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Topic: Help with collecting samples of thermal paper from Europe  (Read 1821 times)

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Help with collecting samples of thermal paper from Europe
« on: May 14, 2021, 07:06:06 AM »

I am a PhD student from Poland working in the field of analytical chemistry. I was a member of a team that worked on a publication in which we studied the content of bisphenols (compounds that affect the human endocrine system) in thermal paper. The scope of work was 39 countries from all over the world (including 22 from Europe). If you are interested you can read the article linked below. Long story short: still too much ;)


We are planning another publication on this topic to investigate how/whether the BPA content in receipts changed after the implementation of regulations limiting their use to 0.02% of the total weight of thermal paper (next publication will focus on Europe). However, due to the pandemic, our ability to obtain samples is limited. So I decided to seek help from you guys. Could I ask you to send some samples of receipts from your country? For previous studies, we needed a 0.3 g receipt sample from one store and for one country we tried to analyze a minimum of 3 different samples (optimally 5). However, in the current situation we will accept any quantity.

Shipping address:
Robert Frankowski
Institute of Chemistry and Technical Electrochemistry, Poznan University of Technology, Berdychowo 4, 60-965, Poznan, Poland.

It would mean the world to me.

For more information feel free to ask. Thank you.

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