it's about time to introduce myself.

My name's Dennis; I finished my Masters in Chemical Engineering in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Currently I am a graduate student in a strange construction: I will obtain the degree from Leiden University, Netherlands, but will obtain my data and publish for (and get paid by) Argonne National Lab in Chicago.

The subject I am working on has hardly anything to do with chemical engineering anymore: Electrocatalysis and fuel cell research. Also I improve on physics and physical chemistry working here with all the surface analysis techniques (electron and X-ray techniques). Including working with the synchrotron here.

Well, 3 and a half more years to go.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: FeLiXe on November 10, 2006, 08:34:55 AM
Doesn't seem like I have introduced myself here.

I am studying chemistry at the Vienna University of Technology (which is actually kind of too technological for me so I might change). It's my third year. It seems like I might go into theoretical biochemistry. Definitely theoretical chemistry. And now that I found out that you can use it for biochemistry I am kind of happy because I always liked biochemistry but I thought it was too far away from "real chemistry" ...
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Alkemist on November 14, 2006, 12:10:09 PM
Hi there!

I've lurked this site for quite some time now. My name is Jaber and im 20 years old. Im an undergrad student taking up a double major in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at the Mapua Institute of Technology here in the Philippines, hopefully i will be graduating this coming december, if i complete my thesis on time that is :-\.

Looking forward to posting...
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Ψ×Ψ on November 15, 2006, 12:15:18 AM
Undergrad chemist in the US.  Too many interests to name, but nothing biological is among them.  For the time being, I'm focused on organic materials and wondering why my attempts at synthesis seem to fail so miserably.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: saN on November 16, 2006, 07:41:34 PM
Hi there,

I am currently an ungraduate attending University of Colorado at Denver.  My major is Chemistry. I joined this forum to get help, educate myself, and chat with others interested in Chemistry.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: watchayakan on November 22, 2006, 12:36:24 AM
Hello, my name is Mike.  I'm in the IB Diploma Programme, and if you have experienced it yourself, you know that it is a fairly rigourous course, especially chemistry.  I generally like the science, but the workload for that class is killer.  I am currently in the midst of my Group IV project, which is due on Monday of next week, so my life is pretty much revolving around it.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: ercistry on November 22, 2006, 04:47:32 PM
Hello.  My name is eric and I'm currently taking my first college chemistry course (chem 101!)  I was planning on being a biology major, but after taking this course im strongly considering changing my major to a chemistry/chemical engineering major.  Any UVa folks in here?  hollaaaaa!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: ChinesePink on December 12, 2006, 11:18:51 PM
Hey everyone~
I am from Chinese,my major is Organic Chemisty.My English is poor,teach me more,please~
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: mdlhvn on December 23, 2006, 10:37:27 PM
Maybe I am the first Vietnamese introducing here.

So... I love chemistry when I entered 10-grade at specialized high school (of course chemistry major).

I've just graduated from College of Science, Vietnam National University (VNU), Hanoi. My major is analytical chemistry. However, my research interest now is Environmental treatment.

Now I am in PhD course at VNU, work at Research Center for Environmental technology and Sustainable Development (CETASD). I aim to get a scholarship in Korea next year for my PhD course.

Nice to meet you all!

Merry christmas and Happy New Year!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: vhpk on January 14, 2007, 10:59:48 PM
Hello everyone,  ;D, my name's Khanh and I'm a schoolboy of grade tenth, I live in Vietnam, I hope to know more things about chemistry.
Please help me more ;D
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Glaudge on February 03, 2007, 04:36:08 PM
hello, i'm brand new, noob, newbie, whatever u wish to say, but
i am a 14 yr old middle school student in leslie co. Kentucky(southeastern part) U.S.A. and i love science, especialy the chemistry section, cause chemistry fun, and i like conducting reactions(any kind, not just the exothermic explody ones) but i am a pyromaniac,
     you may think i am considered, a geeky nerd by my classmates, with me being on the ACADEMIC TEAM and all (district comptetition, got champion in social studies, and runner up in science, which was the category assessment tests, 50 multi choice Q's and tiebraker essay, the areas were science, social studies, mathematics, language arts, engilish comp, and arts and humanities, while the quick recall barely won runner up(quick recall is matches, 80 questions, 2 teams against each other, 4 players in at a time, using buzzers and quick fingers to answer questions, random subject area questions) you can look at the district results by going to middle school district results, we are in district 70) but, no, not only am i smart, but half the school and all the teachers praise and congratulate me(woot)

   but in college i plan to go to the university of kentucky, then will decide afterwars if i wana take on harvard chemistry or not, but i plan to major in chemistry, and a second language, nuclear physics, and minor with psycology(the brain is interesting how it works) and mabye geology/minerology (it sucks that the only abundant mineral we have here is coal, and not a gemstone in sight)
i try to steer away from pharmicudicals, since the fda and drug companies is so corrupt)
and plan to work for NASA, with some sort of chemistry or even space chemistry area.

sry about spelling errors.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Glaudge on February 08, 2007, 08:40:57 PM
i fix that, it is region 20 district 77, should be leslie, clay and roy g eversole middle schools.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Mitch on February 08, 2007, 10:51:36 PM
Don't let everyone congratulating you on how smart you are go to your head. Being smart won't make you a good scientist. At my current stage in education, everyone around me is as smart or smarter than I, but it really doesn't matter who is the smartest. What matters is what you achieve, the questions you tackled, and the approach taken to solve a scientifically interesting question. For example, you say fire is interesting, so instead of just watching things burn you could measure the speed a fire spreads in different materials. You could try to make green or violet flames by using different metal salts. Science is more than being interested in something or enjoying a bang or burning things. Science is all about investigation and tackling a problem(ie make green flames) with the equipment, knowledge and materials available to you. Have fun and enjoy the ride.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: constant thinker on February 08, 2007, 10:56:41 PM
Mmmmm colored flames. Me like.

I think Li metal salts are some the coolest. Copper salts are a close 2nd.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Ψ×Ψ on February 08, 2007, 11:34:21 PM
Lithium is my favourite as well.  Isn't it potassium that burns a pretty lavender?  (It's been awhile.)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: constant thinker on February 11, 2007, 11:02:47 PM
Lithium is my favourite as well.  Isn't it potassium that burns a pretty lavender?  (It's been awhile.)

I've heard that, but never been able to test that for myself.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: pantone159 on February 17, 2007, 01:42:17 PM
I just changed my username from 'Mark K' to 'pantone159'.  I use the new name on several other message boards, so I figured that I would be consistent.  (ScienceMadness,, is the only chemistry related one, that people on this board are likely to have seen.)

BTW - If you like colored flames, make sure to try boric acid dissolved in methanol, which makes nice green flames.  I think woelen has some info on his site.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Alberto_Kravina on February 19, 2007, 07:40:41 AM
I've heard that, but never been able to test that for myself.
It's true, but the violet color is hard to see as there is always a trace of sodium that covers everything
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: socio on February 21, 2007, 03:08:59 AM
Hello everyone, I'm socio.

     I was born in Mexico.  I lived there until i finished my 9th grade, then I moved to the US in southern California.  I always loved chemistry since i was in the 7th grade, so during my free time I read general chemistry textbooks that I found at the local library.  During High School in the US I took the AP chemistry test without taking the AP chemistry class, which I got a 5.  During my senior year in High School I got involved in the local community college giving lectures and helping students with their labs.  I also provided tutoring in exchange of food to eat while I tutored the students that requested my help.
    I got accepted into college and I was a declared major in chemical engineering.  During my freshman year I networked with 4th year chemical engineering students and I realized that the chemical engineering curriculum was not what I expected.  I thought that the chemical engineering degree required a strong background in chemistry.  I also found that the chemical engineering curriculum has an involved application in physical phenomeno, such as transport phenomena (momentum, heat and mass) as well as an applied knowledge in economics and optimization, which I liked too.  I decided to pursue this degree, but in order to satisfy my needs of a strong chemistry background, I declared a double major in chemistry.  I am currently a 4th year student.
     As of research, I am currently planning on doing research in electrically conductive polymers which includes the study of novel metal-containing electronically-delocalized polymers.  For chemical engineering, I am currently planning on researching fuel cells, especially solid oxide fuel cells.
     As for personal interests, I listen to trance, death metal, jazz and any acoustic guitar style, such as classical or spanish flamenco.  During my free time I love to gamble, trying to count cards, playing Texas Hold'em and smoking cigars (especially Cuban cigars, such as Cohiba or Romeo y Julieta).
     I think that is it for an introduction.  I hope to be an active and valuable member of this forum.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: ladygnat on February 26, 2007, 08:48:01 AM
Hello everyone,

I'm Natalie (which is why my  username has gnat in it), a college student and chemistry major, possibly with a concentration in environmental studies (probably even without trying because the diversification requirements related to environmental studies are the most interesting).  I'm currently in organic chemistry as a sophomore.  At first it was a coin toss between biology and chemistry, but I became more and more enamored with chemistry and less so with biology.  But that's just me :)  I like the answers chemistry gives me as I've always been curious.  I'm not quite sure what I want to do with it, but I'm presently looking at internships to help me figure that out.  I play tennis, I love horses.  I also have an interest in politics, but the issues I'm most concerned and/or care the most about regard science and the environment.  I was having serious motivation problems to continue on my biology take home/lab report for organic/study for organic when I came across this forum.  My biology is now done except for the exam friday, and well, my organic lab report will be done by tonight (I just have a few things to clean up like figuring out the other peaks on my NMR....), then I can focus on studying for the organic exam friday.  Then I'm on spring break.  Anyway, this forum looks real nice :)  I'll be back later....

Edited to add: I found the mechanism I was having problems with when I came across this site!!  It was, of course, in lecture notes :)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Maz on March 07, 2007, 11:54:17 PM
Hello people,

I am Maz.  I suppose I should have posted here before posting on the blog, but oh well.  It seemed like a good idea at the time to post a sort of introductory blog entry with background on me and my research.  Unfortunately it really didn't come off as well as I would have liked.  I am really new (first ever) to the whole blogging thing, and I'm not really an avid internet user.  NOTE:  I am comparing myself to Mitch here, who seems to live partially in the internet.

To answer psi*psi's question (how do you the awesome symbols?), I am a junior at UCB, currently pursuing a physics and chemistry double major.  See I liked physics, but after taking some chemistry classes I found I couldn't tear myself away from it.  It really is a love-hate relationship for me though.  While I can't stand the hand-waviness of chemistry, I love the practicality of it.  It is so much more fun to actually DO then physics. 

Anyways, that's my blurb.  On to the blog!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: CarroTT on March 20, 2007, 11:30:55 AM
Harlooooo evelibodi,
i m a 2nd year Chemistry student in UTAR at Malaysia  ;D

Accidently *Ignore me, I am impatient* into this forum when looking for materials to do my lab report

Here is some intro bout me  ;D
I live in KL, Malaysia
loves motorcycles, eat , sleep, s#*$ , dream, live and rides bikes  :P

i m very interested to know bout your research
one of my lecturer are doing the same thing and has presented his work a few weeks ago,
he has been doing research on it for a few years now, reli quite interesting
using PVC and Lithium

I m interested in polymer chemistry, also composites,
before i am a chemistry student, i was in materials and manufacturing,
but then some real complications happened and hate it so much, i left after 2 weeks,
Then joined UTAR for Chemistry, probably the best decision i have ever made,

so still thinking bout what i m gonna do for next year project ( chem degree course in malaysia is a 3 years course)
Have been thing bout glass this few days, i tink it has big potential . . .
will have a discussion with a lecturer later

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Sam (NG) on March 22, 2007, 09:08:26 PM
Hi, my name is Sam, I'm a 3rd Year undergrad chemist at The University of Nottingham.  Will be doing research this summer on DMSO reductase type enzyme metal centres.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Farid on April 04, 2007, 10:22:03 AM
Hello everybody.

Well, I'm from Poland and I'm 15 years old. - It's the most important I think. I like chemistry because It's nice to know what's  going on around me and know that "It isn't magic". In future I'd like to study chemistry in GB or in USA.

So, that's it. : )

in case...  skype : fariid_92

my regards for you
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Vindictive on April 08, 2007, 03:53:26 PM
Hey Guys,

It was interesting to read all the introductions.

I'm currently studying Medical Chemisty @ the University of New South Wales Sydney, Australia. I've been interested in chemistry since the age of 11, and have enjoyed every second while learning this intriguing science. The reason I had chosen Medical Chemistry is because I also have a keen interest in the diagnostic areas of medicine - mainly that of analytical pathogen studies. This course basically gives us the ability to utilize chemistry concepts/theories, thus creating medications to fight infectious diseases (this is my main interest).

Soz for the misunderstanding with the other thread, I'm new and couldn't seem to find the "Introduction Thread".

Peace to all, and enjoy life.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Le Aeronautical on April 29, 2007, 05:45:47 PM
Hey everybody,

I am James.  I live in Wisconsin.  A teacher of mine who taught me Chemistry and Honors Biology told me about this forum sometime last year.  Currently I am a Senior in High School, and I am in AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP History, and AP government, followed by four other classes.  My favorite has to be the physics, but for what I like to do it just isn't complete without the Chemistry.  I have a small rocket club.  We operate at my grandparents farm.  They sold their cows a couple years ago so we confiscated their milk house for our lab.  We are currently working on experimental rocket motors using Black Powder and Rocket Candy.  We have allot of connections I guess, my friend just got a hold of an unlimited supply of titanium tubing for motor casings, and I have an uncle with a lathe and a mill.  And another member has a father who works in a metal shop of sorts.  It's quite convenient.  Right now I have Electrolysis going on in my kitchen making some rust.  Tonight I am going to try the dangerous bleach to steel wool experiment to make rust.  All in the name of Thermite.  After I high school I am going to college where I have been accepted at the University of Alabama in Huntsville to major in Music and Aerospace Engineering.  Anyway, I figured I'd introduce myself and let you all know what I like to do in my free time.  This forum seems like it will be very beneficial to my rocketry club and myself.  I also hope to contribute.

Also, soon I'll have a website up for our club so you can all see videos and pictures.


Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Matt Lacey on July 13, 2007, 06:42:24 PM
Hello, I figured I needed a new distraction, so here I am :P

I'm Matt, from southern England, I'm 21, I currently work for Merck at Chilworth in an R&D lab researching liquid crystal-based optical films for applications in display technology (transflective displays, viewing angle/colour compensation etc) and data storage (coloured cholesteric-based films for digital multilayer disks - awesome)... for now, until I have to go back to uni for a few months to finish off my Master's.

Aside from liquid crystals/polymer chemistry I'm interested in materials science in general, electrochemistry, and biochemistry to some extent. This forum seems nice and animated, I look forward to posting here more often!

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: babylyss on August 02, 2007, 06:26:18 AM
I'm just a student that's really committed! :) :) :) :) 19years old!! very joyous and can't stay one place for too long.. i've got to be on the move..
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: skribble on August 16, 2007, 03:08:24 AM
Hullooooo. I'm Brendan, from the good old land of Australia. I work for a company producing interactive flash applications and I design and create flash games/video games in my spare time. The reason I've recently gotten in to chemistry is because I'm going through a point in my life where I want to know how the world works, why everything does what it does; and I figure that I should know what the basic elements, that the world is made up of, do first. So, hopefully I don't annoy you guys too much and I can get some knowledge into me :D
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: temporal on August 18, 2007, 11:43:53 AM
Hi! I am a beginner chemistry student. I like this forum and I would like to learn a lot out of the many knoledgable people over here!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: kim2007 on September 02, 2007, 02:47:52 AM
hi my name is kim and im a freshman in college.... im a really committed student and id like to have a B.S in biochemistry.. im really interested in how things work and why some things happen and others don't... anyway im here to learn...
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: kiwi on September 10, 2007, 08:31:02 AM
Hi, I'm a PhD student in organic chemistry in NZ. I have a dual chemistry/biochemistry undergraduate background; my PhD work is primarily synthesis, with a little enzyme kinetics for good measure.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Alpharius on September 13, 2007, 07:07:20 PM
Heyy~ Hows it going? Names Alpharius, Im currently taking Gr 12 chemistry in Highschool, not too good at it but im gonna keep trying lol  Hope i can get some help XD
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: ms on September 28, 2007, 07:45:04 AM
 :) right I am a second year chemistry student here at the University of the South Pacific
in the Fiji Islands which is nothing compared to what you do in the States ,That is all.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: sabah on September 29, 2007, 08:05:26 AM

Posts: 3

     Re: Chemicalforums Incentive Program
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Hillu Guys... i hope everyone is doing good  well.. now lemme introduce myself.

My name is Sabah and my nick name is Soni. i am a 1st year univeristy of Toronto @ scarborugh student taking all sciences in my 1st samester which ofocurse is killin me and my midterm exam is on my way   the funny thing is i dont even know A, B, C   lol.. hmm... Although i am struglling with chemistry and physics, i really love chem. because its  a very interesting subject but phsyics is a little dry subject.. so naaaaa physics is not my type. If anyone is able to help me with chemistry i will be very thankful   you can add me on my email  and ya if anyone wants to know more about me.. feel free to ask me.   
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Rudi on October 03, 2007, 09:42:58 AM
Hello everybody, my name is Rudi. I'm from Germany. I hope to meet some X-ray crystallographers here for knowledge sharing.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Sev on October 21, 2007, 12:00:56 AM
Hi.  I live in Brisbane, Australia (all my life).  I am a first year medical science student at QUT (Queensland University of Technology).
I fell irreversibly in love with chemistry in highschool.  However, my course is mainly biology orientated, so I come here to get my chemistry 'fix'.

Nice to meet you all.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Tryptamine on November 07, 2007, 04:31:45 PM
Hello, I'm 19 and am a Freshman in college.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: agrobert on November 07, 2007, 07:51:09 PM
My name is Andrew.  Senior in Chemistry at UCSD and work part time as a medicinal synthetic chemist.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: cetirizine on November 22, 2007, 02:31:06 AM

Hi everyone, my name is Ding Su, from China, graduated from university in June this year, now I joined a Swiss company in China as an assistant chemist. I majored in organic chemistry, I hope I will make great progress in this field, and it will be fortunate to have intercommunication with you.
Thank you!!! :D
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Norngpinky on December 11, 2007, 03:52:03 PM
Hi, I'm...Aha, I go with Norngpinky :'D

Anyway, I find that I really actually like chemistry. . . So when I found this forum I decided to join.

