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Olympiad preparation - lab section?


Besides reading up qualitative and quantitative experiments, what are some good ways to prepare for the lab practical part of the USNCO?

IChO2007: one knows?

Back in the day, my lab partner and I got first place in the lab competition and actually went to the national level.  That being said, we didn't study at all, and if we had, I seriously doubt it would have helped.  The experiments are usually pretty cleverly designed.  We won based on completely random facts that I had absorbed from my chemistry book, coupled with an educated guess on our parts.  That's sort of the way that I found the entire chemistry olympiad set up--if you could remember random factoids, you were better off.  Read through the elements section of the CRC if you're doing the periodic table competition; other than that, I have no advice on studying.  Good luck.


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