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Title: URGENT: H3BO3 Production
Post by: Ivj Zaraf on February 10, 2019, 04:40:36 PM
Hi all and nice to meet you all. ;) ;) ;)

I need to resolve the following problem. Could you please help me? ??? ???

We want to produce 600 kg/h of H3BO3 from a mineral (sizing 1 mm). The mineral is dissolved with warm water at 70°C. At the solution, separated from the sludge, is added H2SO4 (avaiable at 50%w/w and 70%w/w). The whole is fed to a crystallization section for the recovery of the H3B03 and Na2SO4 neither in the hydrate form.
1) Find the correct strategy for the process: first H3BO3 recovery following by Na2SO4 recovery and vice versa;
2) Design of mixing reactor and mineral dissolver

Please consider this mineral composition: 83%w/w Na2B4O7 and 17%SiO2 (inert)
Please consider the following reaction
Na2B4O7*H2O+H2SO4+H2O -> 4H3BO3+Na2SO4

Thanks to all, best regards.
Title: Re: URGENT: H3BO3 Production
Post by: Borek on February 10, 2019, 06:44:46 PM
You have to show your attempts at solving the problem, this is a forum policy.