May 25, 2020, 02:25:01 AM
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Topic: How do I determine whether these two salts will be acidic/basic/neutral in H2O?  (Read 181 times)

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The salts are Mn(ClO)2 and Ga(NO2)3. For other salts I've been going through looking at their two ions and deciding based on that (my textbook lists common cations/anions and whether they're acidic, basic or neutral in water). However, I'm lost with these do I know whether they are acidic/basic/neutral?

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It is difficult to say.
But I would say both cations will form water complex what means acidic. The anions both weak, probably pH between 6 to 7.

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Hawkes, S. J. (1996). All Positive Ions Give Acid Solutions in Water. Journal of Chemical Education, 73(6), 516. doi:10.1021/ed073p516 

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