Anyway, it looks a nice community here. =D
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Rabn on December 25, 2007, 10:11:50 PM
Hey everyone, I stumbled on this site a little bit ago and jumped right into helping out some folk. It was suggested that I introduce myself and I couldn't agree more. First off, it's Christmas and I'm poking around here...that should give an idea of how much I absolutely love chemistry and in fact all science in general. I'll give you all the quick and skinny as far my history goes:

Grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania U.S.A
Went to Penn State University after high school for two years as a Chemistry Major, dropped out.  Acquired a job at a semi-conductor company as a technician on a firber optic laser/photodetector manufacturing line.  The bubble burst, I was laid off a couple times. Quit that job at 28 (total of six years experience in a cleanroom), went to community college, obtained an Associates of Science in Mathematics and transferred to The University of Southern California.  I was initially a BioMedical Engineering student but quickly realized that I want to be a scientist not an engineer and am now a BioChemistry undergrad. I am a 31 years old, a Junior, and a proud member of the Trojan family.  Chemistry has been a passion of mine since tenth grade...what is that 15 years or so.  My goals...I have chosen some very easy goals to accomplish, I want to produce a junction that will enable direct communication and interaction between the biological and physical worlds. Nothing like trying to get a direct link between the brain and a machine to fuction...easy stuff right? If you want to know any more feel free to pm me. Merry christmas everyone and happy science-ing.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Hunt on December 27, 2007, 09:28:49 PM
Better late than never....


I'm a 21 year-old undergraduate chemistry student , currently in my 3rd year . I am of Aramaic - Armenian roots, born in war-torn Lebanon. My family had to move a lot and eventually settled outside the country. As a consequence I've had not a very stable academic life. I was an average student with no real interest in anything. At school I failed in Chemistry quite frequently. After graduating,I decided to go for engineering, but before that I had to do a freshman class at the American university of dubai. I was living in the UAE temporarily but nevertheless decided to take university seriously and work hard. I had to take one introductory chemistry class - luckily for me with a brilliant chemist. I ended up loving the material and wanted to learn more.

Chemistry turned out to be something very different from I had in mind. Now after 3 years and a half of studying chemistry, I can say I am still very surprised to see such a truly diverse science. Each branch of chemistry uses a completely distinct method yet all converge at the same point. I am impressed by the Analytical chemistry principles and techniques but a bit disappointed that the material never tries to go deep. Physical chemistry is my favourite subject and the easiest of all. Organic chemistry is my weak point , the only course I have constantly failed in and had to take again. It has been a nightmare for me to go through all the memorization of endless reactions and mechanisms and then end up in failure. 

I am interested in certain topics such as heat-mass transfer, diffusion controlled chemical reactions, electrochemistry & electrodynamics, and thermodynamics . I like to read a lot in history & civilization, science, math, and engineering books. I study Aramaic grammar from time to time. I have also lately developed some interest in inorganic synthesis , but I'm still a very amateur and intend to learn more. My goal for now is to find a way to pass the organic synthesis course and then get my B.S. I still havent made up my mind on whether to continue in chemistry or engineering.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Alpha-Omega on December 31, 2007, 10:43:03 PM
Hi.  I am a Physical Inorganic Chemist.  Area of specialization Quantum Chemistry/Computational Chemistry.  I have a M.S. Chemistry from DePaul.  B.S. Chemistry and B.S. Physics. Finally, PhD ABD...will finish someday...

I am from NY.  Moved around a bit, NY, CA, IL, TX, back to IL.  I Love Elemental Analysis:  XRF, XRD, ICP, and AA.

My major hobby involves making modifications to my 2002 WS6 Trans Am....SWEET RIDE!!!!!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Padfoot on January 01, 2008, 04:50:23 AM
Hey all  :)

It was suggested I introduce myself so here i am.
My name is Brett, I'm 19 yrs old and am studying pharmacy.  Apart from chemistry, I have also always had a keen interest in biology.  Especially cellular bio.
Anyway I'm really glad I stumbled onto this site, it's a nice place to be  :)


Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Kryolith on January 07, 2008, 02:40:20 PM
Hi everyone,

I am from Germany and a graduate student at the university of Heidelberg. I just googled and found the forum accidentally. I hope to have lively discussions and to meet nice people. Perhaps I can also improve my English skills.

Best regards  :)

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: 0000000 on February 03, 2008, 06:41:49 AM
Oh I missed this importante part :o
 study chemistry and I am second year (that's mean that I am on haft of my undergraduate studies) i am in love with structural and physical chemistry, and 99% I will continue in these parts in my postgraduate studies.

I do not know what to say more... ask me :)  if you want to know something else

all the best

p.s sorry for my nonacademic English, but i am working on that 8)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Pero on February 03, 2008, 05:29:44 PM
Hello hello. My name is Petar and I'm an undergraduate student of Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology in Zagreb, Croatia, where I am studying Environmental Engineering.

I studied Physics at the Faculty of natural sciences and mathematics but that didn't quite work out because my real passion is indeed Chemistry and Biology.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: phil81 on February 06, 2008, 02:31:38 AM

I'm new here. I studied Chemistry at ETH Zürich (Switzerland), where I finished my master's two years ago. Currently, I am doing my Ph.D. at the same place in the field of Medicinal Chemistry.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: SM30 on February 07, 2008, 12:27:41 AM
Mitch told me to post or he'd break my legs.

I went to UCLA and got a B.S. in chemistry. I worked in the Stoddart group there for a couple years and am now applying to grad school in organic chemistry. At the moment I'm a medicinal chemistry RA in Palo Alto. Schools are being stingy with their replies so I don't know where I'll be for the next 5-6 years.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Martingale on March 16, 2008, 10:49:30 PM

I'm a Mathematician that is looking to learn some chemistry.  I never took chemistry, in HS or in college, and I regret that. Right now I'm reading up on general chemistry and as soon as I have a good understanding of that I'm going to try my hand at physical chem or quantum chemistry. 

-Martingale  (
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Nocturnal on March 20, 2008, 06:54:57 PM
Hi, I'm graduating from Berkeley soon with a BS-Not Chemistry, EECS to be specific, but chem is my second love (I guess we're all just manipulating protons and electrons on some level).  I'm particularly interested in pharmacology.  I took a semester of ochem for fun and mostly enjoyed it. I'm hoping to return to school at some point to get a chem or biochem degree but in the meantime I'll just have to amuse myself. :) And yes, I only come out at night.  ;)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: essantise on March 25, 2008, 11:56:37 AM
I am Ester, I am 20 years old...
I am studyin in a university in Indonesia now.. I am an Indonesian girl... hehehhehe

nice to see you all... ^o^

oh ya see me at my blog :
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: JGK on March 26, 2008, 07:31:30 AM
Hello all,

Graham here,  I started out life as an undergraduate in Biochemistry (Toxicology) in the UK (Surrey Uni).  However, my carreer had other plans and I "drifted" into analytical chemistry (mostly HPLC but some UV, IR FTIR, GC and LC-MS-MS).  I did My MSc in the UK (Loughborough) before heading for new opportunity in Canada, initially in Montreal now Mississauga.

Virtually all of my 20+ year carreer has been spent in the field of drug safety assessment for  contract researchand working in a GLP regulated environment.  It's a world of tight deadlines and rigid procedures but a awful lot of variety.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: karina on April 03, 2008, 09:20:54 PM
hey everyone.. wsup?  i'm karina form Trinidad... i'm in my final year doing my degree in physics actually.. major in physics and 2 minors in environmental physics and materials science.. just doing a year 1 chmistry course for the extra credit...

just saying hi...:) the forum helps ALOT!!! with my labs... 8)
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Post by: The Roseate Spoonbill on April 12, 2008, 10:47:31 PM
This is my first post! woo!

   I was born in Southern California, and I am a junior in high school. I like to study electricity, chemistry (obviously), Sound Reinforcement, Foreign languages (currently German, and Chinese), and history. I play the cello, guitar, and the piano.
   I like to listen to Loreena Mckinnett, Elliott Smith, Korn (if I can find a modest, censored album) Radiohead, and Oren Ambarchi.
   -   I am a major n00b at most of these things.
        -    Oh, I also like to throw knives at things, and make them stick. HA!
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Post by: TaSt3MyRa1nBoW on April 15, 2008, 01:21:32 PM
*I LIKE GUNS, THEY ARE FUN AND PRETTY, ESPECIALLY P90's, M16's, 12-gauge shotty's, and MINI UZI's yummy yummy yummy!!! (knives are fun too though)

*Yes I Crank It Everyday, Haterz Get Mad Cuz...I Got Me Some Bathin Apes!

~K BYE!~
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Post by: undcvrbro1 on May 08, 2008, 06:50:42 PM
I've been lurking the forums for a month or two, but this seems like a good time to let myself be known.  I'll be an undergrad for Chemical Engineering in Fall '08.  I enjoy artichokes, math, and anything remotely related to chemistry. 
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Post by: Vortex on July 06, 2008, 03:54:30 PM
I am Iliodoros from Athens-Greece. I have a diploma from the Technological university of Thessaloniki in Technology-agriculture with speciality in Animal production. I am 25. Nice to meet you all.

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Post by: jilinrika on July 07, 2008, 03:07:59 PM
im not sure if this thread is still active but still, id like to introduce myself..

hi, im geleen 19 yrs of age currently an undergraduate student of B.S. Chemistry at the University of the Philippines.. i just hope i'd get to find new friends around the world that share the same passion as mine, chemistry! hopefully, i'll learn a lot from the people here.. i wish someone would reply to me..  ;D
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Post by: Think2Much4UserNames on July 22, 2008, 03:34:35 AM
Hi there, Happy Summer everyone!   8)
I am a new member and I joined 3 days ago. I found this forum when I was searching for university ranks. My name's Joshua Lai and my cantonese name is ManKit :P. I'm from Hong Kong in the southeast Asia, but I've been studying in Vancouver in B.C. of Canada for 3 years now. After this summer, It's going to be my last year in high school. I'm going to miss all my friends from high school as well as my high school life :-[ but I'm getting excited for university while finding universities to apply for!  ;D

Next year, I'll be taking AP chem and geology as my science courses and calculus and statistics for maths. I'm not very good at chemistry but I'm also not that bad either. Since I was a kid, I had a very wild imagination and I thought about fantastical things wherever I go maybe because of Lego toys, cartoons and movies. I tried writing novels about fantasies but I gave up in the very beginning, there I thought writing might not be my thing. I wanted to create it, use it and see it with my own eyes  :P. Not to mention I also play video games when I was a kid, I played Little Fighter 2 (LF2) which probably most Asians my age know, It's a little fighting game some Hong Kong people created. And I remember I always pick the flame type characters, I found these characters magical and I was really ownage using them.  :P

As I grew older to my elementary school life, I learnt a bit science of every branch and a bit of chemistry, and the teachers would bring us to science world and there we saw a scientist putting a broad leave of cabbage into a cold container of liquid and hits it hard onto the table, the cabbage broke to little pieces. There I found chemistry magical ever since! So here I am, taking AP chem to know it more and now living in a world of chemistry along with my imagination to create.

I feel a bit bad that my knowledge isn't enough to answer most questions in this forum, the only ones I understand are at the high school category. I am really happy that everyone here is from a different culture and able to interact with each other with their knowledge and their own love in chemistry. I LOVE THIS FORUM! I hope to meet more people here and learn from you guys. So yeah, that's all it is about me and my first exposure to chemistry, thanks for reading! ^^

Joshua Lai
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Post by: SarahA&M on July 27, 2008, 06:04:25 PM

My name is Sarah and I am a grad student at Texas A&M.  I'm a second year working for my PhD as an inorganic chemist.  My research focuses on using nanoparticles to target tumor cells and deliver a PDT agent.  I was very bored today (I should be in the lab :-\) but I decided to take the day off and do absolutely nothing.  So hi.
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Post by: Mitch on July 27, 2008, 06:17:56 PM
Hi Sarah, more graduate students spending their spare time at Chemical Forums is always a good thing.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: enahs on July 27, 2008, 06:30:57 PM
Hello Sarah.
Say hello to my buddy Ryan L..
He starts graduate school at A&M this fall!

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: SarahA&M on July 27, 2008, 06:34:49 PM
Oh really?  what division?  I'm inorganic.  Yeah I'm really bored today...
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: enahs on July 27, 2008, 06:49:01 PM
To be honest, I am not sure. He just got married last week and we did not talk much about that.
I am not really sure who he will be working with, if that is even lined up.

He did however get really nice fellowship on top of the stipend.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: SarahA&M on July 27, 2008, 07:16:27 PM
And that is the second biggest reason I went to A&M  :P

Low cost of living... high end of salaries for schools... great fellowship

and I really wanted to work with Kim Dunbar
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Post by: Mitch on July 28, 2008, 12:49:33 AM
I like my low salary and high cost of living, just fine. :p
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: enahs on July 28, 2008, 12:24:11 PM
I like my low salary and high cost of living, just fine. :p
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Post by: tabby124 on August 21, 2008, 08:58:45 PM
As I stated in another thread, my name is Tabitha. I am quite new to this forum and to 10th grade honors Chemistry at my school. Though my chemistry skills are not yet developed, I assure that I will contribute as soon as I mature in chemistry.
Furthermore, my passions playing saxophone and electronic technology.
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Post by: Per on August 25, 2008, 12:12:48 PM
Hello everyone, my name is Per and I am from Sweden. I just started studying chemichal engineering at the university. I like watching series and rock climbing. See ya  :)
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Post by: dzoys on August 25, 2008, 01:22:41 PM
hello! my name is joyce and i am from queens nyc.
my parents are emigrated from serbia in the 70s, i was born in 79.
science and math was something i always had a knack for. i ventured into just about every other major possible so i guess i have spread myself out thin over the years. now-a-days i have narrowed my focus, re-earning my credits for math and science since i got so rusty. it turns out i am still competitive in biology and chemistry. i get nauseated very easily upon working with any sort of living or dead tissues.
fortunately, i can turn off my emotions when in chemistry, where my competitiveness (is that a word?) and perfectionism can roam freely without anyone telling me "you think too much" or "take it easy" or "this isn't necessary"

so i am rookie at my tender age of 28 but also blessed bc i feel like i am doing the right thing for once as far as my education goes. so far my proficiency has improved and my confidence is restoring itself nicely.
one good thing about postponing my chemistry studies ten years is the internet revolution! lately i have found great material online, particularly links from this site, where studying is a media party as well  8)

i like to work out almost everyday, listen to music, cook, think, read, twilight zone, alfred hitchcock, netflix, garden, makeup, dresses, and heels- the higher the better. if i were to describe myseld 3 years ago, there would be about 150 more words to list  :P

not sure what i will be doing in the field as of yet. right now i am taking it one day at a time, learning all i can to prepare myself.
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Post by: Astrokel on August 25, 2008, 06:11:44 PM
hey all, i haven't intro myself since i joined. My name is Kelvin and i'm 18 and taking my A level this nov, after which i've to serve army for 2 years. 4 years back when i first took chemistry i flunked really badly and hated the subject, until i have this senior whom asked me if i understood chemistry and i said not at all. Then he told me chemistry actually means Chem-Is-Try, and have you tried?(long story after that) Since then, i have decided chemistry is what i want to do as a passion and job. I've planned to study chemistry or environmental engineering in uni after army, and contribute more to this forum. This forum is great with really many people willing to devote their time to help others. God bless!

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Post by: Tutoring on September 14, 2008, 04:15:31 PM
Hi, new here.

I used to be good at chemistry at one time, 1sts all the way through uni, then onto a Masters, then a PhD. But I have a feeling I've lost it.  I've been in IT for a few years, and need some scrubbing up, since I'm probably going to start tutoring for a while.  I'm not even sure if I can tutor gcse right now, so I hope to catch up here and see if I can get the grey matter thinking in chemistry once again :)

Hi all! 
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Post by: Soderquist on September 22, 2008, 07:35:05 PM
Hi, I am surfing the net to find a chemistry forum for my husband. He has time in the evenings and would love to participate in discussions.
He is a professor of chemistry at the University of Puerto Rico in the Phd program. Of course, he is addicted to chemistry, boron... :D He also does consulting for pharmaceuticals. He is in Spain and Poland this week for talks, so I have a lot of time to search a nice site for him.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Borek on September 23, 2008, 03:02:54 AM
He is in Spain and Poland this week for talks

Where in Poland?
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Post by: enzzz on October 22, 2008, 02:21:58 PM
my name is Henri and I am from Estonia.
I'm 16 years old and in 10th grade. I really started to enjoy chemistry just a month ago since before 10th grade I wasn't very motivated, but after changing the school I feel like discovering all the secrets of life with chemistry : ). So now I'm trying to build myself a clear model of life. Found this forum on google as I was seeking help for some questions I needed answers to and was glad that help came even earlier than expected : ).
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Mr.Konami on October 23, 2008, 06:17:58 PM
hello , i am a new member 17 years old , studying to be an engineer .

i am good in chem , however our teacher doesn't like me coz i am annoying him. but now we got a new chem lab teacher  :Dshe's pretty  ;D
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Post by: azmanam on October 24, 2008, 09:53:58 AM
I've been hesitant to add here.  Anonymity is fine with me.  But I guess it wouldn't take too long to Google me away, anyway.

I'm currently a 4th year PhD candidate in synthetic organic chemistry at UNC-Chapel Hill.  I got my BS in chemistry from Xavier University, Cincinnati.  (Can you guess how I made my picture on the left?) My research focuses on spiroketals and spiroketal-containing natural product synthesis.  I'm also the webmaster of our research group's homepage.  When not doing chemistry, I enjoy politics.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: macman104 on October 27, 2008, 04:11:55 PM
Well, might as well post since I don't believe I've done so.

I'm a 4th year Chemistry major at the Illinois Institute of Technology.  I've did 1.5 years of lab work in an organic lab, and now I work with a professor on Fe3O4 nanoparticle and use in cells as T2 contrast agents.  I looking into grad schools right now and I would like to do something having to do with Drug Development or Drug Design.

I'm originally from Plymouth, MN, and attended public school there.  I also took one year of college courses my last year of highschool at the University of Minnesota.  This helped shaped my desire to go to a smaller school when ONE SECTION of my organic chem 1 class had >800 students in it (just ONE section!!).  Then my organic 2 class had >250 students.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: fedaai on November 10, 2008, 10:07:27 PM
my name is Hasan, 20 years old, now i'm in my 3rd year of studying Chemistry Science At university of Bahrain. I'm also a trainer at GPIC which one of the beggest petrochemical company in the GCC. ;)

as soon i'll start my garduation project & i'll be happy if any body here accept to be a freind with me. :-[

my email is:
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Post by: h20dude on November 18, 2008, 02:44:09 PM
HI everyone,

I am new as well, a chemical engineering student in Texas. Just found the forum today and am glad I did... ;D
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Post by: Missthelab on December 13, 2008, 04:37:36 PM
Hi, my name is Tonya.  I have a B.S. in chemistry, with an unofficial minor in materials science engineering/mechanical engineering.  I have a Master's in Polymer Science, and am currently on extended hiatus (maternity/childrearing) from my PhD work at University of Florida in the Materials Science and Engineering department.

I was an industrial researcher for 7 years, mostly in the field of UV curable coatings, where I did some formulation, but primarily did lots of polymer characterization and problem solving.  My M.S. research and other professional work has been in the area of colloid and polymer chemistry, primarily in the field of personal care product development (hair and skin care mostly). 

