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Generic Discussion / Re: Fire at Notre-Dame de Paris
« Last post by Enthalpy on Today at 05:08:23 AM »
The journalist took time to consult several sources and his text isn't obviously biassed by some interest. The phrasing doesn't even seek sensationalism. I'm impressed, this is rare.
This one too looks magic to me: obtain efficiently a cycle with double bonds from varied hydrocarbons in hot air
Wiki mentions a catalyst.
I started with Friedel-Crafts reaction using propanoyl chloride and AlCl3, with cyclopentylpropane-1-one as a product of the first step. Then I thought about reduction of the ketone using NaBH4 and MeOH resulting into 1-cyclopentylpropane-1-ol (that's the second step). As the third step using TsCl and pyridine to create (1-chloropropyl)cyclopentane.

The problem is that everything that comes to my mind uses only 5 steps, not 6 I need.   :-\
Generic Discussion / Re: This is what i found inside an abandoned car.
« Last post by Borek on Today at 02:37:31 AM »
Instead of breaking the law you should just call the police.

Topic locked.
Generic Discussion / Re: Fire at Notre-Dame de Paris
« Last post by wildfyr on Yesterday at 10:03:38 PM »

Looks like there has been research and watch dog groups keeping and eye on this, including particle and blood testing.
I find that it is generally easier to work backwards from the product than the other way around.  Please show us what you have tried so far.
What wildfyr said (see red link above).  However, I see no harm in a very small hint, which is that I find it is generally easier to work backward from the product.
So, I found this example of Reppe's [2+2+2+2] cycloaddition reaction as an example of using catalytic systems that improved the synthesis of a otherwise difficult compound in a thesis.

Reppe and coworkers, Justus Liebigs Ann. Chem. 1948, 560, 1, for the Ni reaction.

Are there another examples of reactions like this one? Like the synthesis of adamantane ( from dicyclopentadiene, which is awesome. I'm asking because in our group we use that Reppe example in almost every thesis, but although the reaction is nice, I want to use another alternative, and up to this point I only found this adamantane example.
Chemical Education and Careers / Re: Doctoral Stay and research groups abroad
« Last post by wildfyr on Yesterday at 09:48:33 AM »
Compile a list of the best 30 or so universities in the world in your field, then go to the group websites and dig for ones your interested in. Then I suggest just firing some emails cold to the supervisor. You might get a bite, or at least a referral.
Forum rules state you must show some of your own work before we will help you.
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