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Help on a Eutetic Phase Diagram Ag-Cu Question


An alloy containing 20x10 ^ 21 atoms of Ag and 73x10 ^ 21 Cu atoms is heated to 780 ° C. Determine (Consider that for Cu and Ag, the specific mass is 8.96 g / cm³ and 10.49 g / cm³ and the atomic weight 63.546 g / mol and 107.8682 g / mol, respectively.)

a) The phase (s) present.
b) The weight percentage of each phase.

Please, help   ???  : )

You have to show your attempts at solving the problem to receive help, this is a forum policy.

Hint: find molar ratio first.

i didnt know about this policy, sorry.

i'm brazilian. translating: a - present phases: alpha and liquid

i'm correct?

You calculated the percentage by weight correctly.
But your problem is presented ambiguously.
The melting point of an alloy with this composition is over 950°C. The 780°C temperature is only 1 degree above the eutectic temperature, so the time needed to reach equilibrium will be extremely long.
You could find the real composition of the alloy by melting it and slowly cooling it down to 780°C.


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