Lyotropic liquid crystals are my special area of interest and expertise, and my PhD work was in the area of utilizing lyotropic liquid crystals as capsules in which to perform biomimetic synthesis of non-equlibiorum structures of calcium carbonate (and other inorganic crystals). I am not sure I will return to that exact application of my interests when I return to UF.

Optical microscopy, Atomic force microscopy, and SEM are some of my favorite tools for analysis.  I also did a lot of mechanical and thermal (and thermomechanical) analysis.
I currently dabble by writing techncial articles for lay people on the chemistry behind hair and hair care.  I also hope to homeschool my daughter, so I am interested in learning about neat and interesting ways to teach science to her as she grows.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Heliox on December 28, 2008, 10:18:03 PM
Hi, i'm new... 25yrs old from quebec, canada.
It's my First year at university in Chemistry, so i'm a newbie!

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Post by: Ben.t on January 24, 2009, 02:12:28 PM
Hello, I am a sophomore in highschool and I run my own ink business. We experiment with many different types of inks and the goal is to make them as corrosive, permanent, and hard to remove as possible.  I just now got to the point where I don't know what I'm doing and I don't know how to do it safely, so I thought I'd come to a forum full of people who know whats safe and what isn't.

But enough about that, I intern at (, I play Varsity Lacrosse for my highschool, I do not consider myself an artist but I do create canvases and murals, I co-run a Graffiti based art forum ( and i ride my bicycle and the city bus instead of a car!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: fleshy on January 24, 2009, 06:40:44 PM
Hey there.  My name is Scott and I'm a professional firefighter.  I live in upstate NY.  I've always been interested in science and lately I've been reading quite a bit about chemistry.  Hopefully I can learn some interesting things and eventually contribute to the forums.  Looks like a great site you've got here with a wealth of knowledge for me to read about.  Cheers.   :D
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: rocketparrotlet on January 26, 2009, 10:42:33 AM
Hello.  I'm a new member here (the blaring message under my name probably gives that out.) I am a high-school student, and I'm very interested in ionic chemistry and the elements.  I'm somewhat of an element collector, and I love creating elements from compounds using methods such as replacement bowls and thermite. 

I am currently taking AP physics (boring), but I really loved chemistry last year, and I will be taking AP next year.  I have a goal of going to MIT; I don't know yet what I will major in.  I would like something along the lines of ionic or nuclear chemistry, possibly quantum mechanics.

My other hobbies include mountaineering and lasers.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: aldoxime_amine on January 28, 2009, 03:00:54 PM
Hello to all here,

I have already mentioned in one post that I am a student of India. I am 17 years old and still in high school. I don't know what is the equivalent of "AP" as everyone keeps talking about it here, but we follow government prescribed books, but our teacher gives us nice reference books on chemistry to study so we get to learn something extra about the subject.

I love organic chemistry and physical chemistry; they are my favourite alongwith math because, like math, they keep the brain engaged and help me relax. :P

Hoping to make many friends here...
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: complex on February 14, 2009, 06:45:33 PM
I'm new here...senior in college, heading to graduate school this fall. I'm going into inorganic chemistry. Probably research/teach as a professor after graduate school. I came across this site while looking up the pKa of phenol...(organic is NOT my strength, I'm more of a physical/inorganic chemist).
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: UG on March 21, 2009, 06:04:36 AM
Hi everyone, just joined today  :)

So far, I am very impressed by everything and there seems to be a lot of clever people on this forum, not including myself of course.  :D

I'm a senior in High School, I live in New Zealand.
I like organic chemistry and basically everything else chemistry!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: James Newby on April 04, 2009, 04:21:38 PM
Ive been registered for a couple of months now and think its time to introduce myself.  My name is (obviously) James Newby and Im 22.  Im in my 4th year of a chemistry masters degree at the university of Sheffield and i graduate in the summer.

Im currently doing a masters project with Prof. Iain Coldham on tandem cycloaddition chemistry using azomethine ylide intermediates.

The plan is to do a PhD at Sheffield another northern UK city.  Hopefully i can get one making natural products as synthesis is the area i am most interested in.

Outside of chemistry i love rugby union and support Gloucester.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: lucas89 on April 05, 2009, 10:37:07 PM
Hey all, I'm Lucas, and I'm currently finishing up my second year in my undergraduate degree at Memorial University of Newfoundland. I'm beginning to do some undergraduate research with Dr. Erika Merschrod, studying Lead uptake in protein-mineral composites.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: CJA on April 11, 2009, 06:01:16 PM
Hi, my name is Carl and I am currently attending Santa Fe College for my AA in engineering and hope to transfer into the University of Florida for Chemical Engineering. I have not taken any chemistry classes yet but study it in my own time.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: dani88 on April 21, 2009, 09:10:58 PM

My name is Dani, I'm an undergrad, taking my first Chemistry class ever, its basic chemistry, not general and I'm finding myself falling in love with it! Anyway...hey.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: titaniumcorleone on April 29, 2009, 05:25:25 AM
Aloha chemical forumer!My name is ahmad. Im from Malaysia study at UniKL MICET. Im into chemical engineering majoring bioprocess. I hate Chemical Process Principles but I love Material Balance calculation and so do Energy Balance

Have a nice day to everyone ;)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Apocalypse_6 on April 30, 2009, 04:25:38 AM
Im a freshman in college right now majoring in Biology. Im not too fond of chemistry right now, but i blame that in part on unhelpful teachers in the past. I am going to take Organic Chemistry next year and im going to try to teach myself as much of it as possible before i take the class. Im hoping this forum will be of great assistance during this time
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Vsevolod12345 on April 30, 2009, 08:58:40 PM
I am Vsevolod
I am a Russian guy, who lives in United States.
Muy major is Chemistry, minor is math.
I am interested in statistical chemistry problems, and  I believe that scientist is the person who "discovers" things, and has a vivid imagination.
Thats it for now.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: StarvinMarvin on May 02, 2009, 08:13:54 PM
Hi, my name's Kuba and I'm 24. I'm from Poland but I recently moved to Belfast and started Ph.D at Queen's University.

Organic chemistry is my secret love and so I try to create a healthy relationship with it by working in total synthesis of natural products.

Maybe that would be it for now:)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Borek on May 03, 2009, 04:25:37 AM
Cześć ;)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: bavan on May 28, 2009, 04:44:01 AM
Hello everyone I am bavan from USA. I am new here.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Killabee on May 31, 2009, 12:30:12 AM

Young aspiring chemist from the States here, haha. I was getting awful grades studying Business and Economics - ultimately I realized that it's because I hated it. Took me long enough. I'm changing my major to chem and switching my cakewalk civics courses to chem, math and phys.

It's unbelievable how much more exciting sciences are if you're actually motivated to study and learn them.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: lazipeter on June 05, 2009, 12:35:40 PM
My name is Peter from Hong Kong, and I m currently studying in Secondary school
(a ed level like high school) I am sitting for the HKALE (A pubic exam that determines whether I can enter University). And I m gonna study something about chemistry in university if i can.
I am very enthusiastic about chem and i hope i will help in answering the questions within my horizon and get helps from asking questions here!!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Fridushka on June 06, 2009, 10:36:20 AM
my name is Frida, im 19, from Lebanon, im studying pharmaceutical chemistry at NDU as my BA degree.
im very happy being here, actually its my 2nd day :P..i would like to spend most of my time here by posting and being helpful as much as i can..although i know a little because its still my first year..but i would like to keep in touch in my spare time. cheers :)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: gfunk on June 08, 2009, 08:55:01 PM
Hello!  I'm G and hail from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (also known as the coldest "large" city in the world).  I'm 22 and I just graduated a couple weeks ago with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in chemistry with a focus in organic and biopharmaceutical chemistry.  Right now I'm finalising my application for grad school.  Woohoo.

However, right now I'm working in aquatic and analytical chemistry.  Not my strength, but hey, it's still chemistry :).
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: RVM45 on June 30, 2009, 03:00:18 PM
I'm 52 years old. I took several courses in Chemistry at Purdue University-- Took first semester Freshman Chemistry twice; second semester once...

Took the first semester Organic twice...

The second time they divided the lab portion from the Lecture ( a3/2 split) and I actually got a "B" in the Lab portion.

I also got a "C" in a three hour Qualitative analysis.

I was actually a Chemistry major for one semester at Purdue...

I'm a very Left-brained person; who didn't fully understand that the Right-brained TAs were skating by; every time I asked them to "Explain" they instead "Demonstrated"--a quite different thing...

To this day, I have a latent hostility to inarticulate Right-brainers.

I finally got my hands on "Grandad's Wonderful Book of Chemistry".

It definately shows the "How" of setting up a small home lab. Now I'm looking for a "Why".

As to your big "No-Nos"--I will never work with explosives--because they scare the beejeebers out of me. I have an absolute horror/phobia of blowing fingers off.

I used to do drugs--I repented--and I have no desire to chance the current draconian laws.

That leaves me wondering precisely how I can justify a home lab--

I'm sure that there are at least a few products that one could synthesize more frugally in the home workshop (Especially for people committed to self-sufficiency)

And I'm also convinced that there are still potentially profitable and patentable reactions--that are still reasonable candidates to be discovered in a small lab...

Its just that at present, I'm at a loss...

But I really groove on the idea of having my own Chemistry lab...

..RVM45     8) :) 8)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: kilroy on July 01, 2009, 09:59:35 AM

I´m from Sweden and I´m working in the Nuclear Power Plant Industry. I´m a Senior Specialist and also the supervisor of the analytical laboratory. We are analysing ppb-levels (actually ppt-levels too) of metals and ions of chloride and sulphate.

Nice to be here!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: mer-mer-mer-mer-mer on July 07, 2009, 04:05:15 AM
Hello everyone, I'm an inorganic analyst with experience in ICP-AES, ICP-MS, LIBS, CVAFS, CVAA and GC/MS and have researched various matrix effects of LIBS and ICP-MS. I am currently working on determining the influence various matrices have on analytical results of LIBS.

My favorite show of all time is Futurama and am an avid homebrewer.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: semuthitam84 on July 10, 2009, 05:11:49 AM
hi guys...

My name akbar..I just join this ChEng forum..I working as process engineer at one of the engineering design firm (Oil & gas Engineering) in Malaysia.Now, I doing process design for upstream process. This is my 1st compy and I already working for 2 years. I would like you guys to share your experiences here to gain my knowledge as process engineer.

Nice to join this forums. Hope your guys have a good day..

cheers.. :)

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: dysprosia on August 05, 2009, 10:34:43 AM
Hello everyone and thank you for letting me join your forum. A few days ago I decided to Google about chemistry forums after one of my favorite forums was not available on the internet. I was bored and thought "I wonder if there are chemistry forums?". Chemistry was my first "hobby interest" beginning in the ninth grade of high school. By the time that tenth grade rolled around (1968) and I could take a chemistry class I was already hooked on the subject. I had figured out mathematically how many elements there would be to each period and had constructed my own style periodic table of the elements up to element 168. From there I used various methods of extrapolation to predict the physical properties of the unknown elements. My table has been revised over the years as increasingly accurate data became available. As of at least ten years ago I have seen mention of relativistic effects that are far more complicated than I can comprehend. It seems that those effects must be accounted for in my extrapolations. If anyone is remotely interested in this geeky endeavor I welcome you to contact me on this forum. If not please bear with my questions.
I also would like to mention that this was the only forum in the first few pages of the search results that looked promising to me. Someone had posted about the lack of stable isotopes for the element Tc. I have never liked the pat answer that says that the neighboring elements have all the possibilities covered leaving Tc no choice as to be radioactive. Since 1968 I have pondered the why, someday perhaps we will know.
I am here to learn and share.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Richarson on August 25, 2009, 10:41:07 PM
Hi everyone!
i am richarson.i am from china.I am an university graduate.Our family manages a chemical plant.I do not like chemistry,but my father hoped that I am engaged in the chemical industry.So I must study chemistry knowledge now.I register this forum's goal is understands the overseas chemical industry and Makes different country friend.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Shalhoub on September 11, 2009, 03:34:20 PM

I hate chemistry but I'm stuck with it. (I Must study it to take over the family business which is selling Laboratory equipment.)
How can I fall in love with chemistry like you people have.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: cth on September 21, 2009, 02:41:54 PM
Hi everybody :)

I am 30 years old, I come from France and I am currently doing a postdoc in Sweden. I am more specialised in coordination chemistry, crystal engineering and crystallography.

I have been visiting this forum for a couple of weeks now and it seems interesting. Well done.  :D
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: LoveInQuanta on September 22, 2009, 01:49:49 AM
Hey hey!

My name is Maia, I'm a 23-year-old "freshman" (not really, I have 1.5 useless Humanities degrees under my belt) headed for Environmental Engineering. To do this I must take Chemistry, and am having a good time at it so far. However, my brain is a little rusty at thinking scientifically at times, and so I am very likely to be asking questions more than answering them.

I AM doing Engineering, it's true, but it can't be denied that I am and always will be head-over-heels for Astrophysics, General and Special Relativity, and the possibility of big and beautiful unknowns out there like space travel, time travel, and other "impossibilities." But hey, you can only work in a coffee shop for so. many. years. before you just want to do the practical thing, and a Ph.D. in Astrophysics is not that right now.

In my free time, I run, hike, fly airplanes, write screenplays in my head, and love life.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Geddoe on October 07, 2009, 12:13:45 AM
Hi there, you may call me Geddoe, I'm a first year undergraduate student at a Canadian University taking Philosophy with an interest in Chemistry that I am pursuing.

I hope to meet all of you with time. :)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: cindywang on October 13, 2009, 05:27:18 AM
hi, i am cindy from China, nice to meet you all. Chemical engineer in crystallization and metallugy. Studied geochemistry before. Hope to find chance incorperating natural mechanism and industrial system together. Make the process more enviornmental friendly.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Dawson on October 17, 2009, 08:32:22 PM
Hey all. I'm Dawson, a biology major at the University of Georgia. Currently studying general chemistry. =]
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: BetaAmyloid on October 24, 2009, 06:54:01 PM
Hey guys,

I'm a 17-year-old high school student extremely interested in the field of chemistry, specifically in epidemiology, yet more specific, oncology. I am currently trying to write a trilogy (of which I would like to keep the name secret until release) on the multiple compounds of the cell and theoretical ways of entering and curing cancerous cells back to normal, homeostatic cells. Don't get mad if I ask multitudes of questions on the forum - I'm just curious!  ;D

The Cancer Curer
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Post by: P on October 27, 2009, 04:45:53 PM
Hi I'm P.  Haven't logged in for AGES as work has changed.  Thought I'd say hello. I used to like reading this forum allot but haven't had the chance lately. I hope everyone is well and happy.   Hello again!  :)


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Post by: Borek on October 27, 2009, 05:46:11 PM
Welcome back.
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Post by: Xenophilius on October 30, 2009, 11:16:56 AM
Hi, I'm 17 and currently in High School. I'm pretty much interested in Chemistry(more than math and physics), especially, Inorganic and Organic chemistry.  I look forward to do some useful research work in Chemistry after completing my engineering.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Ranadeep on October 31, 2009, 09:36:26 AM
Hello .. Im Ranadeep from India Im 16 and im in High School i really like Chemistry more than Maths and Phyiscs especially Organic and Physical part .I Really like this Community with many chem geeks like me : ) .. Im preparing for the Chemistry Olympiad ..both India and International..wish me good luck : )

If i write mistake somewhere ..please excuse me and correct it .. I really like this Board : )
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: exploring gul on November 01, 2009, 01:20:13 PM
assalam o alaikum to every one
my name is gul n i m from pakistan
i m doing master s in chemistry right now
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Elements on November 02, 2009, 07:58:28 PM
Hey everyone. Im a grade 11 high school student, and Im not very good at chemistry. I will try my best to help anyone thought, and maybe some of you can even help me. Hope to meet you all. Cheers!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: on November 02, 2009, 09:14:32 PM
Hello! I've always been interested in chemistry and other sciences and now I am trying to build a community around my enjoyments. My site is

I hope I can encourage others to be interested in sciences as much as I am but in order to really make an impact I think I need to get the forums and other things started - if anyone is interested please help me out my posting questions, experiments, answering other peoples questions, etc on my site or possible editing the wiki program.

Also with my site I am going to get a reward system going on to give companies who sell to individuals free advertisement IFF they give out free rewards for awesome scientific write-ups. In order to achieve this I must build a pretty good community in order for the companies to be interested. I think this could help out all of us in the long run.

Anyways, I'm mostly interested in organic chemistry and I'm still learning a ton.
Hope to enjoy this forum, and I hope some people can enjoy my site someday.
to learn more about it:
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: srihari on November 09, 2009, 06:49:55 AM
hi everybody
I'm an undergraduate first year student , studying in IIT-Bombay , India , interested in research . I'm not sure which field I'll take
anyways we have time for that .
i'd like to learn a whole lot of stuff .I'm optimistic that I've got lot to gain for this forum of students and teachers.
Thanking the moderators for setting up such a  wonderful forum.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: catalyst on November 09, 2009, 08:45:23 AM
Hey, my name is Seth, I'm from Alaska (in all seriousness).

I'm going to school for Process Technology and Industrial Process Instrumentation, but have become increasingly interested in chemistry. After I graduate, I plan to do ongoing studies with chemistry, math and physics in mind.

Thanks for reading.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: info.che on November 09, 2009, 10:57:39 AM
Hello everyone,

I am last year chemical engg. student and came to this forum by searchig on google. i have many precious chemical resources and may be helpful to u. thanks admin and mods for making and serving this chemical forum.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: philmont702a on November 11, 2009, 02:21:10 PM
Hi all, thanks for a good forum.  I'm currently a Ph.D. student in the US doing research into natural product synthesis.  Really enjoy the challenging synthetic questions posted here each week.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: tmartin on November 13, 2009, 09:06:27 AM
Hello everyone.  I'm a 4th year graduate student studying organic chemistry at UNC, I was introduced to this site by a coworker, and figured I'd register and check it out.  Looking forward to the interesting and insightful discussions/questions here.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: DarkLightA on November 20, 2009, 11:34:07 AM

I'm an intelligent kid soon moving into my freshman year, and I find it fun to learn more about chemistry here as I find it awesome, and sometimes I need some help with things my teacher can't answer.

Is it normal for 8th grade teachers to teach new chemistry students things like:
Al + HCl ==> AlCl + H
Which I have gone onto the internet, and after a bit of research I can now make correct formulas for just about anything:
2Al + 6HCl ==> 2AlCl3 + 3H2

Key rules for me:
1. Acid(aq) + Alkali(aq) ==> Salt(s) + H2O(l)
2. Acid(aq) + Metal(s) ==> Salt(s) + hydrogen(g)
3, Acid(aq) + Metal Carbonate(s) ==> Salt(s) + CO2(g) + H2O(l)
4. Metal(s) + H2O(l) ==> alkali(aq) + Hydrogen(g)

Where 'hydrogen' refers to H2 in all cases.

