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Title: Deposition of Ti in Electroless Ti-Ni-P composite coating
Post by: on August 09, 2016, 09:28:41 AM
Hello, Thanks in advance for reading my post. I am doing electroless Ni-P coating where I added 5 micron Ti powder in the coating solution. The Ni-P solution was prepared by mixing nichem 2500 A and B solution (89%Ni-11%P). The substrate was API X120 steel. Coating temperature was 89°C and coating duration was 4 hour. First I did 30 min pre-deposition in Ni-P coating bath followed by 3 hour 30 min coating in composite bath (addition of 5% Ti in Ni-P solution).The specimen was a round cylindrical sample with around 14 mm2 cross sectional area and 0.6 mm height. The problem I am facing that Ti was deposited only on one side. In next cycle of experiment I tried to rotate the sample but same thing happened. All Ti particle tend to deposited in one side only. I can't explain why this is happening and what is the solution for this problem. Thanks in advancing for any valuable comment.