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Essential Oil(s) in Rosemary

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Does anyone know of any good websites or books that discuss various methods of isolating the essential oil from rosemary and using IR spectroscopy to analyze the results from the isolation techniques?

Thank you.


I did steam distillation on a mass of rosemary and managed to do an IR analysis on it.

On the IR graph, major peaks appeared at 3444, 1602, 1742, and 2925-2881 cm-1.

From classifying the numbers to functional groups, it was surmised that a mixture of borneol (C=C and C=O) and verbenone (-OH group) was isolated.

In isolation of different components by distillation, exactly what factors can affect this method so that an inefficient separation of the oils results?

Thanks. Any help is appreciated.


If you have access to Wiley journal at your University, see this link:

A comparison between different techniques for the isolation of rosemary essential oil
Journal of Separation Science 2005, vol. 28, no3, pp. 273-280

Traditional hydrodistillation (HD), supercritical fluid extraction (SFE), organic solvent extraction (SE), and water microwave assisted hydrodistillation (MAHD) techniques were compared and evaluated for their effectiveness in the isolation of rosemary essential oil. The microwave assisted hydrodistillation technique was optimized in terms of both delivered power and time duration. The extracts/distillates were analyzed by GC and GC-MS. Microwave distillation, which exploits the physical action of microwaves on plants, showed a series of advantages over the other approaches: low cost, use of water in sample pre-treatment step, greatly reduced isolation time, and attainment of high quality essential oil distillate. Moreover, the absence of environmental impact of this innovative technique was also emphasized.




Here another references about the same topic:

The essential oils of some rosemary cultivars
Flavour and Fragrance Journal  (1986) Volume 1, Issue 4-5  , Pages 137 - 142


"Near Infrared spectroscopic quality control of rosemary essential oil"
Wilson, N.D., Watt, R.A. and Moffat, A.C.,
Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology (2000),52 (Supplement) 241

"The rapid identification of pure essential oils by Near Infrared spectroscopy"
Wilson, N.D., Watt, R.A. and Moffat, A.C.,
Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology (1999), 51 (Supplement) 233




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