Feel free to chat with me!

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Borek on November 20, 2009, 12:40:06 PM
I'm an intelligent kid

If so you will soon realize that posting chemistry questions in "Introduce yourself" thread doesn't make sense  :P
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: researcher on November 21, 2009, 02:01:05 PM
oh I hadn't seen this topic.
So, hi! I'm in the last year of high school and next year I'll start studying engineering. Also, English is not my first language, so I apologize for my writing.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Wreath on November 30, 2009, 01:28:57 PM
Hi there.
I´m Adam, from Czech republic. Studying 3rd year molecular biology at Charles University, Prague. Now doing my Bc work about NG2 proteoglycan and it´s role in melanoma invasivity. I´d like to continue and graduate in molbio or biochemistry. Glad to be here, I´ve learned lot of new stuff  ;)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: baboom on December 06, 2009, 12:21:15 AM
This is confused and tired. Too much sniffing in the lab ;D
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: skyjumper on December 11, 2009, 09:28:00 PM
Hey. Im Pierce and I am still in high school, but have a deep love (and I like to say a fairly good understanding) in chemistry. I currently teach and demonstrate as a department aid, and put on a good show for whoever happens to be in a class I work with.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Melody on December 13, 2009, 01:29:59 PM

My name's Elena, I'm a 29-years-old italian girl, from Prato (near Florence, Tuscany).
I'm graduated in pharmaceutical chemist but I'm working in a company making plating solutions, where I do both analisys for products quality controls and R&D.

I can say that I've always been in love with Science, and I found my way in Chemistry at age of 19, when I chose to begin my studies in pharmaceutical chemistry and technologies at Florence University: it has been a long, long journey, but I got my satisfaction :)

Metals world is a very new thing for me because it's only a year that I began this job, and I feel like everyday is a new adventure...

I hope I will find here not only answers for my doubts, but also -and above all- people who share my passion for chemistry & science, and I hope I could contribute with my specific knowledges  ;)

see you on board!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: savy2020 on December 15, 2009, 05:11:40 PM
I'm Savant from India.
I'm a 12th grade student.
My present goal is to get into an IIT.
I love Math, Physics and of course Chemistry
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: needy on December 27, 2009, 11:23:38 AM
I'm a workaholic who after 23 years working in my previous profession experienced burnout.  Don't recommend it to anyone.  I am married with two sons and it was a very hard decision to return to school and what to take.  I decided on Chemical Engineering because of my love of science.  It hasn't been easy but I am glad I did it.  I can't wait to graduate and get out working again. 
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: doc30 on January 04, 2010, 01:36:22 PM
Originally from Windsor, Ontario, Canada where I earned by BSC and my PhD. Living and working in Florida for over 15 years. I look after all the spectroscopy work for a research center for a multinational corporation. Polymers, coatings and surfaces are my most common areas of study.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: ki98mama on January 18, 2010, 08:47:29 AM

I have written a short introduction on the Chemical Engineering forum as well.

I am something of an odd ball as i am both a Chemical Engineer and a Chemist (Analytical but my degree says chemistry  ::)).

I came into contact with chemistry when I went to the "Great Freedom Country" to study English as an exchange student when I was 15-16 winters old.

I am a whizz kid in chromatography (GC-MS, LC-MS/MS) and general analytical work, though it has been a long time since I have worked in that field. I have worked as a Station Chemistry ass. (Nuclear), Development Engineer (semi conductor equipment) and am now back in the nuclear industry as a consultant in the UK.

I was born Finnish in Sweden but turned Swedish by my Finnish mother who didn't want me to do military service in Finland, married to an English Irish girl who wants to turn me Irish in England...

Oh, I am an unglorious bastard as well as arrogant and evil, just so that you know.  :P
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Ligander on January 27, 2010, 05:46:32 AM
 I'm 30 years old undegraduate student(alas!) in Chemistry and Materials' Engineering from Technion(Israel).

 Feel free to speak to me Russian and Hebrew.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Schrödinger on February 01, 2010, 05:26:06 AM
Hello everybody.

I know it's a bit late to introduce myself, but better late than never!

I'm Adharsh Raghavan from India. You can call me Schrödinger.
I'm 17 and I'm in my last year of high school.

I've been here since last year, and I have found this place awesome!

I have always loved chemistry - It's such an interesting and integral part of my life. I don't claim to be good at it. But I guess I am getting better by the day. I have always looked at Chemistry as something/somebody that/who can tell you what is happening all around you, why they happen, how they happen, etc.

After high school, I plan to do a 5-year integrated BS-MS course that encompasses all basic sciences for the first 2 years and then concentrate on Chemistry for the rest of the course. Then I'd like to obtain my PhD in chemistry. My biggest goal would be to master all aspects and fields of Chemistry. Many might laugh at this, but this is a strong ambition. I pray to God to give me all the hope, knowledge and will power to achieve my goals.

My ultimate ambition is to become a chemist. I would love to gain all the knowledge that chemistry has to offer, do a lot of research work, probably spread the knowledge all around, and leave it at that. I have no plans to make money out of the knowledge that I will have obtained and will pursue my life as a scientist, only for the love of the subject and human curiosity. Probably just a little bit money to stay alive. I believe chemistry has driven me closer to God and I've started to marvel at all the beautiful aspects of nature. I'd like to keep this going as long as I'm alive.

Like my signature says "Destiny is not a matter of chance; but a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved."
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: dodo on February 06, 2010, 12:24:41 AM
Hello... newb to this forum and to be quite honest, chemistry is not my best subject. Need some help with some questions and hope someone is around to help me out. Now off in search for a helper!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: mandystar on February 07, 2010, 12:23:35 AM
Hi, my name's Mandy and I'm not very good at chem, lol. I hope this year that changes and chem turns into a fave subject ;)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: cliverlong on February 09, 2010, 05:39:33 AM
I'm a tutor for A-Level chemistry and mathematics based in North London UK.

I didn't really enjoy chemistry at school - I was too lazy to put in the effort to learn the detail.

Having to teach it, I am only now beginning to understand thermodynamics, redox equilibria, organic mechanism, transition metal complexes and oxidation states - ooh, the list goes on and on.

Reading and trying to understand the questions posed by people in this forum helps me develop ways of explaining concepts.

With the incredible range of information available on forums like this, freely published videos and online books accessible through the internet, locatable in under a second through your favourite search engine, before one even has to read a book, I never cease to be amazed and appalled at how little effort people make in trying to find out some information before they pose a question.

My current favourite web site is LMGTFY - to which I was introduced by Borek of this forum.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: ray1reyes on February 22, 2010, 05:19:58 AM
I am Ray, 4th year in Edinburgh uni... I think this is the very best from chemistry forums. Feel free to ask, like i will if something :D
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: d_link on February 23, 2010, 02:46:08 AM
Hi! I'm Leon a molecular biology grad student from Croatia who is in desperate need of some chemical assistance >:( because some people at the university aren't doing their job as they're supposed to. So I hope you'll help me fill in some holes and understand things better =/
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Chaosnitrogen on February 24, 2010, 02:18:16 AM
I already registered here with the same name, but due to less usage, the nick was erased i guess.
So I want to have another try, and start with an introducing of me.

I'm Felix, a 19 year old hobby chemist from germany, living in Saxony.
Last year I did my "Abitur", actually I'm doing the compulsory military service, and in a few months (september) I'll start my chemistry studies in Leipzig, Saxony.

Already, I'm registered to many german chemistry forums like as "Chaoschemiker", also I've got a Youtube-account, maybe someone of you knows me already from there.
The most important about my >hobby< orientation should be my strict abstinence of any explosive and drug chemistry. Shouldn't mean, that I'm not interested in, but I'm convinced, that this stuff should keep far away from home experiments.
I'm looking forward, to have good discussions of chemistry with you, gaining lots of extra-knowledge :D
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: craziicd5 on February 25, 2010, 10:48:39 PM
Hey i am 22 just been in college for about 2 years now and starting to get interested in the field of chemistry and nuclear science. Currently taking my first chemistry class right now and can't wait to take many more  ;D
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: al3nood on March 06, 2010, 02:59:05 PM
hello every body
I am al3nood , student in master degree
24 years old
I love chemistry and all peopole study chemistry
 ;) ;) ;)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: liuxuefeng on March 13, 2010, 09:39:39 PM
Hi , iam  Liu Xuefeng , from china . working as chemicls sales mainly on export makret , hope learn something here .
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: thealissa on March 22, 2010, 10:13:19 PM
I'm Alissa. I'm 18. I attend Arizona State University as a freshman. I'm majoring in Biochemistry (Medicinal Chemistry). I want to be a Pharmacist for the U.S. Veteran's Association.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: darkness1102 on March 26, 2010, 06:29:54 AM
Hi, my name is Cong, I live in Vietnam. So, I am a 12th great student. I am very interesting in science, chemistry is the best. I wish to study in Nayang technological of University(NTU).This forum is great, I can share, contribute anh I have friends from other countrise. I wish to be a scientist anh research about inorganic chemistry.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: MissPhosgene on April 21, 2010, 12:05:27 AM

I'm a junior undergrad chemistry major. I'm taking my first graduate class this semester.... Chem 6660 Organic Synthesis. Interests: Organic chemistry (mainly synthesis), organometallics, group theory, lab-work. No specific order.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: DemonicAcid on April 21, 2010, 12:45:49 AM
I'm a junior/senior undergraduate chemistry major at Arizona State University. I'm currently doing research in main group inorganic and materials science. My interests are focused around materials science and inorganic synthesis but I occasionally like to dabble in theoretical chemistry for fun. I want to get into a PhD program to study inorganic materials/condensed matter physics.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: putchi_punch on May 26, 2010, 05:17:10 AM
I’m from Florida (who broke the AC  :P), I'm a junior in high school, I’m taking duel enrollment in a local college and I like chemistry and computer programming the best so far. I’m awaiting my first real chemistry class next year; most of my chemistry knowledge so far is from reading/experimenting/websites/parents. I like doing experiments that involve controlled explosions or semi-violent reactions and I like to be able to do things myself (like making fireworks  ;D)
You really wanted to become a mad scientist...explosiviholics     ::) ::)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: robj6767 on May 28, 2010, 12:28:47 PM
Hi there, i'm Rob :]
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: vickium on May 31, 2010, 05:33:51 PM
I'm an intelligent kid

If so you will soon realize that posting chemistry questions in "Introduce yourself" thread doesn't make sense  :P

I didn't see any questions. The kid was just sharing with us what he knows about Chemistry...
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: energetica on June 06, 2010, 02:32:16 PM
Hello everyone!  :)

My name is Villy and I'm studying pharmaceutical chemistry and technology at University of Trieste in Italy. To be honest my intention was to study pharmacy but because of misunderstanding with secretary I was sent to the other department. I was kinda confused because I didn't know what to expect there, and I had so many chances to change department but for some reason I decided to stay. At the beginning it was very difficult to study because of language barrier (because Italian is not my first language but Croatian), but I managed to find the way to learn language and to fall in love with more chemistry than I would ever get if I was studying pharmacy.

The reason why I've decided to join this forum is because I want to learn more of scientific English and get help in case I don't find answers on my possible questions (as some of professors don't explain quite well certain subjects).  :)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: z0k on June 14, 2010, 01:06:15 PM
Just dropping in to say hello.
Currently doing my undergrad in Ontario.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Jorriss on June 22, 2010, 10:06:32 PM
My name's Garrett, I'm 18 and I'm about to enter my junior year. I've taken introductory and general chemistry and my intro. instructor was great, so I changed it to my major. I like chemistry, bleach, comics and the beach.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: btc on June 29, 2010, 02:44:12 PM
Hello, my name is Brian and I live in beautiful Memphis, TN.  I am 36 and wish to shift gears in my professional life to go back to school for chemistry.  I was a finance major in college because "that's where the money is".  It took a while for me to realize that money is not happiness.  I find myself watching the clock and waiting for 5:00 to come around on a daily basis.  My advice to anyone is do what makes you happy.  I hope that it is not too late for me to turn my career into something I enjoy!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Gambr1nus on July 06, 2010, 07:17:44 PM
Hello All,

I'm a 21 year old male from Tennessee. I am currently undergoing a bachelor's degree in Chemistry at East Tennessee State University. I have aspirations of Pharmacy School however I may pursue a future in the fields of Chemistry. I am currently enrolled in the second portion of Organic Chemistry and I couldn't imagine a better way to spend my summer  ;) .

I look forward to reading over these forums and learning a lot from great chemists the world over.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Stygilation on July 20, 2010, 10:21:28 PM
Hi I'm a 17 year old student still in Norway who love chemistry! I'm planning to get a PHD in theoretical Chemistry or material or Physical  ;D ;D.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: cocozhao1988 on July 28, 2010, 03:27:46 AM
I'm Tarcy,from China.Now a sale in a export chemical industry,our company
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: hahavance on August 02, 2010, 03:53:04 AM
I am Vance, from China , and leared physics and chemical in high school . But my major is international trade. It's so funny. I just swith science to economic.
Many students in China face such condition. Maybe the same to you.
Now , I am working in a chemical company ,in charge of sales. I think my learning in high school is very useful, and also pity for that I didn't studied chemical in college.
I like programing and computer games.if you like these also ,we can make friends. Besides that, I also can supply various of chemicals,just like API(Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), medical intermediates, raw chemicals.So if everyone need chemicals ,you can contact me.
Base on friendship,I will give you a reasonable price. :)
Ok, self-introduction is finished. Looking forward to your information ,especially about making friends.

MSN:  (# is @)

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Caeldom on August 13, 2010, 12:27:11 PM
Hey peeps, name's Dan, from Aussieland. I'm currently sitting for my HSC (the culmination of high school exams here) and taking Chemistry as one of my subjects. Gotta say, it's a heck of a lot of info to retain but I reckon by answering questions and helping out around here I'll learn and remember a lot more! So yeah, how you guys doing?
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Mr E on August 16, 2010, 05:40:50 PM
Hi guys and gals. I'm Mister E, but you can just call me Mr. :)

I'm not a professor yet but if I get get out of college then I will be! I recently changed my major from computer science to chemistry to transfer(to a state school).

I'm 21 so I kind of can't help but feel screwed. I mean I just changed my major so I'm years away from where I want to be. However, chemistry is a huge passion of mine and I've been researching on all of my off-time to "catch-up". Hopefully I can fit in here, it seems like a nice forum.

I hope everyone is well!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Miray on October 04, 2010, 01:01:12 PM

My name's Paul, and I'm from Poland. Currently I'm studying chemical engineering on Gdansk University of Technology(BA). I'm interested in inorganic chemistry (mainly new, specific materials and crystallography) and physical chemistry. Sorry for my english, i now it's not perfect;)

Good day everyone
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: UCONNscience on October 04, 2010, 11:31:33 PM

Hello everyone! New to the forum and also somewhat new to chemistry. I'm an undergrad at the University of Connecticut, in my first semester of organic chemistry honors section after studying a full year of general chemistry. i look forward to getting help on problems in our textbook haha :P. im also trying to read chemistry books in my spare time, so if you have any good recommendations, let me know!

Good luck in your studies!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Owen Fry on October 15, 2010, 04:25:06 AM
Hey all!

I am Owen Fry, and I am from UK. Right from school days, I was very passionate about Chemistry and loves to know everything about it. Hope I can be a valuable member of this community.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Stryker321 on October 15, 2010, 10:51:14 PM
Hi all, my name is Steve and I'm currently a chemistry major at Rutgers University. Currently taking Organic chemistry.

Trying to look up problems and see how they are done, but I'm being told it's restricted to me.. bleh.

Anyway, hope to get to know the people here better.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Mitch on October 16, 2010, 12:46:50 AM
@Stryker321 Nothing at this website should be restricted. What exactly is the content you are trying to access?
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: here2learn on October 18, 2010, 11:57:54 PM
I was born in West Covina California, but lived my early-early years in the city of El Monte.

Hey cool my wife is from La Puente right by there! we are actually thinking of moving back this coming summer.

Anyway! Hello Everyone!

My name is Kaelin, i am 25, i currently live in Hawaii and go to the University of Hawaii, i am originally from Ohio, but i spent some time in the army where i lived in many places including, louisville Kentucky, San Antonio Texas, and Louisiana.  I returned from a 15 month tour in iraq a year ago and seperated from the Army to focus on Family and School.  My wife is an Army nurse and Stationed here in Hawaii so thats how i ended up here. i have kind of bounced around with my interests at school but ive always liked chemistry. im currently a biology major but if my family and i move to Cali i think im going to change it to biochem. thanks for reading about me, hopefully i can get some help, and even help some others. -Kaelin "here2learn"
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: terriermon on October 26, 2010, 08:01:39 AM
hello everyone,
my name is Derek,i am a hong kong guy
16,in secondary 6 having 3AL subjects
chemistry is one of them,Emm,which i got the worst result
and.i hope this forum can help for this
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: nesst1 on October 31, 2010, 09:58:47 PM
Hey, what's up everyone? My name is Travis and I'm a senior at a small, private school in MI, graduating in December 2011 with a BS in Chemistry. I hope to go to grad school after, I'm interested in drug metabolism. I am in biochem right now and really enjoy the course too. I'm also studying for the GRE, general and subject tests right now..
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Fluorine on November 09, 2010, 07:45:57 AM
Hello everyone.

I love chemistry very passionately, only second to pharmacology (not "pharmacy"). I am down to Earth, early 20s age, living in southern California, USA. I am aiming for a B.S. in chemistry and then PhD. in neuropharmacology if possible, or else pharmacology.

- Drug...discovery, binding/docking, MoA, LADME, SAR, pharmacokinetics/dynamics, toxicology, etc.
- Serotonin receptors (their structural elucidation, esp. 2A)
- Botany
- Mycology
- Chemistry...medicinal, organic (esp. synthesis)
- Laboratories
- Halogens (esp. fluorine)

- General chemistry
- Inorganic chemistry
- Religion, philosophy
- Unwelcoming/rude people

Users are welcome to contact me.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Klever-Won on November 25, 2010, 12:19:25 AM
Whats up,

I hail from Seattle, Washington,
I am a senior in high school,
I am an AP Chemistry student.

Possibly thinking about a career in chemistry,
joined this forum in search of more information.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Nevorula on December 01, 2010, 09:01:52 AM

Well, I have a feeling I am one of the youngest people around here, but anyway. ^^
I'm still in secondary school, love chemistry - inorganic mostly for now because I never really got a hang of organic - haven't studied it yet.

