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Topic: GC analysis. Having a hard time knowing what the ratio is for.  (Read 157 times)

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GC analysis. Having a hard time knowing what the ratio is for.
« on: February 04, 2021, 07:29:19 AM »
Hope you take time to read this. 😁

I am now analyzing R134a, and I'm using a previously made excel to input results and calculate concentrations.

And while analyzing the computations and formula used in excel I have found a ratio and I can't determine what it is used for.

The ratio is 0.001/100 (=0.00001). This ratio is multiplied in getting the moles of the injected standard pressure (in psi).

Like, n=(PV/RT)*(0.001/100) <- there's the ratio,

I assumed that the ratio is purposely for unit conversion, but I can't seem to get what unit it is trying to 'convert from and to'. It seems the ppm but it does not add up.

For example, the resulting computed concentration with the ratio is = 0.2697 (in ppm), and without the ratio, the result is = 26970.8956 (idk the unit. 😁)

Very much appreciate your help.

EDIT: Oh, OK. does that number represents the split ratio?

mod edit: sorry, nobody in their right mind will download a random excel file from the internet, link removed, feel free to post whole formula
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