June 15, 2021, 12:13:39 AM
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Topic: calculating molarity of chloride ions after mixing 2 substances w/ chloride in i  (Read 304 times)

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I have a question, i can't figure out this answer. can anyone help me with this?

When we dissolve aluminium chloride, the substance dissolves and chloride ions and aluminium ions are formed dissolved in water. The same happens when dissolving
of potassium chloride: potassium ions and chloride ions dissolved in water are formed.
At 30 mL of a solution of 0,14 M aluminium chloride, 45 mL of 0,10 M
potassium chloride added.
Calculate the molarity of the chloride ions after mixing.

the answer is 0,23 mol/L. but I don't know how i can come to that answer

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You should show your work.
Anwer is OK (0.228≈0.23)

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