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Topic: Aluminium balance/content in my distillation system in PPM  (Read 1285 times)

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I am trying to understand Aluminium balance/content in my distillation system. I distill a liquid that contains 2ppm of Al in a presence of a solid that contains 1ppm of Al (the solid will dissolve in in the liquid, vessel I). After distillation, I obtained new solid (solid II) and the distilled liquid (liquid II) that contain 15ppm and 0.5ppm of Al, respectively. I want to understand if my distillation setup itself can introduce some Aluminium impurities. Can I reply yes, based on a simple calculation that 1ppm+2ppm (vessel 1)<15ppm + 0.5ppm (solid II + Liquid II) or I should take into account amounts of the reactants and products that were used so it's more complex task to answer my question? I would expect to have less impurities in solid II and Liquid II after distillation if there is no extra contamination form the setup.
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Re: Aluminium balance/content in my distillation system in PPM
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