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Title: Symmetries of a Diamond Unit Cell - Point Group Confusion
Post by: kumarkurambakurash on June 07, 2018, 07:30:05 AM
Dear All,

I've been recently reading the very clear text of Burns and Glazer entitled Space Groups for Solid State Scientists in the context of my thesis which requires understanding of symmetries of crystals, more specifically symmetries of (approximate triply periodic minimal surfaces) ATPMSs.

Currently I am stuck at a point on the symmetries of diamond unit cells, and their ATPMS counterparts are defined. These structures are classified to be under m \bar{3} m, which seem to be involving four fold rotational symmetries along the normals of the cell surfaces as well as centrosymmetry. But neither the diamond crystal nor its ATPMS version encapsulates these symmetries, at least to my understanding.

What am I missing here? Any explanations or source suggestions would be great! Thank you very much for the comments.