Um, yeah, I'm going to study chemistry when I finish school and I'm here to see what kind of questons people come across while studying chemistry and also to meet new people that have the same interests as me. ^^

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Ari Ben Canaan on December 05, 2010, 03:59:41 AM

Well, I have a feeling I am one of the youngest people around here, but anyway. ^^
I'm still in secondary school, love chemistry - inorganic mostly for now because I never really got a hang of organic - haven't studied it yet.

Um, yeah, I'm going to study chemistry when I finish school and I'm here to see what kind of questons people come across while studying chemistry and also to meet new people that have the same interests as me. ^^

Actually, I'm in Secondary school too.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Nevorula on December 06, 2010, 02:40:00 AM

Well, I have a feeling I am one of the youngest people around here, but anyway. ^^
I'm still in secondary school, love chemistry - inorganic mostly for now because I never really got a hang of organic - haven't studied it yet.

Um, yeah, I'm going to study chemistry when I finish school and I'm here to see what kind of questons people come across while studying chemistry and also to meet new people that have the same interests as me. ^^

Actually, I'm in Secondary school too.

Have you decided what are you going to study after you finish? Is it going to be chemistry? :)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Ari Ben Canaan on December 06, 2010, 07:04:01 AM
Have you decided what are you going to study after you finish? Is it going to be chemistry? :)

Yup, Its gonna be chemistry, alright :D

My aim is to become a biomolecular engineer :D

What about you ?
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Nevorula on December 06, 2010, 08:02:23 AM

Yup, Its gonna be chemistry, alright :D

My aim is to become a biomolecular engineer :D

What about you ?

Same here, just not too sure what specific part of chemistry I want to study... Inorganic chemistry seems the most fun at the moment. ;D
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Ari Ben Canaan on December 06, 2010, 08:10:47 AM

Yup, Its gonna be chemistry, alright :D

My aim is to become a biomolecular engineer :D

What about you ?

Same here, just not too sure what specific part of chemistry I want to study... Inorganic chemistry seems the most fun at the moment. ;D

Well, chemistry FTW !!! ;D

Physics is.... :P
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: MrDark09 on December 27, 2010, 08:31:33 AM
So I've decided to be a chemist.

I am 19 years old and live in Kansas. My name is Jordan. I am a high school dropout. I just enrolled in some community college courses for this next semester.

I recently have been trying to figure out what I want to do with my life, and coming to realize my incredible ignorance and uselessness. For the past three years, I've basically been doing nothing, besides half-reading books and random articles online, and smoking a lot of weed. I have a strong interest in philosophy, and rarely find concepts that stump me, but of what use is that? I had been so satisfied with myself, so convinced that I could do anything (my *online* girlfriend was always ready to confirm that >.<), that I lost all motivation to do anything. (If I know I'm a genius, and don't need anyone else's opinion, then why do anything at all?) Also, I have bipolar disorder which went undiagnosed for a long time, and was very disruptive to my education and general functioning.

I've stopped smoking and drinking completely, and got rid of my online girlfriend, and now I'm making an effort to actually be something. I have no interest in things other than art and science. I was thinking about something artistic, like animation or film making, but I honestly don't think I'm good enough to make a career of that. So, science: I was in the gifted program in school, and was balancing chemical equations in fifth grade and enjoyed it very much, but after that I didn't do anything with it, dropping out before I had the chance to take high school chemistry. I've skimmed through a few textbooks and it is still very interesting to me.

From what I've said, I know I probably don't seem very bright, but I always scored very well on standardized tests, and as I mentioned before, I was in the gifted program, one of the only two in my class of 65. I'm not saying it's that impressive, just that I'm bright enough to do this.

So I'm going to spend my Christmas money on chem supplies and try to teach myself as much as I can, and go to college for it, AND join this forum meet some other chemists and chemistry students who might be able to challenge me and help me clarify my goals.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Tom Jensen on March 08, 2011, 04:23:19 PM
My name is Tom and I am in search of a soap/detergent chemist familiar with Wetting Agents/Surfactants, Polyphosphates etc. Hopefully somebody who works in that industry. I have zero chemistry in my background. Also, is there a section of the forum where these types of questions should be asked?
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: keven on March 14, 2011, 11:07:15 PM
hi, everyone!
happy to know you! welcome visit our company website excellentchem.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Zerm on March 15, 2011, 03:07:42 PM
I suppose I never formally introduced myself, lol.  I am a 24 year old male from the United States.  By profession, I am an electrical engineer working for a medical device developer.  I am a passionate, self directed, and nearly entirely self educated scientist and enjoy many intellectual pursuits.  I've recently acquired amateur chemistry as a hobby and I've been studying eagerly ever since. 

My search for like minded individuals to confer with has brought me to this forum which I have been thoroughly enjoying for a few months now.  I have a crude home lab which I am trying to get setup after a recent move.  I have all the basic equipment I need but I'm lacking in space and time for it all.  In the meantime, I'm in search of a mentor.  I grasp all the concepts one could find in a standard introductory text book, but I lack the understanding to link this knowlege to an application.  Specifically, I have been struggling with predicting reactions. 

I approach the subject first by finding out about interesting reactions that peak my curiosity.  I then research as much as I can to fully understand how the reaction works.  Then I design an experiment to recreate the reaction in the lab.  I then use what I learn to concieve of other reactions using the same principles and design experiments to test these new hypothesis (These ususally fail miserably, lol).  When they fail, I research until I learn why and then I go about looking for more curiosities.  I keep a lab notebook and I try to write as much as I can so I can reflect upon it later.

This is all well and good but I feel like I'm stumbling around in the dark a lot.  I used to find all the surprises and misadventures fun but lately it is becoming frustrating.  I really need guidance from those who have walked this road before me.  Thus I have come to Chemical Forums seeking such guidance.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: blue_moon on March 27, 2011, 11:18:52 AM
I am an undergraduate in Chemical engineering and in my final year. Thanks

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Alexia Ashford on April 03, 2011, 11:47:00 AM
Hello everyone!

I'm a environmental chemical engineering student and I'm 25 years old female. I love video games even If people may think That I'm a little too old for... and  I'm a musician too =).

So that's it I think... 

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: SamMoore on April 21, 2011, 07:47:07 AM
I am Sam, a student on the Chemical engineering from Romania and I try to improve my organic chemistry skills and I hope i'll succeed in. I was just browsing around and I think this is a great place and I’m hoping to be able to get and share helpful information here.

Sam :)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Raphael on April 21, 2011, 08:03:01 PM
I'm Raphael. Working on my BS in chemistry. Just changed over to chemistry from botany early this year. Looking forward to getting my hands dirty with even more chemistry.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Eclipsed[i]am on April 22, 2011, 10:20:45 PM
Just signed up! Was looking for a good chem forum, this seems to be it. :) Names Vince
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: LeonaFlare on May 24, 2011, 09:45:56 AM
Hello!! :]

I'm new in this forum, currently taking up BS Chemical Engineering..

this is my 2nd year in college.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: jackskellington on May 24, 2011, 10:44:15 PM
Hello! I'm Katie, 15 years old (16 in one month!), and currently a sophomore in a small Catholic high school. My hobbies include reading, spending time with friends, learning new things, singing, and I absolutely love music.

Although we're about to go on our summer break, I'm sure you'll see me around here a lot. Science does not come naturally to me. Take care, everyone! (:
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: starsnhearts89 on June 05, 2011, 06:30:47 PM
Hey everyone! My name is Mya and I'm from Miami, FL. I now live in Morgantown, WV and am taking classes there. I've come here to improve my understanding of chemistry! It's a subject i've struggled with since high school and i was told by my instructor to join a chemistry forum as it is the best way to start learning! Please bear with me because i'm not too bright in science but I hope I can be more understanding of this subject in the future!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: BluePill on June 07, 2011, 10:43:09 AM
Hi, I'm James

I love organic, inorganic, physical, and biochemistry. I'm currently doing my MPhil on photovoltaic research.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: rausitis on June 24, 2011, 05:11:38 AM
Hello, my name is Mike.  I'm in the IB Diploma Programme, and if you have experienced it yourself, you know that it is a fairly rigourous course, especially chemistry.  I generally like the science, but the workload for that class is killer.  I am currently in the midst of my Group IV project, which is due on Monday of next week, so my life is pretty much revolving around it.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: kartoffel on June 24, 2011, 09:05:26 AM
Hello, I am kartoffel  ;)

I am trying to learn german because it is Einstein's language
Nice to be there
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: nyph on July 25, 2011, 11:42:04 PM
Hi everyone,

I work for a protective coating manufacturer in Indonesia, as a Coating Engineer, who is responsible for formulation and raw material selection of a coating, as well as the application and corrosion-protection properties of the coating.

In protective coating (you also may call it "paint") formulation, I think the use of chemistry mainly focused at raw material recognition: what material will you use for a certain function of a formulated coating. In paint-making itself, the chemical reaction seldom involved. The reaction is expected to happen in the drying/curing process of the coating.

My interest was bigger in mathematics rather than chemistry, but somehow i took BS in chemistry  ;D
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: yoyoils on August 06, 2011, 07:25:13 PM
Hello my names Vincent but anyone can call me Vince.... Glad to of registered finally!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: shango on August 12, 2011, 06:10:36 PM
I'm 19 years old and I'm studying for my BS in chemistry at the University of Cincinnati. 
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: mrteverett on August 15, 2011, 04:33:36 PM
Hello all, I am a chemistry teacher from New Jersey.  I have lived here my whole life, including my years of college at (  I run a chemistry related webpage in my spare time; the link is underneath my name on the left.  I am eager to start my 11th year as a teacher, and I have had the pleasure of teaching chemistry at all levels.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: PHAN on August 16, 2011, 10:02:52 AM
Hi.. Im PHAN 15yrs. old, female and living at Negros Occidental, Philippines. I'm currently struggling my Highschool life at Negros Occidental National Science High school and planning to take Chemical Engineering next year.
Im weak at Advance chemistry (at the same time loving it) so I'm very lucky to discover this forum. Thank you everyone!.. 
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Manda301 on September 17, 2011, 12:33:01 PM
hey guys,  I study at  university right now...and of course i chemistry is really good.   ;)

i m taking these following subjects: Inorganic, Chemical Kinetics, Computational Physical Chemistry and Spectroscopy of Organic Compunds (all 3rd and 4th year courses).  also one sad bpring biochem course.
so i hope we can share all these topics together...  :)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: ActivationEnergy on October 08, 2011, 05:30:55 PM
Hi everyone!
Im Tamara and I am a 17 year old from Scotland. Currently doing Advanced higher Chemistry (also Biology and Maths) Will be doing chemistry at university, possibly with biochemistry. I love nerdy jokes!!! :)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: GlasgowDude on October 11, 2011, 11:10:18 AM
Hey Folks,

Just started my Bachelors degree in Forensic Science. Looking forward to all the Chemistry that's involved!!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Honclbrif on October 18, 2011, 08:47:21 PM
Hey everyone,

I'm a grad student studying at the interface of chemistry and biology. Basically I make molecules, raise proteins, and throw the molecules at the proteins and see what they do. My main interest is in organic chem, but I do enough biology to get by.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Gulfvet91 on November 13, 2011, 01:12:30 PM
I am a student in Dayton, OH.  I am not the typical student since I am 54 years old and I am in the ATIC program.  I am basically here to get some informtaion to help me with a term paper for my last class.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: silent262 on November 18, 2011, 03:27:00 PM
   I am a student at the City College of New York.  I am currently in an undergraduate Chemistry program.  I intend to pursue a PhD in organic chem, and will hopefully be working with one of our faculty on Synthesis research soon.  I have joined to try to keep my chem skills sharp, as I don't always have time to read books (I'm trying to tackle a couple of textbooks and an overview of Solid State Synthesis).   Hope to be of some use!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: LackOfFuel on November 20, 2011, 02:00:43 PM

I'm a highschool student from Slovenia. My main interests are chemistry and learning languages. I'm currently working on a simple research project involving titanium peroxo complexes.  :) 
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Bro-Mide on December 05, 2011, 02:07:23 AM
Hi my name is Richard. i am a geology major at the University of Calgary. I am interested in chemistry as a hobby. Currently I am working on creating a small home lab. Chemical synthesis of organic molecules is what I would like to research.

I came to this site to find experienced and knowledgeable chemists to help answer some questions I have on lab procedures. At the moment I am struggling with evaporating solvents and neutralizing acidic solutions. I would also like to find information on simple molecules that I can synthesize along with detailed information on the reaction mechanics.

If you are an expert and could help answer some of my questions or you know of some references that would help or interest me. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me :)

Thanks and hello Chemical Forums!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: atlasman84 on December 23, 2011, 11:19:49 AM
hello.. i'm from Malaysia.. age about 20's ... male... currently study business admin.. but actually my heart go thoroughly with science field.. so now study with a boring...
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: key435 on December 28, 2011, 11:16:27 AM
Hi all ^^.
   I'm from Vietnam. I have been studying chemistry for 5 years. It's a coincident to study chemistry. But after a long time studying, I feel like organic chemistry.  I have been doing a lot with natural products. Now, I wish I could take a scholarship studying master abroad with synthesis chemistry.
   I'm happy to meet all of you here. I love the people who really love chemistry ^^.

I hope you can make me understand more about chemistry. Thanks so much.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Mitch on January 05, 2012, 03:04:27 PM
key435: Welcome to the forum  8)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Tijana on January 06, 2012, 12:49:40 PM
Hi everybody!

I'm Tijana from Serbia, Nis. Got my bachelor's degree in chemistry after 3 years, finished 4th year and right now I'm finishing 5th year to become master! After that I'm intending Ph.D. :) I like chemistry a lot, especially organic and biochemistry.

Looking forward to learn more chemistry! :)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: GigaGravemind on January 08, 2012, 03:11:33 PM
Hello everyone!

I am a monument to all your sins... But seriously, I am an Undergraduate Biochem student in my senior year who has long struggled with basic concepts.

I was a poor student starting in my sophomore year, which is when I took Gen Chem II and O Chem I, following that, I struggled in simple courses through half my Junior year until I was able to realize what I gift I had been given in my ability to pursue education.

I have since turned over a new leaf and done quite well for someone in my situation, making no lower than a B in any of my Major Courses, making the Dean's honor role and even getting a 4.0 for one semester, despite my shortcomings!

I am struggling, however, after my dealings with P Chem I which has postponed my spring graduation to fall. It was a major blow to all I have worked for and have come to this forum, not only for help, but also encouragement and guidance from my fellow Chemists!

The bottom line is that I know I'm not a great chemist, but I love the field and can't wait to complete my studies and pursue a career in a lab or behind a desk (whatever that may entail). Someday I would even like to teach high school and be an encouragement for others who, like me, love science but feel they have no great aptitude for it.

Lastly, I am a Christian, spend a lot of time in my church community, and try to stay in constant communication with God. While I would not impose, as well as chemistry and careers, I would also love to discuss religion and its application to your life and understanding if you so desire.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to getting to know you all!

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Silppuri on January 22, 2012, 04:00:07 AM
23-year-old male from Finland ( I joined the forum because there aren't too many places where you can talk about chemistry with savvy people, and this fills that need quite well.

I like programming (finished a few Symbian C++ projects), spiders, scorpions, mobile devices, technology, fixing and opening car parts and mechanical devices just to see how they work. And all that other geeky stuff.

I'm a laboratorian (study time three years) and I'm working in a factory lab at the moment. I'm not quite sure how people tend to use the title laboratorian in the English speaking countries, but I'm not qualified to do any of that medical stuff, such as taking blood samples etc. I'd need to study four more years for that. I'm only doing titrations, playing with the devices and all that in a non-medical lab.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Radd on January 23, 2012, 03:44:11 AM

My name is Eli and I am from Vancouver, Canada.

I have an associates degree in Fine Arts with a couple of years of experience in the video game industry. I am now at Langara College and transferring to the University of British Columbia to pursue a Bachelors of Science with a major in Chemistry.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Gennifer753 on January 23, 2012, 10:58:01 AM
Hello everyone i am from castingate, nice too meet you people.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Organic_lover* on January 24, 2012, 01:36:42 PM
Hi there! I'm from Brazil and a graduate student of Chemistry (Bachelor). I'm here to exercise the concepts that I have learned and to remember some other things ^^''' My labor camp is in Natural Product Chemistry and I wish to continue to work with it after I graduate :)

So that's it. Oh, I'm interested too in make some new friends :)

Bye-bye o/
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Smoke on January 25, 2012, 12:16:59 AM
Hello everyone.  I go to Eastern Washington University to study professional Chemistry (approved by the American Chemical Society).

Hopefully I can get to know you all.  I plan on applying myself here by using all the resources I can.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Mitch on January 25, 2012, 08:12:03 PM
Welcome Smoke and Organic_lover*
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: mohitjmehta on January 27, 2012, 08:45:08 AM
i am from India perusing master .planning to gain knowledge from here,as well as giving back to community.
i am also good seo but its my hobby only. ATM chemistry rocks !! 
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: justukyte on January 29, 2012, 07:07:44 AM
Hi, I'm a final year student from Lithuania and am willing to study science that has to do with chemistry and biology, but mostly chemistry. For example, biochemistry, pharmacy, genetics, molecular biology... Well, I still don't know what kind of university I'll be in, but it's very soon to find out..  ;)

I came to this forum to improve my chemistry knowledge, since I believe my inorganic chemistry is terrible, whereas I get top grades in organic chemistry.

Well, making new friends is also fun, so I'm looking forward to know you all :)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: gibsonsggt12 on January 31, 2012, 11:08:18 PM
Hey Im Ryan

From Melbourne Australia. Im in my last year of High school and going on to do my Bachelor Of Science and Major in Chemistry. Im still not sure of what to get my PhD in after that (if yous have any ideas of whats good in the chemistry field, let me know please). Im hoping that there is a spot on this site where I can start off to learn some new things, but not to difficult so I can slowly progress.
Anyways im happy to be here now.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: tunak on February 09, 2012, 05:16:54 PM
Greetings everyone, my name is Peter, Iam 21 years old student of the millitary chemistry from the Czech Republic. I like chemistry and astronomy.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Borek on February 09, 2012, 05:24:43 PM
the millitary chemistry

Care to elaborate?
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: mpv on March 05, 2012, 09:20:47 AM
Hi there. My name in Mihai (you can call me Mike),i am 17 years old, and momentarily I am in the 11th grade at highschool.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: curiousnoob on March 07, 2012, 07:33:51 AM
Hello everyone,
After stalking for a moment, i think i'm glad to join this forum  ;D
My name is Made, i'm from Bali, Indonesia. I'm an under graduated chemistry student in Udayana University.
I'm interested to learn about chemistry because i think with chemistry we can see the around things with another perception ;D
I think i'm not too well in English, so maybe i'm not writing too much,
but i'm glad to answer any incoming questions  :)

Lastly, nice to know you all  :D
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Wave57 on March 14, 2012, 01:22:12 AM

My name is Jake and I'm currently a junior in high school. At first I was interested in pharmacology, but after taking Anatomy and Physiology, I realized my interst in the medical wasn't there. The chemistry interest is definetely there and I'm loving it. I'm planning on taking AP Chemistry next year (along with AP Calculus).

