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Topic: finding atoms in a cube of silver and the volume of a silver atom given a %  (Read 8222 times)

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okay ap chem will be the death of me but i have a question...and its about homework lol it goes

(a) You are given a cube of silver metal that measures 1.000 cm on each edge. The density of silver is 10.49 g/cm cubed. How many atoms are in this cube? b) The silver atoms pack in the solid in such a way that 74% of the volume of the solid is actually filled with silver atoms. Calculate the volume of a single silver atom....Does any one know how to do this problem?

I tried part A and i`m still struggling w/ part B...for part A i have two answers which i'm not sure are right but i TRIED! either 5.855 atoms x 10^22  OR 6.317 x 10^24 atoms

if you could walk thru the problem that would be nice but any suggestions on how to do the problem itself would be very helpful! THANK YOU!

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Re: finding atoms in a cube of silver and the volume of a silver atom given a %
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1cm-3 of silver will contain 10.49g of silver (you know this because you were given the density

Silver (Ag) has a molecular weight of 107.9g.mol-1

So the number of moles of silver is:

n = m/M = 10.49g/107.9g.mol-1 = 0.0972moles

1mole = 6.02 x 1023 atoms

0.0972moles = 5.85 x 1022
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