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Topic: What will happen to this character as a result of the following addictions?  (Read 1141 times)

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So I have a roleplay character here, that has the following addictions? This is more of a personal question, not related to any homework or schoolwork. I believe that her body would build up an immunity to these addictions, or would it lead to a premature death? Would this addiction get rid of her sense of smell and effect her nervous system? I believe it would, but I'm curious to see other people's thoughts on what would happen to someone that has these addictions over a long term basis, and potential cures if harm does occur.

She enjoys the smell of Propane, Gasoline, Kerosene, Paint Thinner, Oil, Diesel, and has a massive addiction to the consumption of Diethyl Ether and Polyethylene glycol, aswell as various other fluids that are polyetheric and organic in nature.

I hope this isn't breaking the rules.

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Will get lung problems and die at cancer later one. Don't inhale these chemicals.

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Things that are organic doesn't always mean that they are not toxic. Some pesticides are organic yet they are still toxic to humans.

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