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Master degree thesis in physical chemistry?


Hello everybody,
I have to decide the subject of my master thesis and I would like to take an advice from you. I am uncertain between electrochemistry and thermodynamics. Which one has more career opportunities? My main desire is to apply for a PHD but if i don't receive a scholarship I will have to look for a job outside the university so I would like to take an advice on a master degree thesis subject. Otherwise, which other physical or inorganic chemistry subjects are a good investment on a thesis project for later career opportunities? Thank you very much :)

It doesn't matter what you take, very seldom you will be in contact with stuff what you had learned or studid before.
In my case I took polymer chemistry, later I worked in a printd circuit shop company for chemical analysis of the galvanic bathes and the quality control by materials science methods for the products

If you haven't yet decided I strongly recommend going into computational chemistry involving modeling of biomlecules. This will give you solid foundations of thermodynamics and coding/programming. The increasing access to supercomputers makes this a useful skill for drug design, enzyme catalysis etc.


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