June 20, 2021, 11:30:32 PM
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Topic: Etching Solution From Ferric Chloride Hexahydrate: lots of Hydrogen chloride?  (Read 941 times)

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I am a bit worried about the amount of Hydrogen chloride gas which would be produced while mixing ferric Chloride HexaHydrate salt ( reagent grade) to Water, to produce the solution.

Assuming the whole bottle of salt (400grams) is added, slowly, to 1 Liter of water, will it produce a lot of the gas? Even protected with an activated carbon cartridge mask, will it release a lot that would be a problem for the surrounding ecosystem? Will it produce chlorine too?

Hexahydrate ferric chloride is supposed to produce less heat when mixing with water than anhydrous, but the gas  aspect is not well documented.

At these quantities, will any smell be detectable within 50 yards? Do surrounding animals risk harm from the gas?


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There will be no gas release. The solution gets acidic by exchange Chloride to Hydroxide from water.

FeCl3 + H2O => FeCl2OH + HCl and others

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I dissolved 40kg in water without precaution and would have noticed any HCl in my nose.

No brutal heat neither. I believe it was anhydrous but am not positive.

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