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Topic: Help with an Endothermic Foaming Agent Project  (Read 1334 times)

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Help with an Endothermic Foaming Agent Project
« on: October 28, 2020, 07:06:09 PM »

I am new to this forum and am looking for advice or direction on a project that I am working on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Basically I am looking for an endothermic foaming agent in solid form, which will expand(foam) when heated with open flame or high heat.
It needs to be a closed cell foam that ideally hardens (or close to) after being activated.
The bigger the expansion ratio the better, as I am trying to fill as much space as possible after activation. If it can withstand heat or flame for an extended period that would also be ideal.

That being said I understand there’s likely to not be single product that fits all my criteria (or maybe there is?), but I’m wondering about different agents that may share some characteristics of what I am looking for. 
I have been researching CFA’s used in the injection molding process, as they seem to be the most widely used endothermic foaming agents, but they still lack some of the criteria I need. Fire suppression is another large industry I have been looking into that uses foaming agents, but not quite in the same way as in my project.

Any advice on other chemicals, agents, products, industries, or just about anything that could expand my knowledge would be greatly appreciated. My background is in biology, so chemistry is not foreign to me. I don’t mind  an answer that may be a bit more technical, just trying to learn as much as I can and I thought this would be another great resource to reach out to.



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