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Topic: Stuck on how to plot for T as a function using Origin pro software for MgB zeo~  (Read 691 times)

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My project is about understanding the thermal stability of micro-porous materials. I am new to using origin pro 2020 but have been using it to analyse XRD data producing single peak fits and multiple peak fits for a whole zeolite data set. The zeolite am I looking at specifically for my dissertation is MgB variant. Please see below the PowerPoint for all the plots I have produced so far attached below. I now have to plot for T as a function for all the data sets and then from that, I look at each data set and try to mix and match to show the peak shifts. I just need to know how to do this on origin pro 2020 as I am not experienced with it. If possible, some screenshots or a video on how to do this as an example will be a great help so please let me know you're thoughts. Thank you.

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OriginLab has a very dedicated and helpful technical support staff that should be able to help you plot your data and extract parameters from fits. Assuming you have a legal copy, of course. My advice is to contact them or post on their official message forum.
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