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Prepared Simulation Body Liquid contains precipitates. Can I use it?


last year I prepared Simulation Body Liquid (SBL) with destiled water and chemicals in the table. It was stored in a glass bottle at dark and at room temperature. Now I need to use SBL, but I noticed a precipitate on the bottom and it does not completely dissolve after mixing. I am including pictures of the SBL

My question is - Can I use it or is the solution devalued? Is it possible to dissolve the precipitates in any way? I no longer have all the necessary chemicals, so I would like to use this prepared solution. I am not a chemist, so I have no knowledge of this issue.

Btw. I don't know if I chose the right section. If not, please move.

Thank you, have a nice day!


Strange colour. Looks like copperhydroxide. Where comes this from. But never the less the solution should not be coloured. And in the recipe Ca and sulfate, phospate,carbonate get white precipitation.

Something is definitely wrong. color suggests presence of copper which is not between original components.

--- Quote from: chenbeier on March 17, 2021, 03:42:51 AM ---And in the recipe Ca and sulfate, phospate,carbonate get white precipitation.
--- End quote ---

Have you checked against the solubility product, or do you just shot from the hip?

You didn't add CuCl2 by mistake for CaCl2, did you?


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