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Topic: Got this question on electrolysis involving charge on ion with calculation  (Read 187 times)

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During electrolysis 0.02 moles moles of metal X is deposited on cathode when 0.12 moles of e- are passed through molten chloride of X. What is the formula of the chloride?

I have tried solving it and my answer is XCl6 which is incorrect. The correct answer given is XCl3. In the explanation the book says that 0.06 moles of e- have flown to cathode and goes on to divide the no. of moles of e- at cathode by no. of moles metal X (0.06/0.02) so it's 3 which means 1 atom of X gains 3 e-'s, giving X +3 charge. What I do not get is what about the other 0.06 mole of e-'s. Isn't metal X supposed to gain all of the 0.12 mole of e-'s ? Shouldn't cathode have the total 0.12 mole of e-'s?

Your answers and explanations will help me a lot, thanks.

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XCl6 looks OK to me.
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