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Topic: Getting Magnesium metal by Electrolysis of magnesium acetate.  (Read 464 times)

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I learned that the melting point of Magnesium Acetate is 80 C and decomposition point is 288 C. So I wondered if it would be possible for electrolysis of molten Magnesium Acetate to get magnesium metal? At low temperature?
As I know, common methods of getting magnesium metal is by electrolysis of molten magnesium chloride at a high temperature ( 900 C), or by reduction of magnesium oxide by carbon at 2000 C which is a very high temperature.  So I figured that electrolysis of its acetate would be a low temperature method. Is it possible?

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Re: Getting Magnesium metal by Electrolysis of magnesium acetate.
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Interesting thinking, but it is a melting point of tetrahydrate, so technically it doesn't melt but dissolves in its hydration water - and you get a water solution.
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