I know that I want to do chemistry in college and onwards, but I'm not sure which field to go into. I really hope this forum can help me out with finding this out.

Other tidbits: I love music (I can play drumkit, and some guitar), I perform in a drum corp and a choir. My favorite artists are The Beatles, The Smiths, RHCP, The Pixies, The Zombies, Radiohead, and much much more.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: fuyuki_kaze on March 18, 2012, 11:04:25 AM
Hi, i was wandering around and i was reading some interesting chemistry books
but i want to discuss with someone-w- not to be alone
also, i have a lot to ask some professionals-w-

well, i am a high-school chemistry student from Hong Kong, love chemistry.
but i am quite disturbed by how should i choose what to study in the university, and my future jobs,
nonetheless, my relatives suggest that i should go for accountants because they make big money.

well, i wish i could meet someone having same interest as mine (ofcos=w=

sorry for any grammatical mistake as English is not my native language=w=
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Cassowary on March 22, 2012, 11:47:15 PM
Hi there, I'm Cass. Just another student who from time to time needs a little help. I feel a little bad for not being able to contribute much to this forum, but I'm a biology student, so I can't really...
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: explosci on April 01, 2012, 05:58:48 AM
Hi, I am a PhD student in inorganic chemistry.  My research involves the development of new energetic materials (explosives)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Evilservo on April 07, 2012, 11:17:31 AM
Hy all,

 I cant believe i found these forums ... i'm an Accounting student and accounts is my field but i love chemistry i studies chemistry till high school but my love for chemistry never ended my father holds a Master degree in Chemistry he never let me choose chemistry whatever i still love it

 I love these forums i hope to learn a lot about chemistry and share very little i know about chemistry

 Thanx all
 Take care
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Gogol13 on April 18, 2012, 11:41:28 AM

My name is Matthew.  I am a biology major, but I have to take Organic Chemistry and will be taking Biochemistry at my university.  I am here to learn from others and for advice on how to study properly.  My goal is to maintain good grades and to learn how to study accordingly.  Your advice will be much appreciated.

Thank you!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: nulant on May 11, 2012, 12:21:29 AM
I am Merial. I work in the plant extracts industry for 12 years after graduation from the university. I come from changsha nulantchem company in China. And i wll work in this field for ever.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: mahmoud.ammar on May 28, 2012, 11:54:09 AM

My name is Mahmoud.

My age is 16 years old.

I live in Lebanon.

I love chemistry so much, but the problem is that I don't find people from my age that love chemistry.

Edit: Do not request personal information on public forums.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Vant Hoff on June 12, 2012, 08:45:27 AM
Hello, my name is Daniel and I am reading Chemistry at the University of Birmingham, UK and have just completed my first year.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Darren on June 20, 2012, 11:49:08 AM
Hello! I am Darren and im studying in singapore. Im 18 this year :D ive not yet been into university.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: zeved on July 21, 2012, 09:16:40 AM
Hello, I am Zeved and I am very interested in chemistry.
I studied one year of Pharmacology but didn't really like it (they had us memorize by heart 6000 latin names of plants, plus the anatomy and all that stuff which i do not care about) so I quit.
Now I am waiting for results on admission to another university in my country (Romania) at the Chemistry department!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: aliphatic on July 27, 2012, 10:31:54 PM
I studied chemical engineering in college for several years before I took some time off and came to the realization that I was going to hate doing it for a living, so I now am an accountant by trade, and current stay at home dad by necessity.
 I use my chemistry background primarily for personal edification (I am ashamed to say I have an ever-growing metal salt collection, and am working on experimental techniques in wool dying), and for the amusement of my and my friend's children (burning s#*$ to make pretty colors, silvering glasses, growing cool crystals, smoke bombs and everything that was truely fun and awesome about chemistry until I had to study it). I try to make my demonstrations as educational as possible, so at least I can trick them into learning something while it goes bang.
 My short-list of interests include electronics, engineering, chemistry, biking, hiking, camping, cooking, alouette, and am heavily into the DIY. I also enjoy long walks on the beach and starry nights.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Guidestar on August 03, 2012, 05:56:49 AM
Hey everyone,I'm new here. ;) A man who has just graduated from college.  Nice to meet you all.Though my major is not chemistry but i am very interested in it. I like punk music so much!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Specialk137 on August 05, 2012, 06:37:57 AM
Hi guys :)

I'm a sixteen year old high school student in sunny Queensland, Australia.
I've done Chemistry since year 9 and will be graduating with it.
Also, EEI's suck.

Nice to meet you all.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: luveshs on August 06, 2012, 07:40:40 AM
Hello! My name is Luvesh and i'm currently doing my A levels, taking bio, chem, physics and maths
I'm still abit unsure about which course i will do, but of all the sciences my favourite is chemistry!
Nice meeting all of you!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: domnic0723 on August 07, 2012, 03:53:24 AM
Im newbie here,hope you guys may work out my problems.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: extensa on August 16, 2012, 02:52:39 AM
Hi all,

I'm Masoud and my age is 29.  I'm from the Iran.
Currently I am beginning as a PhD student in analytical chemistry at Shahid Bahonar University.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: ccirrocc on August 26, 2012, 10:10:44 PM
Hey Everyone

I am a gold prospector.  I am retired from work and from the U.S. Air Force.  I needed something to do in my retirement so I picked up prospecting for gold.  I was recently in AK.  I was told there is gold, silver and platinum in the ground.  I found this site as a way to figure out how to tell if there is platinum and how to extract it from my concentrates.  In the most safest manner possible.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: yesway on August 27, 2012, 12:46:31 PM

I'm a beginning MSc student in MedChem at a continental European university and I'm looking forward to interesting discussions here.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: mjbai on August 29, 2012, 03:49:26 PM
Hi, I'm new and have a bad history with chemistry but now work in the industry. I'm taking an organic class as well. The bad history was in high school, where I had a really terrible teacher and dropped out of advanced chem. Since I'm now working in Higher Education, I have to learn to conquer my fear :) hope you all can *delete me*
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Hunter2 on August 31, 2012, 01:01:58 AM
Hello I am Hunter2 also called Norbert.  I am a chemical engineer 51 age. I studied Polymer science in Germany and work to day in a galvano technic company. Travel alot to customers in the far east. China is my second home land.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: _Weirdo_0.o on October 09, 2012, 03:27:36 PM
Hi everyone!
My name's Ilyssa and I am a sophomore biochemistry major, currently taking the Honors O-Chem class at my school.
I hope to gain assistance in the sciences on this forum since everyone at my school (especially in the Honors class) is snooty and therefore, very difficult to talk to.
Let's talk :]
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: UrbanLegend on October 16, 2012, 07:03:23 AM
Good morning everyone,
How everyone doing? Kinda new to this place. Hope to learn more stuff in here.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: nuclearalcemist2 on October 19, 2012, 07:34:15 AM
Hello everybody!

I've heard this is a wonderful place to discuss stuff. I'm looking forward to helping people out using the knowledge (limited) I possess!

See ya around!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Chartreuse on October 20, 2012, 11:52:35 PM
Greetings, everybody!
My current online name is Chartreuse/Charts, a sophomore Pharmacy student from Manila, Philippines. I find Chemistry extremely amusing as of late, although I have yet to justify that recent interest while I retrack and study again all of the chemistry topics I took for granted. Teaching is one of my recent passions and I handled tutorials for general and organic chemistry subjects, and botany for the last year. I am currently learning Biochemistry and am set out to tackle Pharmacology and pharmaceutical chemistry subjects in the next years. I visited this forum to maintain my interest for chemistry even while at home, and especially with other people of the same interest. In that, I hope to meet and make new friends in this forum. Cheers!
- Charts
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Altered State on October 28, 2012, 07:56:07 PM
Hi everyone.
I'm a second year Chemistry student. I'm from Spain and I'm studing at the UDC university, in Galicia, but my goal is to work all around the world, don't really know where, but absolutely out of here. I'm also trying to reach high marks in my grade. As you can apreciate my English is not as good as I wanted it to be, but I do my best, feel free to correct me.

Regards, and I hope I will learn a bunch of things over here, see you!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Archy12345 on December 26, 2012, 09:13:53 PM
Hello chemists! xD I'm Ben. I'm a 17 year old senior in the US. I've been taking chemistry classes for about two and a half years now. I love chemistry. I'm not the best at it, but I try to learn something new about it everyday. I recently got a pretty decent chemistry set. I'm hoping to learn all I can from it. I want to study chemistry in college.

I also love music. I play 6 instruments and write music all the time. xD
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Napoleon on January 08, 2013, 04:25:20 AM
Hello :)
My name is Napoleon and I am currently a student at TSK in the Faroe Islands... While the school focuses on many different classes, I seem to like chemistry the most. Hope to interact plenty with you guys:)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Ember on January 24, 2013, 06:01:59 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm a chemistry student at Utrecht University (Netherlands). I like a wide range of chemistry subjects, but mainly I'm interested in physical chemistry. At the moment, I'm trying to improving my organic chemistry knowledge, which is one of the reasons why I registered.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: nick123 on February 07, 2013, 12:08:49 PM
Hello! My name is Nick and i am studying chemistry in the university of Athens, Greece!!! I really like your forum!!

Hope all have a good chemistry together...!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Sealion on February 20, 2013, 04:55:54 PM
Hi, I'm a 20 year old undergraduate, from UK
I am particularly interested in the chemistry behind drug use (pharmaceuticals) and their molecular structures.
I have been lurking these forums for a while but decided to join today.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Corribus on February 27, 2013, 11:07:27 PM
Hi everyone -

I joined today but this isn't my first time here.  Arrived here occasionally in the past accidentally through google searches.  Happened today again and figured what the heck, might as well register.

I earned my PhD in chemistry in 2006 in the area of molecular photophysics and electronic materials.  Did a post-doc in nanomaterials which I completed in 2009.  Since then I've had a job with an agency in the US federal government as a research scientist.  I'm more into materials science now but I still love my spectroscopy roots and always will!  Don't get a chance to teach that much in my current position but I always loved that part of academia so I'm always happy to help younger people achieve an understanding of chemical concepts, but also help to nurture a love of chemistry and science in general.

Anyway, nice to meet you all...
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Borek on February 28, 2013, 04:25:24 AM
Welcome to the forum Corribus, hope you will feel like home here :)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: EPhantom on April 09, 2013, 08:18:22 PM
Hello, I made this account a long while ago but didn't really do much with it, so let me introduce myself and try to be more active. :)

My name is Joseph, I am 23 years old and live in Michigan . I was working towards getting a degree in electrical engineering when some medical issues started popping up making things difficult for me. I have interestes in electronics, chemistry, and medicine, and metal (I just like metal :P )

Most of what I'll probably be posting about will be about metals, fire/plasma, and maybe some medical related stuff (nothing insane in that field though).

I'm not very good at chemistry, so I'll try to keep my questions in a form as if I'm a student asking for help with homework and only ask for a solution if I can't figure it out on my own after a while.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: STraxler on April 10, 2013, 09:31:10 PM
Hi, my name is Steve, I graduated from Michigan Tech in 86 with a BSCHE.  I have been doing both Chemistry and Engineering work since then.  My preference is definitely chemistry.  I currently work for a major paint company doing formulation work.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: TheHitokiri on May 02, 2013, 01:55:15 PM
Hello, I'm Con. 23 years old and a Chemical Engineering undergraduate at Nanyang Technological University. I have a burning passion for organic chemistry and I had a good experience on some short-term research work on co-crystallization and polymorphism at a local research institute.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Priyanka24 on May 30, 2013, 06:36:25 AM
Helozzzz to all

My name is Priyanka working as an internet marketing executive and have done Graduation with science background. Chemistry was my favorite subject since my high school. i alwayz use to score very good marks in chemistry as compared to others. I have further continued my education as engineering in chemistry but because of some reasons i have to change my stream which was very sad for me :(. But now i am used to it and i got thrilled when i see such kind of forums.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: SeriouslySensual on June 01, 2013, 02:17:16 PM
Hi there, i'm Dee and I've been studying the major chemical engineering Mpd in University Berkeley. I'm looking forward to making some new friends here.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: NotSureIfSRS on June 15, 2013, 09:18:05 PM
Hey there everyone.

I'm sitting Scholarship chemistry this year in order to try get into a reputable University, I thought joining here would aid me in places I would struggle.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Bountyhunter on June 19, 2013, 10:09:38 PM
Hi - I'm Bruce.

I'm an industrial chemist in Australia (Brisbane).

Did my degree in the 1980's, topped up with post grad in Tech Mgt and MBA as well as some specialty courses through the years. Now own my own manufacturing plant.

We do mostly toll manufacture of detergents / water treatment chemicals / fertilizers and paints - pretty mixed bag. Lots of disparate formulation chemistry - lots of fun!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: icarus on June 26, 2013, 12:05:21 PM
hey everybody.

i'm a 23 year old biology major, in general chem 2 right now. i took general chem 1 awhile ago so some of the concepts are hazy, hopefully they will come back :) cheers
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Seflapod on July 05, 2013, 11:16:17 AM
Hi everyone! I'm Simon, an undergraduate studying chemical sciences (nanotechnology and materials) at UQ, Australia.

I came to love chemistry later than most; I didn't have the option of taking it in high school, and it was only when I had turned 25 and earned a Diploma of Science did I realise that chemistry was the path I wanted to pursue. Prior to that I had worked in business and retail, having been mentored by a retired head of Occidental Chemicals. It was somewhat financially rewarding, but I felt a growing regret that I hadn't pursued the dream I'd had as a young teen; to be actively involved in the burgeoning field of nanotechnology and try to change the world! After receiving admission to my local university (James Cook, a world leader in ecology and environmental research, but sadly not so much in chemistry), I handed in my leave notice and began my long road as a science student. I was offered a transfer to the University of Queensland in Brisbane to join the Advanced Study Program in Science, which has allowed me to learn under some truly remarkable leaders and teachers.

I am driven by the current era of innovation and technological advancement; whenever the stresses of study get me down, or the pressure of student poverty becomes too much, or the doubts of being an older student in a class of barely drinking-aged kids makes me falter; I look to the human advances that are made with exponentially increasing acceleration and I remember: I want to be a part of that. I don't just want to live to see the new humanity we make for ourselves, I want to have had a hand in it.

Chemically, I'm chiefly interested in organic synthesis, natural product characterisation and synthesis, self-assembly and organometallic chemistry in drug design. I have a fascination with enzymes as nanomachines, but find biochemical lab work to be unsatisfying (unlike chemistry lab work, which I find extremely rewarding).

Outside of academia, I barbecue anything delicious I can get my hands on, argue with my friends over beer about important issues like why Risk was the superior board game to Monopoly, read whatever books that fall into my clutches (hard sci-fi, speculative nonfiction, RPG core books and the philosophies of Nietzsche and Rand seem to be the preference) and go hiking and camping in the bush with my girlfriend. I also read far too much Wikipedia late at night.

Well that's me, all the very best to you all, and I hope to one day meet and perhaps work with some of the members of the forum. Also, I am in the process of learning to speak Russian, so if anyone is fluent and would like an Australian chem-pal (oo, terrible almost-pun) please let me know! ;D
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: magician4 on July 09, 2013, 11:40:06 PM
Hi y'all,

I'm Ingo from Hamburg, Germany, and just found this forum a few weeks ago whilst searching for some chemical data  (i.e.: Google brought me here)
Then I did a look around, found a lot of threads interesting, and decided to stay for a while and try to be helpful (and along the way brushing up my English a bit)

Looking forward to work with this nice community!



p.s.: did my Ph.D. in chemistry in '93, working on highly strained medium ringsized olefins: trans-cycloheptene and such stuff
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: fahimaiub on July 13, 2013, 03:34:58 AM
Hello guys, I am new in this forum.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: antimatter101 on July 17, 2013, 07:42:21 AM
Ello, Im Edward and I study in a secondary school in Sydney. I found this site becouse of Google...
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Illuminatus on July 17, 2013, 10:31:21 AM
Hello Forums,

I am an undergraduate at UC Berkeley; my course of study/major is Chemical Biology. I am currently an intern in the Analytical Chemistry department of a biopharmaceuticals company here in the bay area.

I hope my services prove useful.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: mjpam on July 26, 2013, 05:22:07 PM

I'm not sure exactly what to say about myself. I have an abiding love of and fascination with chemistry. Because I have a BA in Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Molecular biology, my chemistry interests have mostly focused on its interface with biology, although I have recently developed an interest in heterocyclic organic chemistry, in paticular series of compounds formally created by systematically replacing carbons with a single heteroatom (e.g., the (poly)azepines).

I would like to eventually get a PhD and join the academic sphere. As I am a bit intellectually promiscuous, I would gladly attend the program of any department that accepted me, but my preferred specialization would have a chemical-biological slant to it.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Corribus on July 26, 2013, 09:21:52 PM
Welcome, mjpam.
intellectually promiscuous
I'm not sure what this means, but it sounds dirty. :P
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: mjpam on July 26, 2013, 11:23:48 PM
Welcome, mjpam.
intellectually promiscuous
I'm not sure what this means, but it sounds dirty. :P

It means that I have many research interests that I would like to cultivate, so, if I get accepted into a math PhD program where I can study computational protein structure prediction, I will be just as happy as if I got into a biochemistry PhD program where I can study the kinetic of protein folding through directed mutagenesis. :)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: pottesjaak on den hoak on August 21, 2013, 04:23:26 PM
21years old
( professional as in being paid for ) chemist doing QC and Research for company producing additives for polymers;
fininished a specialized high school program here in europe with a great emphasis on different disciplines within chemistry

I've written my final essay on Gas chromatography,

have been working in the chemical industry since my 20 years old,
2 interships : -

- BRC petroplus holdings : in the lab doing GC , emission spectroscopy and some complextitrations

 - Evonik : as a process operator controlling the whole chemical procedure as well as doing some GC to monitor production in the lab

worked for Inza : doing microbiological tests ( hated it ) , vitamine C determination by titration , some physical testing ( density and viscosity )

currently working for ?? :

my specialties are : ( if i may say so ) outstanding analytical skills and thinking
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: kriggy on August 26, 2013, 05:27:50 PM
Hi there,
I´m starting last year of my bachelors in bioinorganic chemistry so I have about 9 months to write my thesis. I want to get my PHD in the end and stay at university as researcher / teacher.

I realy like working in a lab although I sometimes lack patience but I didnt destroy any experience piece of glassware (yet :D)
I hope i can learn thing or two from you guys :)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Furquan on September 06, 2013, 10:15:26 AM

My name is Furquan Hassan. I am from Toronto, Canada. Just wanted to say hello to all the members here.

