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Topic: Atomic Layer Deposition to make a NbOxSy layer  (Read 471 times)

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Atomic Layer Deposition to make a NbOxSy layer
« on: October 19, 2020, 10:19:54 AM »
Dear chemists,

For a research I want to create a layer of Niobiumoxisulfide (NbOxSy). I use three different precursors in their gas form, a Niobium holding gas, H2O and H2S. Do you guys have any idea how I can find out what will bond with what? It will be around 150 C in the gas chamber. When I research the internet, I expect Nb2O5, but I also see NbO and more different kinds.

Should I expect
Nb + H2O  :rarrow: O2 + Nb2O5

How do I find out if the sulfur and oxide will react with each other? For example:
H2S + O2  ::equil:: H2O + HS

Any ideas are welcome, thanks in advance :)

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