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Topic: Color coating Iron Oxide Particles  (Read 1951 times)

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Color coating Iron Oxide Particles
« on: June 09, 2021, 01:44:28 PM »

I’m new here and not a chemist or scientist but an artist who’s work is converging with science.

I’m trying to color coat iron oxide particles in the 30-45 micron range. I have had some assistance on the first part of the process with what materials to color coat with and how they relate to the hydrophilic nature of iron oxide.

Originally I considered using home latex paint as it has a wide range of easily available colors but it’s hydrophobic nature would mean the iron oxide would need to be primed hydrophobic. A process was devised to do this but would need to be done in a lab.

I then formulated a hydrophilic colorant which the chemists signed off on as compatible with the iron oxide. I hope this will reduce production time and cost

Where I am now is trying to figure out how the color coating encapsulation will happen. Not knowing the proper terms makes it incredibly difficult to research.  I think it needs to be done in a Wurster type of machine with top spray to minimize agglomeration. I’m not sure what this process is called to research it.

Out the gate I think the first batch needs to be made in a lab so I can see the best result but eventually I’d need to do it myself for it to be cost effective.

Can anyone please educated me on the correct terminology for what this encapsulation process is called. Or please point me towards the correct bench top machine that I can begin to research. 

My biggest concern is that my colorant may not be compatible to such a machine.

Many many thanks in advance!!

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