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Title: Introduction from a Non-Chemistry person
Post by: Flake on November 25, 2018, 01:50:36 AM
Hi All,

      First, I'd like to introduce myself as a non-chemistry person. You might ask, why should I join a Chemistry forum then? I have been recently interested in waxes : Carnauba, Bees, Montan and other waxes that have a role in automobile paint protection. The related information will be to know a solvent for them, the carrier, etc. In fact, what does these terms mean and how can I use them. I am from India. I'm sure there are brilliant people here willing to share their knowledge to people in need. In this forum, my role will be that of a receiver.

     I am willing to share my gratitude to brilliant people who run this forum and the knowledgeable contributors who are the lifeblood.