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Topic: Units for PS#4 problem 1  (Read 5122 times)

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Units for PS#4 problem 1
« on: October 07, 2006, 10:34:22 PM »
  Hey Mitch,
    I was wondering what units you wanted for the magnetic dipole moments for problem one. Should we have them in J/T, or should we divide by c to give Js/Tm -- the book has the nuclear magneton (muN or mu0) in units of J/T, but they don't divide by the speed of light.
Also, how do we tell if the nuclides would have a non-zero electric quadrupole moment? From Figure 2.16 in the book, it seems like the only nuclides that have zero electric quadrupole moments (full sphericity) are those with Z or N = 8, 14, 28, 40, 50, 82, or 126; is that right?

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