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Topic: need someone to help me trick my chem teacher into thinking i knew how to solve  (Read 147 times)

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I'll attach an image of the question below, basically what happened is that we had this question, I didn't know the answer so I put anything I and got lucky. however, after the test the teacher tells us that there was a mistake in the question (still not sure what the mistake is but it could be that the equation should be 2CO+O2  ::equil:: 2CO2

as a result she didn't count the question... but I need the extra points :(

is there any plausible explanation as to how someone could get the correct answer? like I can say that I knew there was mistake and figured out what it was and solved it?

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The only correction that makes sense is to say "8 moles of CO" rather than CO2. Then you get the answer K = 0.5 atm.
Your suggestion is unlikely because of the repeated statement that C(s) is present, and K would not be 0.5 when you take into account the pressure of CO (assuming they meant there was 2 moles of CO at equilibrium). It can't be C + O2  ::equil:: CO2 because K would be 1.

But I don't approve of you tricking your teacher!

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