I have just started studying Chemistry. I find it very interesting. Unfortunately my teacher is one lazy person  :-\, he does not teaches us anything at all that is why I am here in this forum and made it as my homepage. I am looking forward to study engineering in university which means I need a firm ground in chemistry and physics.

I have just started and I am pretty seriously into it, therefore I will be asking a lot of questions (starting from the basics) from my bro's and sis's here in this forum. For every question I will be leaving my name in the heading "[Furquan]".  I hope you will help me in this journey.  :)

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Hunter2 on September 06, 2013, 10:52:00 AM
Hello and welcome
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Borek on September 06, 2013, 12:34:34 PM
Welcome to the forum.

For every question I will be leaving my name in the heading "[Furquan]"

Please don't, we prefer subject to tell us what the question is about, not who posted it.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Brodes on September 22, 2013, 01:20:11 AM
G'day! My name is Brodie & I'm from Australia. I'm currently studying for my Engineering Degree & I work for a desalination company.

I've grown to love the chemistry side of both work & study & hope to learn more from you guys in this forum.

I'd be keen to hear from anyone else from down under :-)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: asalam on September 27, 2013, 02:26:17 PM
Hey im Asalam and ive recently been pursuing an interest in chemistry. I have started distilling and condensing home made alcohol for research purposes and am studying as much as i can on biochemistry through tutorials, documents and research online. Would love help to learn more and hopefully will pursue a degree as a mature student in biochemistry.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: eu pharmacy on October 05, 2013, 03:42:31 AM
Hello to all the members in this forum..very interesting forum
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Lete_ on October 05, 2013, 06:07:55 PM
Hi everyone!
I'm a master student in polymer science in Brazil. I joined the group to discuss about polymers!! =)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: nicknow123 on November 18, 2013, 03:20:09 PM
I'm a High School Sophomore taking regular Chemistry, and I developed a passion for the subject while partially disabled due to Accutane. I like doing home experiments, to the dismay of some of my family members, and enjoy being able to take the science into my own hands. I'm very inexperienced and ignorant compared to the very advanced individuals on this site, and I hope you will bear with me and my occasional stupidity. Thanks -

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: labrat42 on December 02, 2013, 10:28:46 PM
I am new here.  I love learning chemistry, but it doesn't come easily.  I know for some it is a gift.  For me, I hope it is a skill that I can learn with practice.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: megatyler30 on December 24, 2013, 10:39:05 AM
Hi everyone, my name is Tyler. I'm a Junior in high school. Every since freshman year, when I took chemistry, I've been very interested in chemistry and chemical engineering.

So far the chemistry (or chemistry related) classes I've taken:

And next semester I'm taking Physical Chemistry 1, Engineering Materials Lab, Differential Equations (took Calculus 3 this past semester and got A), and Engineering Statics.

Anyways nice to meet all of you  :)
(I'll post my blog I just started in the advertising and on my profile, I'd love to get opinions on good self-study textbooks)
Title: New here
Post by: Joeyups7 on December 24, 2013, 04:41:15 PM
Hey everyone. Im new here and want to get into chemistry. I don't know much at all but in the past few days I have made all kinds of cool things doing experiments with chemicals found in my home. It would be great to get some guidance on making new things. The basic chems I got are Aluminum sulfate, Magnesium Sulfate, sodium bicarbonate, Copper acetate, sodium hydroxide, acetic acid, citric acid, hydrogen peroxide, and ammonium hydroxide. I know that there is so much I can potentially make with all this. It would be amazing if anyone could help get me started.. Thanks Joey Ups
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Molaris on December 25, 2013, 11:32:55 PM
Hello everybody! My name is Chris and I'm thrilled to be here with people who love chemistry!! I am an undergraduate chemistry major in southern California. Looking foward to being on here.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Papou on January 31, 2014, 03:08:42 PM
Hi i'm Papou, I am from Canada and I am here to see how much people could teach me more before I go back to school as I wanna study chemistry !
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: AlphaScent on March 11, 2014, 10:32:56 AM
Hello All,

My name is Bob.  I am 25 years old and am currently a production chemist for a small company specializing in insect pheromone technology.  I graduated from SUNY-ESF in Syracuse, NY in 2011 with a B.S. in chemistry.  I am returning to start my graduate work at the same institution this fall in elucidation and synthesis of organic compounds.

I grew up in the Buffalo area and was always intrigued by the field of science.  I enjoyed physics immensely after reading "The Elegant Universe" by Brian Greene.  Though taking my first differential equations class I realized I would not be a major player in string theory and would just stick to chemistry full time. 

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: kriggy on March 11, 2014, 03:49:58 PM
Ok I think I resisted long enough. ;D
My name is Mike, 22yrs old. Currently finishing my Bc. in bioinorganic chemistry in Palacky Univerzity in Olomouc, Czech Republic trying to prepare enzyme mimetics which is going well I guess.
Im thinking of switching to organic for my masters but Im not sure yet but I most likely will.
I like burgers, pizza, beer, computer games (cs:go, dota),board games (DnD, MtG) and metal music.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: VoxAure on April 09, 2014, 11:06:55 AM

I'm VoxAure, and I finished my Associate's Degree in Chemistry last year.

I'm currently working internships and building professional connections, hoping that eventually I'll get a good job that will help me pay for further school.

My ultimate goal is either Chemical Engineering or something related. Nothing interests me more than large industrial applications of chemistry!

I'm also a huge dork for batteries (they're beautiful, it's like a ballet of chemicals, reactions, concentrations, voltage potentials and electronics) and pay close attention to the cell phone industry.

In my spare time I play games (Pathfinder anyone?) and listen to classic rock.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Adenosine TriBossphate on April 09, 2014, 02:54:41 PM
Hey there fellow chemistry enthusiasts!

Currently an undergrad biochemistry student studying at the University of Kansas. Hope to get a PhD in biochemistry and move on to become a biochem researcher (hopefully in California or Washington State). Not much more to be said here, but glad to be a part of the forum!  ;D
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Sam_ on May 11, 2014, 08:21:35 PM
Hi, I'm Sam.

I earned a BSc. in Chemistry (focusing on theory) in 1997 and started grad school immediately after that. I left grad school in 1999 to work on software for the process control industry, never very far from chemical issues but never very close either.
I'm currently trying to develop some ideas I've had about chemistry teaching into functional web services / mobile apps.

I'm here to talk about chemistry and also to practice helping people who have questions about chemistry, in order to better understand what motivates students' questions, what barriers/misconceptions prevent them from understanding chemistry, and how to identify those barriers.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Alec on May 14, 2014, 03:06:49 AM

This is Alec from Belgium.

I'm refreshing my chemistry and general science bits and pieces of knowledge from a long time ago as  I aspire to go back to college again in the near future.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Polytriazole on May 21, 2014, 10:25:02 PM
I'm currently a postdoc at MIT in chemistry, defended my PhD last year from UMass Amherst.

My specialties are polymer chemistry and material science.

I have significant professional interests in community outreach and "soft" skills training.

My big hobbies are cooking, home brewing, reading, and singing.
Title: Looking for high school chemistry enthusiasts
Post by: suzi9spal on May 26, 2014, 10:43:15 AM

My name is Dan and I'm in my second high school year.
Recently I've become really interested in chemistry and I'm looking for people like me to start a group on Facebook, it would be great if I could communicate with someone that has similar interests. So if you are in your teenage years and interested in chemistry, please message me. The crazier the better :D

Dan T.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Zyklonb on June 27, 2014, 05:52:26 PM
I wasn't planning on doing this, but whatever.
I'm a 15 year old male, I am a hobby chemist, who has takin' a few high school chemistry classes and will take a college class next year - hopefully.
I like doing experiments in my home lab, where I have achieved hundreds of useful chemicals and lots of glassware.
   I work mostly in inorganic chemistry, as I'm still learning organic.
Mostly I do rather dangerous procedures, experimenting with and covalent compounds of sulfur, chlorine, bromine, iodine, nitrogen, and many oxyacid's thereof.
I like to make covalent compounds (generally liquids, as gasses are harder to control and generally more toxic).
Recently I made: ClO, I2Cl6 (tends to catch anything organic on fire upon contact), liquid N2O4, SO3, Br2, S2Cl4 (very unstable, most be stored under pure chlorine), S2Cl2, Nh2Cl and many more in the past.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Hunter2 on June 28, 2014, 06:52:10 AM
I wasn't planning on doing this, but whatever.
I'm a 15 year old male, I am a hobby chemist, who has takin' a few high school chemistry classes and will take a college class next year - hopefully.
I like doing experiments in my home lab, where I have achieved hundreds of useful chemicals and lots of glassware.
   I work mostly in inorganic chemistry, as I'm still learning organic.
Mostly I do rather dangerous procedures, experimenting with and covalent compounds of sulfur, chlorine, bromine, iodine, nitrogen, and many oxyacid's thereof.
I like to make covalent compounds (generally liquids, as gasses are harder to control and generally more toxic).
Recently I made: ClO, I2Cl6 (tends to catch anything organic on fire upon contact), liquid N2O4, SO3, Br2, S2Cl4 (very unstable, most be stored under pure chlorine), S2Cl2, Nh2Cl and many more in the past.

In similar way I started my carreer about 40 years ago. But today its not so easy anymore because chemicals restricted and cannot purchased from private person easily.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: EvaTye on June 29, 2014, 11:56:39 PM

I am Eva. I work for a chemical company on graphite products, it mainly deal with graphene. I like this work, for I think graphene is a kind of very amazing material, I believe it will change our life, make life better. Hope to get more friends here who also intrested in this material :)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: CaptainCovalency on July 01, 2014, 02:14:43 PM
Hello! I am a high school student of chemistry, so as you can imagine, I am hardly scraping the dust in this advanced world of research. I do highly enjoy the subject, and am striving to thoroughly understand these concepts. I'm excited to see what these forums have to offer, and am glad to have found fellow lovers of chemistry!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: puffincatz23 on July 08, 2014, 05:17:55 PM
Hello Everyone!

Words can't describe how happy I am to have discovered this forum. It's awesome to find a community of like minded people who share the same passion as I do! Anyhow, a little bit about myself. I am currently an upcoming Junior majoring in biology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Although I am also pre-med, I have developed a love for organic chemistry ever since I took it last year. I'm currently a TA for that class, and I consider organic chemistry my "hobby" :)

I am the type of person that loves to ask questions. As I continue to learn more about the magical world of chemistry, I constantly have random questions that pop up in my head that begs for answers. However, I can't really bother my orgo professor 24/7, so I am hoping that I can get everything answered here. I look forward to getting to know all of you!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: nightguy on August 02, 2014, 09:01:27 AM
Hi! I'm Nik, and currently I'm high school student, where I'm studying for mechatronic technician. I don't have a lot of chemistry in my school, but I found great interest in chemistry, so it became my hobby and I hope, I will learn something from users of this forum :)

Otherwise I work alot with electronics, like all kinds of electronic circuits, robotics, computers and other IT systems. I always had interest in all kinds of stuff, so chemistry is not exception :D
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Za_fantasia on September 29, 2014, 11:57:44 AM
Hi there

Feel free to call me Za
I'm still a teenager.
Um, well, I'm not the smartest kid around, but I love learning new things and can state the most random, unusual facts. I'm one of the most curious people you could ever come across.

So yeah, that's about it. :-)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: typeflex on December 06, 2014, 03:41:18 PM
Hello My fellow chemforum users.

Logging in here from South Texas. Currently taking Chem 2, and I'll be taking Ochem next semester.

I'm on here because I've never really been good at chemistry, and I'm seeking help now and in the future from my fellow site members who are able to better understand chemistry.

I don't come from a background in science, but after this semester, I've actually taken a liking to chemistry, and I'm looking forward to the challenge of Ochem.

I look forward to browsing the forum and reviewing the material that I've had trouble with.

Also, if I'm able to help anyone I will definitely reply to threads. Luckily I've read that the administrators and moderators are very helpful.

Thank You for the site by the way Admin.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: SinkingTako on December 07, 2014, 04:28:54 AM
I think I haven't posted here before, though I've lurked (and posted a bit) for a while.

So, hello everybody, I am fro Singapore, reached the drinking age in some countries (not all), and currently a lost sheep applying for universities and thinking about what to do for the next 9 months or so. It's like a 3/4 gap year kind of thing now.

I'm seriously considering doing chemistry in university, and become a organic chemist someday. Though practical wise chem (esp in academia) doesn't seem too promising so that's making me reconsider a bit.

I love org chem, especially synthesis, which makes me kind of jealous that so many of you have the chance to work around the lab making stuff and doing analysis. I did try doing lab for a short period and I thoroughly enjoyed it,  though I think if it's a job it gets annoying heh ;)

I thoroughly liked problem of the week when it was still in existence. Very sad that it's gone :(

Actually since there's quite a bit of interest in proposing synthesis schemes, why don't we start a problem of the week on that? Like proposing a scheme for a compound. And whoever gets the most elegant one wins! I think some of my friends at school really enjoy that as casual activities.

So: hohoho! Hello! Nice to meet you all!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Borek on December 07, 2014, 05:27:16 AM
why don't we start a problem of the week on that?

We tried in the past - but somehow it never worked for long. Note it is quite an effort to find interesting problems every week. But I would love to see this kind of activity at CF!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: gitesh on December 07, 2014, 10:16:25 AM
Hi there.. My name is Giteshwar. I'm from Jalgaon,India. I'm 11th student. I like chemistry and Computer programming.  :) ;)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Damilola on December 13, 2014, 01:22:36 PM
Am Damilola, am an undergrad at OOU right here in Nigeria. Currently, am studing anatomy upon grad i will put in for med
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: ioncube on January 01, 2015, 02:27:48 PM
Hi there greetings to all of you ...I am a practising Chemical Engineer at Pakistan's largest Chloralkali industry. We create caustic via membrane electrolysis technology by Uhdenora & AsaiKasia...
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Symposium on February 03, 2015, 09:48:49 PM
I am a High School senior going into Chemical Engineering in college (not sure yet which college but already been accepted as ChE major to Purdue). I've been lurking on these forums for a little bit. I hope to do something related to my enjoyment of programming, mathematics, and chemistry as an extension to Chemical Engineering.

I live in the good ol' USA as an Asian-American.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Darryl1 on February 19, 2015, 11:22:25 PM
Just stumbled on this site looking for chemistry / general science forums.

I'm a terrible chemist, but a pretty good food scientist.  I have a degree in food science and human nutrition and work in food product development.  Most of the chemistry I do is food related.  If there are any ingredients in food that you don't know what they are, there is a good chance that i could tell you.
Aside from that, I'm a general science nerd and I like to give talks about random sciency things and corrupt the youth to get them into food science.  Lately I've been into the space program and anything nuclear.  I'm also a pretty terrible *Ignore me, I am dishonest* player - which is why I have a day job.
Looking forward to reading these forums periodically.

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Post by: Bushinryu on March 02, 2015, 10:04:26 AM
Hi, everyone!

"Bushinryu" here. Fom Europe, though live in Japan, with chemistry as a private hobby; hence my decision to join the forum here as I thought it a great place to share information and learn from the more experienced and knowledgeable.

Yoroshiku onegai shimasu.

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Post by: sk36 on March 29, 2015, 01:55:16 PM
Hi all, I'm Siva from Tamilnadu, India. I'd done my UG in Chemistry. I had worked in other fields for around 2 years and now almost my chemistry knowledge is rusted. Now I'm working as analytical chemist in a private testing company. I want to recall things and as well as i want to learn more about restricted substance in textiles (as I'm working as a Analytical Chemist in textile testing). Hope joining in a forum should be useful to recall my chemistry as well as learning chemistry. Apart from chemistry i like Photography.
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Post by: Henry_H on April 06, 2015, 07:17:41 PM
Hello, My name is Henry Hsieh. If anyone is interesting in purchasing TiO2, or has any questions. You may contact me via pm thx. 
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Post by: Daeron13 on April 29, 2015, 02:40:21 PM

I'm new here so, I'll introduce myself: I'm Ray, a graduate student, who is studying Science of Materials in the University of Sonora, in Sonora, Mexico. Almost 25 years old, and I love chemistry, physics and math!

I'm currently working in molecular recognition of anions, and I'm developing a sensor molecule that can attach anions via hydrogen bond. My undergraduate was in Food Chemistry, at the same university.

I have participated in several Chemistry contests, as well as in Physics and Math (but didn't have so much luck in the latest) and I won some prizes.

I enjoy reading books, play flute and play videogames :D And the best: sleeping z____z

I hope to be useful here!
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Post by: Kemistry Kaiser on May 29, 2015, 01:18:47 PM
   Hey everyone!
   My name is Alec Balog and I'm currently a sophomore at Penn State. Besides my general chemistry curriculum, online articles, and backyard experiments, the only real chemistry work that I've done is a semester of analytical research on molecularly imprinted polymers (which I will continue researching in the Fall). I'm obsessed with learning and experimenting with chemistry and will certainly be pursuing a PhD. in it. I'm mostly here to learn from all you professionals out there, and so far this forum is great!

I also love to read, write, draw, play video games, study history, and learn about any and all science, especially chem. Looking forward to becoming a part of the community!  ;D

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Post by: zapkinus on May 31, 2015, 12:06:34 PM
hi all

i'm working organic chemistry, Fluorene/Fluorenone ring, the investigation of the mechanism between DNA-ligand interaction and the telomerase activity in addition carbazole and ethidium bromide ring, DNA-Ligang interaction and the telomarase activity,

what i'm saying is, would you be science friend?

i don't speak English very well but knowledge grows when shared

thank you

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Post by: Rei on June 02, 2015, 04:48:31 AM
Hi all, I'm someone who's led a rather unambitious life until recently, and realized that there had to be some passion of mine worth pursuing, and so I found chemistry. I begin my second year as an undergraduate next semester, and I am looking forward to every single bit of it. I could describe the past years as me being a mediocre student due to a lack of motivation and enthusiasm for learning, but I believe I can change that; better late than never!

I don't know where I will end up in the future, but as long as I know I will love what I do, I won't regret it.
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Post by: Pastychomper on June 25, 2015, 04:35:00 AM
Hi all!

I'm a mass spec jockey with a BSc in biochemistry and a background that includes big pharma, small farmer and various types of radioactivity.  My career has been mostly about separation and analysis so far, with several years of pharmacokinetics thrown in for good measure. 

Aside from that I'm interested in ecology, theology, mountain walking, computers and SWMBO (not necessarily in that order ;) ).

