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Topic: Cleaning Agent instead of 3M 7200, Electronic Fluorinated Liquefaction Products  (Read 1938 times)

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The full name of 3M Novec HFE 7200 is 3M Novec HFE 7200. Its main components are hydrofluo-roether and 3M 7200 substitute (TUW-7200). It has the same effect and is nearly half cheaper. which has the same excellent environmental protection characteristics, provides a safe, effective, in line with the requirements of environmental laws and regulations for precision cleaning products components.

The substitute of 3M 7200 (TUW-7200) has both moderate solubility and good material compatibility. Moreover, it is a colorless, transparent, low viscosity, non-flammable and explosive, ozone layer destruction coefficient is 0, global warming potential value (GWP value 55) is low, and atmospheric life is short. It can also be used as a cleaning solvent or refrigerant.

Scope of use of 3M 7200 alternative TUW-7200 electronic fluoride solution:
1. Wet Cleaning of Semiconductor Etching Equipment, Cleaning of Liquid Crystal and Hard Disk Parts
2. Optical lens cleaning
3. Precision electronic components
4. Aviation and medicine
5. Can be used as a solvent to dilute other products.

For more information, see web www.tuwtech.com

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