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Topic: O2 term symbol : how do bond energy, vibrational frequency change?  (Read 500 times)

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How do they change:

a)  bond order
b)  bond lenght
c) bond energy
d)  vibrational frequency

For the O2 term symbols :  3Σg  , 1Δg  ,  1Σg  for its electronic   configuration

a) Now in all the term symbols the bond order should be the same because the two electrons are in all case in antibonding orbital(s)
Bond order: (  e- in bonding orbital - e- in antibonding orbital) /2 

b) If bond order is the same also the bond lenght should be the same...or at least pretty similar

my doubts are for c) and d)
c) Isn't  bond energy the same thing of bond order? same bond order --> same  bond energy ??!
I'm not sure about this because I know also that the    3Σg  state is more stable (low in energy) than the other two (Hund rule)..but I don't know if this energy stabilization "count" as bond energy

d) For vibrational frequency  same thing....I know is proportional to K (constant force) that is also  a value of the bond strenght....
If I look the bond order I could say that is the same...but if I see bond energy ??

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