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Topic: Autoexperiment: please help a desperate guy to synthesize pure metformin  (Read 1023 times)

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NOTE: I apologize in advance with the admins if i've posted in the wrong section, and i apologize with the forum readers for my bad english.

Hi all, i'm David, a 26 years old guy from Italy. Since 5 years, im suffering from an horrible disease which literally destroyed my life and doomed me to depression. I dont want to annoy you; long story short, "official medicine" says that it is just not treatable and i just have to wait for it to get worse and worse over time, then do a surgery to solve it. But i would have terrible side effects with surgery.

Even if i didnt know anything about medicine and chemistry, i've decided to study the disease and, after 2 years of studies, i've decided to auto experiment on myself.

I firmly believe that DMSO, applied topically on the affected part and mixed with the right molecules, can truly be a "game changer" and offer a good alternative therapeutic option capable of stopping, soothing or even treating the pathology.

One of the molecules that I have identified as a potential therapeutic target is metformin, a molecule that some of you, alas, will know for its use in the treatment of diabetes. However, commercially available metformin exists in tablets or soluble, but in both cases it is for oral use: therefore it contains various excipients.

Not being able to find metformin in its pure form, I thought of buying the aforementioned metformin in tablets or water-soluble, mince it, mix it in the DMSO and let it penetrate into the affected part. However I was thinking, and here you enter the scene:

1. Can the excipients (listed below) be harmful? Since they are normally for oral use, are they perhaps destroyed by gastric acids that make them harmless? What would happen if they penetrated with DMSO?


Soluble metformin: "Acesulfame potassium, Aspartame (E951) Anhydrous citric acid Erythritol, Pullulan corn starch PI-20"

Metformin tablets: "Each film-coated tablet contains: Colloidal anhydrous silica, povidone, macrogol 4000, magnesium stearate, Opadry II 85F29116 clear (polyvinyl alcohol, macrogol 3350, talc)."

2. Is there a way to isolate metformin and obtain a form of "pure powder" from the tablets or the water-soluble solution by removing the excipients?

Thank you very much to anyone who has come this far to read my story, thank you very much for giving me your time, and thank you very much for those who will answer.
I appreciate it very much, see you soon.
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