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Undergraduate General Chemistry Forum / Sex Dating free
« Last post by JassyJaneee on Today at 12:09:22 PM »
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Undergraduate General Chemistry Forum / Looking for a boyfriend!!!
« Last post by JassyJaneee on Today at 12:08:48 PM »
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Citizen Chemist / 1% HF
« Last post by pcm81 on Today at 11:21:37 AM »
How bad is 1% solution of HF? I was helping my mom clean the driveway rust stains, using some "weak" chemicals, when our neighbor walked over and offered to help. He brought over this nice rust remover poured on the driveway rust stains and it worked very well. So I looked at the list of active ingredients and my jaw dropped. Active ingredients are oxalic acid and hydrogen fluoride. Looking at actual msds sheet it says less that 1% concentration, but still surprised to see HF in $10/gal solution available at Wal-Mart.  No spills happened, no exposure or any other oopsies, but I am just curious how bad can it be... I bought 3 gallons of that same cleaner to finish driveway cleaning next week. Usually I'd not use things this bad unless I need to, so might still go with HCl instead of this cleaner. Just curious how careful should I be with 1% solution.  Goof off rust stain remover is the actual product if anyone wants to look up msds. It basically states HF <1% and oxalic acid  <10%.
Organic Chemistry Forum / triplet state of luminol after oxidation
« Last post by mmx_01 on Today at 09:38:23 AM »
With all respect - I understand that triplet state of oxygen is the source for alike state in the  unstable peroxide dianion derived from luminol. But on the other hand - doesn't the dianion have all its electrons happily paired - and how then the triplet state occurs - or the dianion is a radical - and why then its radical form is not shown or spelled out explicitly?
Organic Chemistry Forum / Re: Lithium Hydride
« Last post by rolnor on Today at 06:02:17 AM »
What electrophile are you using? I have alkylated malonate with a triflate an got 100% O-alkylation, I think a softer electrophile like alkyliodide is better. If you want lithium you can use LDA.
people often write H3C to make it clear that the bond is to the carbon atom eg H3C-CH3
Such a record is not yet Lewis structure. This is the semi-structural chemical formula.

H3C-CH2-CH3 and
CH3-CH2-CH3 are exactly the same formulas
Organic Chemistry Forum / Re: Lithium Hydride
« Last post by phth on Today at 12:28:20 AM »
it catches fire during weighing. NaH different for that reason
One note on terminology: "CH3" is a methyl group, and not methane. Carbon makes 4 bonds, so CH3 is not a stand alone molecule, but rather a substituent/group that must be bonded to another carbon. Methyl is an alkyl group, and such groups end in "-yl". Alkanes are stable molecules where all the carbons make four bonds, and their names and in -ane. For example CH4 is methane.

Also, "methyl" doesn't really mean just one carbon. It literally means CH3. CH2 and CH have other names, but its probably best not to get too bogged down in terminology and focus on the concepts also.

(CH3)3C is also not a complete molecule, because the central carbon is only making three bonds. It is called a "tert-butyl" group. This article about isomers and terminology might be helpful: https://www.masterorganicchemistry.com/2011/11/10/dont-be-futyl-learn-the-butyls/
High School Chemistry Forum / SRP Experiment Ideas
« Last post by zainab on Yesterday at 11:55:05 PM »
Hey guys, I have to come up with an experiment that is suitable for a grade 10 or higher level, that has both a quantitative independent variable and a quantitative dependant variable.
What I have so far is ‘the effect of salinity on surface temperature’

Basically what I’m looking for is help finding a new idea (that fits the above info). I’ve searched everywhere and I can’t find anything  :-[ I’m really stressing out and would very much appreciate any ideas or suggestions!
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