Happy reacting :D
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Post by: Borek on June 25, 2015, 05:30:12 AM
Welcome to the forum!
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Post by: FireflySci on July 21, 2015, 12:35:38 PM
Hi everyone my name is Simcha Woitovich.  I'm an optical engineer with over 10 years of laboratory experience.  Currently I work with FireflySci in manufacturing spectrophotometer cuvettes and NIST calibration standards.  Looking forward to sharing all my knowledge with the community!
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Post by: PoojaPadmakumar on October 08, 2015, 09:59:47 AM
I am from India, doing my undergraduate course in Biotechnology and Bio-chemical engineering.
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Post by: SirReal on October 15, 2015, 09:21:23 PM
Hello everyone,

I study chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh.  I am particularly interested in drug design, pharmaceuticals, and synthetic organic chemistry.  It is an honor to be among fellow scholars, thought I hold little weight in comparison to most of you guys :)

I am in my junior year.  Currently I am enrolled in Organic 1 and Organic lab 1.  The lab is my favorite part of the week, even though it is at 8AM.  I am considering trying to find some undergraduate research work over the summer or next year. 

I am 24 years old, male, and live on the east coast.  I am troubled by the pervasive problem that I cannot know enough about chemistry.  Every time I find out the answer to one of my questions, I am riddles with several more.  What is this fabric of reality that we study?  What is it composed of?  How is it possible for some dirt and metals to drastically change brain chemistry?  How does the human body function?  Questions, questions, QUESTIONS!  >:D

I look forward to learning more about chemistry and being able to consult you ladies and gentlemen for *delete me*
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Post by: mikasaur on October 19, 2015, 04:39:34 PM
Hello all,

I am a total chemistry newbie but I'm trying to learn more and more! I graduated with a degree in Engineering from Harvey Mudd College and have been doing business software consulting for the past 6 years.

I've grown to miss the physical sciences and have developed an interest in re-learning the chemistry I already knew and going beyond that. So far I've started by taking MIT's OpenCourseware course 5.111 Principles of Chemical Science. It's fantastic and I'm pacing myself as if I were in the actual class.

I'm hoping to learn a bit by osmosis here. I'd like to give h e l p as much possible and receive some in return. I look forward to interacting with you all!
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Post by: missmendeleev on October 22, 2015, 08:30:34 AM
Hello everyone.

I am a chemistry "nerd". Currently studying Grade 11 University Chemistry, and I live in Canada.
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Post by: electronpusher96 on November 26, 2015, 06:09:26 PM
Hello, new here.  I'm currently a lowly undergraduate studying chemistry.  Love to learn and do chemistry as much as possible!
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Post by: Doc.AElstein on January 04, 2016, 07:11:48 AM
  My name is Alan Elston. I was born in England in the early sixties. I studied Physics, but the memory is fading a bit from  what I learnt at University, as since moving to Germany sometime ago, I have had a break from all things “Scientific or Technical”. I came out of this “coma” abruptly a couple of years ago, needing to become a bit of an Nutrition and training “coach” to help my Wife with her necessary Diets.  I am having a bit of a difficult time coping with having to become an expert in many disciplines very quickly. Nutrition forums have not been too much help as i am forced into going into things in a bit more detail.  I am trying to make a computer controlled Nutrition protocol for my Wife. I read a lot of Biology and Organic Chemistry books, but I am hopelessly out of my depth.  I also had to get quite quickly to stand with programming, and have become fairly proficient with Excel VBA programming through some participation at ExcelForum and MrExcel Forum ( User name Doc.AElstein and DocAElstein )
 I hope i do not annoy the obviously high qualified people here by attempting to get some explanations capable of being understood by a layman like me.

Many Thanks in advance for any help.
Alan Elston
( Doc.AElstein )
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Post by: Hoguem715 on January 24, 2016, 05:41:28 PM
Good day to all!

I am initially from Pennsylvania where I was a citizen scientist working on various types of recycling, with countless hours spent with metallurgy (I'm a welder by trade!), radiochemistry, solvent extraction of radioactive materials from ores, experimenting with nuclear fusion via a fusor I had constructed and licensed, as well as various material behaviors in a radioactive environment.
  Since then I have moved to Connecticut to be with my lovely fiancée, and I am going to a community college for chemistry under the veteran's tuition waiver (proudly served for a couple of years as Army Ordnance), and intend to get into the state university for chemical engineering after I'm through with the community college.  I dream of going to MIT for nuclear or chemical engineering at the graduate level.  After all, MIT is about 30 minutes from me.

As you may imagine, coming from a radiochemistry background, community college is not very challenging, I am almost done with the semester and the semester hasn't even started yet.  So I have discussed with my professor becoming part of a group of like-minded individuals so I can be challenged. 

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Post by: Borek on January 25, 2016, 03:17:13 AM
Welcome to the forum!
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Post by: tterragx on March 18, 2016, 02:08:34 AM
Hi All,

I'm from the Philippines. I am currently working in the research and development department of a local company that focuses of green chemistry.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: mikasaur on March 18, 2016, 02:10:02 AM
Welcome tterragx!
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Post by: CY231 on April 10, 2016, 09:40:42 PM
Hello all,

I am a new prof. at a small college. I teach organic chemistry and do some research. My background is in computational chemistry, but I am transitioning to synthetic organic chemistry. This is not very simple, since I am the only organic instructor at the university, and therefore, I am figuring this out on my own. Sometimes I feel that I may as well be in a basement at home. I do have some rudimentary equipment, and most spectroscopic equipment, at my disposal. I am enjoying the fun and frustration that synthesis can bring and appreciate your patience while I learn new techniques.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: mikasaur on April 11, 2016, 01:37:08 PM
Welcome! Great to have you.
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Post by: maverick1996 on April 18, 2016, 01:14:41 PM
Hey guys!!

Kinda new here and in my first year studying Chemistry at Oxford :)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: mikasaur on April 19, 2016, 03:48:46 PM
Welcome Maverick!
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Post by: Sush_eera on June 16, 2016, 09:59:19 PM
NEW HERE>I am a pre medical student at the University Of The West Indies. helllooooo
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Post by: Shivambi.c on July 21, 2016, 03:12:21 AM
Hello all! Myself Shivambi from India. I joined here to share and receive some valuable information on chemical manufacturing :). Hope to have good time here.
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Post by: Whitis on August 16, 2016, 10:47:36 AM
 hi everybody, I'm David from Columbia, South Carolina. Now I’m taking Chem2 and Ochem is going to be taken the next semester. The reason I registered here is that I have never been good at chem, that’s why I was looking for any helpful websites. Hope to improve my knowledge in chemistry with the help of this forum.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: kamiyu on August 16, 2016, 02:21:34 PM
Hello, I am a 3rd year PhD student in University of St Andrews working on inventing novel organic electronics. I will graduate soon. I am happy to discuss chemistry science and career with you guys here.

Below is the link to my ResearchGate. There you can have a brief look at my research so far.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: AWK on August 31, 2016, 10:40:40 PM
It is never too late to learn.
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Post by: jasongnome on September 02, 2016, 05:32:43 AM
Just joined the forum today.

I'm a former microbiology technician and now a chemistry teacher and head of science in an international school teaching the British curriculum. Lacking the easy resources and people to bounce ideas off this could be a useful place for me to get extra advice on tuning up certain practical work.

I do a LOT of practical work and have run science clubs in both the UK and here (I'm proud so say that my students did get a first place in a Salters' chemistry festival while teaching in the UK). I like to do some more obscure practicals and am happy to give extra advice, particularly safety advice to those wanting to try out something a little different, or having trouble getting something to work.

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Post by: Borek on September 02, 2016, 06:14:39 AM
Welcome to the forum :)
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Post by: bootlegengineer on December 12, 2016, 12:48:45 PM
Hi! I'm bootlegengineer and I'm 22. I'm a novice pyro technician and love the chemistry behind it. Because I'm not certified, I do NOT make explosives aside from gunpowder (below 15 lb), But I hope to receive training at Penn State and become qualified for a Federal Explosives License. I've always been interested in demolition, mining, and military strategy through the use of explosives as well as the chemistry behind them. I want to one day become a legal manufacturer of explosives to serve both the industry and the millitary. I also want to maybe one day invent my own type of explosive.

I find it sad that terrorism has given volatiles such a bad name and made it so hard to trust people with explosives, but I doubt that will ever change. That's OK though because explosives are an extremely dangerous thing and should NEVER be given to the wrong hands, which is why I support the tight regulation. But instead of making people PAY for a license, why can't the government just hold special training for people who want to become certified in the explosives industry? That way, only the trustworthy can obtain certification AND they won't have to pay monthly for a license, because, sadly, there are some people who can't afford it, like me.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Borek on December 12, 2016, 05:44:18 PM
Hi! I'm bootlegengineer and I'm 22. I'm a novice pyro technician and love the chemistry behind it

Welcome to the forum.

Please remember per forum rules we don't discuss pyrotechnics. That is, there is nothing wrong with some theoretical aspects, but no recipes and no practical details.
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Post by: rs20 on January 15, 2017, 10:35:00 PM
Hi folks,

I'm an electronic/software engineer who dabbles in an occasional bit of novice chemistry -- recent examples being a failed attempt to try a bit of copper electroplating (well, I did achieve electroplating, but the finish was awful), and the incredibly complex synthesis that is the preparation of Neodymium Sulphate from Neodymium Oxide. I'm also partway through building an NQR spectrometer for fun (optimized for Cu), which to be fair is much more of an electronics project than a chemistry project!

I look forward to exchanging chemistry advice for electronics advice!

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: 0xFFFF on April 30, 2017, 09:52:30 PM
Hey people,

I think I'm the equivalent of some sort of chemistry amoeba. My knowledge of chemistry in general is bound by my Googlefu and YouTube.
Thoisoi2, TheBackyardScientist, Cody'sLab, NurdRage, Periodic Videos and Applied Science are a few examples of the people I follow on YouTube.

My interest in chemistry comes from my work in security research. I spend a lot of time reverse engineering electronic security equipment.


Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: OxideHelium on December 07, 2017, 01:00:58 PM
Hello everyone, I am a newborn extremely dummy of chemistry but I would like make it my new hobby, i'm 35, came from Poland, and it's all so far, do you have some more questions send priv or here.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: OrganicDan96 on December 09, 2017, 02:51:48 PM
Hi I'm Daniel i am a 4th year Mchem student at a university in the UK. I am currently doing a research project in synthetic organic chemistry.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Soresu on January 08, 2018, 09:37:37 PM

Just a Canadian high school student who happens to be talented in chemistry :) Currently trying to make the team to go to IChO 2018
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: unstable on February 27, 2018, 10:36:33 PM
Hello all!

I found your forum on google while trying to look up a problem on my Chem 101 homework. A little about me, in case anyone cares:

Im a 36 year old male from Boise who decided to go back to school last year. Im in my second year (4th semester) at a local community college and am really enjoying school. Im taking Trig, Chem 101 w/ Chem lab, and American History. Doing a Liberal Arts degree with an engineering focus. I'll be transferring to Boise State after finishing up at CWI (College of Western Idaho).

I hope Ill be able to ask some questions with Chemistry and Trig without being too annoying haha

Thanks for reading,

P.S. If someone can link the board to post my issue, Id appreciate it. The problem Im having trouble with is:
Find the number of SO42- Units, #S atoms, #O atoms, #Metal atoms for the following: CaSO4
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: klone on March 01, 2018, 05:46:03 AM
Hello everyone!
That's my first post, I'm a researcher in chemistry!
My interest are Polymers and catalysts ... not very skilled in Organic chemistry!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Charlotte_H on April 13, 2018, 06:24:57 AM
Hi all  :)

I'm a mature engineering apprentice, formerly a newspaper journalist for my local paper. I loved chemistry at school but I didn't focus much and didn't pay any attention to maths either. I just thought I wanted to be a writer so I didn't need any of that stuff. Anyway, long story short, it's been a tough job market in the writing world and I fantasised about doing an apprenticeship (I wish I'd taken that option more seriously when I came out of school!!). There is a company in my town who make rubber products for all sorts of industries (rubber gaskets, seals, polymers that sort of thing) and were taking on a few apprentices. So I quit my job and went for it  :o :o

Anyway, it's been a great year so far and I've learned so much! I'd love to expand on my knowledge by speaking to some likeminded people, and maybe pass on some insights myself too :-)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Guitrz on April 15, 2018, 11:58:08 AM
Hello, my name is Guilherme and I'm a 1st year undergrad in Chemistry here in the south of Brazil.
I'm applying for a military exam to try and join the Army, meanwhile I'll be studying 1 year of Chem, so I'm trying to make the most out of it.

Honestly, I'm bad at Chemistry, didn't have a good base in high-school, and that is why I decided to study it more.

Also explosive reactions are really fun.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Borek on April 15, 2018, 01:39:34 PM
Also explosive reactions are really fun.

Sure they are.

Bad news: we don't discuss explosives here.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Guitrz on April 15, 2018, 03:12:59 PM
I'm well aware, I've read the rules.  ;)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: EricBoss on April 24, 2018, 11:08:15 AM
Hey guys - Electrician by trade but working on a career change. Science has always been my passion so on I'm on this forum to keep that fire going.

All the way from Vancouver,BC - Please keep Toronto in your prayers as well.

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: ALonelyMacromolecule on May 02, 2018, 11:05:46 AM
Hello, friend.

I am from India, seventeen years old who wishes to become a pharmaceutical scientist. I wish to join one of the IITs for my M.Sc (Or M.S as you folks put it. We generally in India, refer to M.S as Master of Surgery.)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: matthias on July 24, 2018, 12:23:53 PM
I'm Matthias, I'm from eastern France and I'll be studying maths, physics and chemistry next year. I'm here to perfect my english in science and maybe to discuss about the IChO which I've preparated this year (without succes, unfortunately :( )  and which I'll be preparating again next year (with sucess, hopefully! :) )
Have a nice day!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: james81 on November 12, 2018, 05:53:39 AM
Hi, this is James from Romeoville, IL. I work as Inventory Manager at Resource Remodeling for about a year.I'm here to gather some knowledge I hope this forum would help me.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: GW43125 on November 25, 2018, 02:26:28 PM
Hi, I'm Jamie from London, UK and I'm a 1st year Chemistry Undergrad. Some say I'm not a real chemist as I'm yet to break a piece of lab glassware (except pipettes).
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: GW43125 on December 06, 2018, 08:05:37 PM
Hi, I'm Jamie from London, UK and I'm a 1st year Chemistry Undergrad. Some say I'm not a real chemist as I'm yet to break a piece of lab glassware (except pipettes).

Update: knackered a conical flask last week.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Haim Rozler on January 02, 2019, 06:24:07 AM
Hello, my name is Haim Rozler and I'm studying for a Ph. D. in Physical Chemistry in the Ben-Gurion University in Israel.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Garith on March 04, 2019, 12:05:29 PM
Good Evening well at least here it is 19h00 .

I am just a do it yourself type of guy who really has a passion for chemicals.

I am on this forum to find out more about pesticides and in particular Permetherin . I hate it that retailers rip the crap out of consumers.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: fernandezdenni on March 06, 2019, 04:26:44 AM
Surprisingly was inspired by The Breaking Bad. My major occupation is a writer, but the world of chemistry started attracting me strongly.
oh, I am Denni
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: sharbeldam on May 18, 2019, 06:54:03 PM
Hi my name is Shar
I tutor Organic chemistry for free :) and im here to learn new things and also help people who need it.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: rolnor on June 19, 2019, 05:43:56 AM
Dear Friends,

I am Rolf, 53 years old.
I became interested in chemistry as a 12 year old, after my father bought mee and my brother a chemistry-set. I had a lab in our basement as a teenager, making both experiments with chemistry and electricity. Started at Astra-Zeneca in -96 doing prodrugs of penicillin, switched to working with nucleosides targeting HIV. When Astra closed down the HIV-research my bosses started a new company, Medivir. I stayd at Astra for one more year working with CNS-drugs, mainly 8-OHDPAT analogs doing a lot of palldium(0) and copper-chemistry then I quit and started at Medivir. At this time I also started my PhD. We worked with PETT-analogs, doing some really neat QSAR-work with the software PC-Model from Serena Software. I bought stocks really cheap when Medivir was just a 10-people company and -94 the company was on the Stockholm Stock Market, I made some profit on this. I have invested this in my own company Kemicon and are now working on some nice protecting group chemistry.
Have a nice day!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: rolnor on June 19, 2019, 04:01:39 PM
I started at Astra-Zeneca -86, mistake!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: hollytara on June 24, 2019, 02:56:21 PM
Holly Taringsworth

From Connecticut, have taught at a small college/university.  Have done lots of different kinds of chemistry - but mostly Organic related.

Love to run.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Baseband on June 26, 2019, 09:02:50 AM
Hello everybody! I recently joined this forum since I'm from Sweden and there's no Swedish counterpart where chemistry can be discussed.

I am taking a course in chemistry in October this fall, the reason for this is mainly because of interest and not necessarily because I care about education per se, as in my mom wanting to do something with my life etc, haha. Although, if my levels of knowledge increase to such a state that I am competent enough for a job, that would be wonderful, but I mostly value knowledge in itself :)

Greetings from Sweden!
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Mitch on September 16, 2019, 11:13:49 AM
Welcome Scarlette.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Hilary St Peter on November 23, 2019, 07:39:37 PM
Hi, everyone! I'm an academic researcher studying how people read and write technical communication (such as manuals and how-to instructions) outside of a workplace setting. I'm here to learn more about citizen chemistry. I'm also a tenured professor, amateur recorder player, and very slow runner. I live in Chicago, IL with my husband (who is a researcher and librarian) and our cat, Houdini. 
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Corribus on November 25, 2019, 11:45:29 AM
Welcome! I live in Chicago, too, so that's your random fact for the day.
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Hilary St Peter on December 03, 2019, 01:04:23 PM
I'm the principal investigator on a research study that includes citizen scientists and home chemists. I'd like to make a post in Citizen Chemistry inviting people to participate in a brief, voluntary and confidential research interview. But whether an online forum is open to inquiries from researchers can be pretty variable, and I don't want to intrude on what some folks might see as a private space. 

Could someone offer me some guidance about this, even if it's to tell me not to post? I would have contacted the moderator but I don't have messaging permissions as a new member. 

Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Hilary St Peter on December 03, 2019, 01:06:07 PM
Also, hi, Corribus, from just across the city border! I live in Oak Park. 
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: Borek on December 03, 2019, 02:23:35 PM
I'm the principal investigator on a research study that includes citizen scientists and home chemists. I'd like to make a post in Citizen Chemistry inviting people to participate in a brief, voluntary and confidential research interview. But whether an online forum is open to inquiries from researchers can be pretty variable, and I don't want to intrude on what some folks might see as a private space. 

Could someone offer me some guidance about this, even if it's to tell me not to post? I would have contacted the moderator but I don't have messaging permissions as a new member.

Fire away. I have no problems with people understanding netiquette says "ask first" :)
Title: Re: Introduce Yourself
Post by: King1997 on December 11, 2019, 12:56:49 AM
I am from China.
I work for a chemistry&IT company now.Our company are aiming at develop chemical software.
Our main product is KingDraw,a molecule editor.It is free and powerdul.
And we will do electornic lab notebook in the future.
Hope what we have done will benefit the human.
Thank you.