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Is HCl synthesized in the body and released to the stomach?

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So we have all been told that the parietal cells secrete HCl to the stomach yet I have yet to see a reaction formula that shows that H+ + Cl- --> HCl in the body.
All I ever see is protons being excreted into the lumen and that Cl- is there too.
But nowhere have I seen that HCl is actually formed.
To have solvatized ions in the lumen does not count as HCl as they are, as stated, solvatized.

Have I missed something here?
A rxn or similar?

I think that the problem lies the interpretation of what it means to make HCl.  IMO, the presence of hydrogen ions and chloride ions counts as HCl, but YMMV.

Generally speaking there is no such thing as "HCl in water". It immediately dissociates into H+ and Cl-, so any solution containing these two (from whatever source) is identical to the solution prepared by dissolving HCl in water.

This is not much different from other solutions. Imagine a solution that is 0.1 M in Na+, 0.1 M in K+, 0.1 M in Cl- and 0.1 M in Br-. Is it a solution of 0.1 M NaCl and 0.1 M KBr, or 0.1 M NaBr and 0.1 M KCl? Or perhaps neither and the question about which salts are dissolved doesn't make much sense, as it is ions present that matter, not the way the solution was made?

If I take water, and I put NaCl into it so I get the chloride ions in the water and then I add protons (from any random source), then according to your definition I should have HCl containing solution because there are Cl ions and an excess of protons..
I do not really agree with you here.
If textbooks wants to say that we PRODUCE HCl acid then I want to see a reaction mechanism showing that HCl is formed.
If the protons originates from a different source, and the chloride ions originate from a source of its own, then one can not simply say that it is HCl acid..


--- Quote from: Jfalken on March 31, 2021, 09:51:33 AM ---I do not really agree with you here.
--- End quote ---

Two people pointed you to a flaw in your line of thinking, if you don't accept it - your choice.

But you won't get better answer.


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