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Dissolving Nanoparticles (TiO2) in epoxy resign



I want to dispergate TiO2 nanoparticles (20-80 nm) in epoxy resign. I've done some research and found out that a homogeneous distribution of nanoparticles in epoxy resign can be a difficult thing to achieve without expensive machines, as they stick together and form agglomerates with diameters lager than 100 nm (see for example "Ultrasonic dispersion of inorganic nanoparticles in epoxy resin", Bittmann, Haupert & Schlarb 2009).

Now i see that nanoparticles are available with different coatings to help dispergating them in specific liquids like water, oil, ethanol. I'm not into chemistry at all sadly and therefore hope that someone here can help me: Are nanoparticles coated with Silicon Oil or SiO2 easier to dispergate in epoxy resign? Is it possible to reach a homogeneous distribution of these particles by just mixing with a normal mixer/scrambler? Has anyone experience with mixing nanoparticles into resign and can give me some tips? That would be very helpful!

Thank you!

This field is pretty complicated by the precise specifics you are working with. Pretty much have to buy and try.

You could try using trimesoyl 1,3,5‐tridihexyl malonate (TTDHM) which is a ultrahydrophobe, then distribute the particles using ultrasonication.


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